10 Stages Of Falling In Love You Should Know About

Love is a confusing thing, but it's something that actually has potential to grow from the first date. Read on to learn about all stages of falling in love.

Love is a confusing thing. For many people love is scary, difficult, and it just hits you without you even realizing.

That means it also can come as a surprise when it hits your partner and they say those 3 magical words without you even knowing that was coming your way.

Although love is such a magical thing, it can also be something that can be detected. Despite the idea of love being spontaneous, if you pay close attention you can see that it isn’t always the case.

By reading all the signs you will be able to see the stages of falling in love in yourself or your partner.

Despite people being their best critic and being able to know themselves better than anyone, a lot of them people are still unsure whether they are falling in love or not.

Of course, everyone knows they are in love when they come to the sudden conclusion that yes, they are head over heels. However, a lot of people do not realize that they are well on their way to being in love, and their love for someone is growing without them noticing.

Read on to learn the stages of falling in love, who knows, maybe your partner or yourself is currently in one of them!

Stage 1: Physical Attraction

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Although this stage may seem as if it is not part of falling in love, it is. Even the early phases of dating and meeting are crucial. After all, it’s the beginning of a new and exciting chapter, so it does matter.

Although people say to not judge a book by a cover, this is something that everyone does. That doesn’t mean you are a bad person because you noticed how sexy and attractive your current partner is the first time you saw them.

This is only natural. Before even meeting a person, messaging them, or even talking to them, the first thing people notice is appearance because it’s what we see and are shown first.

So when you are meeting your perspective partner make sure it is someone who is your definition of attractive. It is an important part of any relationship to be attracted to, and love every aspect of your life long partner.

Stage 2: Friends

You may think you want to jump right into dating. However, if you are looking for a relationship that will be stronger and last, then you need to be friends first.

If you and your partner were friends before you dated, or you are currently in the friends phase even though you can tell you both want more, this is good.

This means you are both taking the time to set a proper foundation and base that will allow you to both be able to communicate, bond, and be amazing friends and lovers later on. By not skipping the friends phase you will be able to have a relationship that is smooth, ever growing, fun, exciting, and real.

Step 3: Connection Test

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As you and your soon to be partner begin to talk, you will realize that they are someone who you are compatible with in terms of values, ideas, beliefs, mind frames, and plans.

If the two of you don’t mesh well when testing your connection through conversations that are deep and about anything and everything, then it won’t work out.

Step 4: The First Official Date

That’s right, your now official, happy, and going out together as something more than just friends. This is an important part of the stages of falling in love. After all, now that you are dating, you need to be able to be friends, communicate well, and also be a couple.

What many people don’t realize is that first dates are ingrained in their heads, and also in their partners head. Meaning, if it’s a disaster, if you change because you are officially dating, or if it doesn’t work out, it will always be remembered. If the first date is awkward, horrible, or boring, then this isn’t a stage of love.

However, if you and your now partner are able to transition effortlessly, talk, laugh, and have an amazing night you will both remember, then this stage was a success!

You or your partner will start to progress through the next stages of love shortly.

Step 5: Get To Know Them Like The Back Of Your Hand

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As you continue to go on dates and spend time together, your relationship has obviously been progressing in terms of sexual activity, and also through your emotional connection and bond.

Both of those factors are normal and healthy. In fact, they are required if you are going to fall in love and have a happy and healthy relationship.

However, it is crucial to have plenty of deep conversations just so you can get to know the real them, and they can get to know the real you.

As you both get to know each other you should learn so much more about your partner that will make you like them and want to be around them even more.

Step 6: Do Everything Together:

By this stage, most partners cannot get enough of their other partner and want to do every single thing with them.

This is actually a great thing because it helps you get an even better sense and growing affection for your partner. Plus it will give you both lots of quality time and will strengthen your relationship.

Although there are somethings that should be done alone, and you may want some space at some points (which is healthy).

Step 7: Is This A One Way Thing

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The stages of falling in love may be in the wrong order for some couples or may be different.

However, at some point in those stages, at least one of you will wonder if the feelings you are starting to feel and become aware of, are being felt by the other.

You need to make sure that they put as much effort, care, time, and energy into the relationship.

If they don’t, it means they aren’t reciprocating which could mean nothing, or it can mean they are not as invested and attached yet. You can figure this out via their body language, behavior, and through even discussing it with them

Step 8: Open Book

Openness is crucial for any relationship to grow into the next stages and chapters. It is also something which guarantees you both have a special connection and bond. It is also a sign of a very healthy and caring relationship.

You and your partner can have no filter, be open, and tell each other everything at any stage and point in time. However, if you haven’t started this yet, you need to mention how you want that to your partner. If they disagree, or just fluff it off, that is not a good sign.

This is an important stage of falling in love. You need to know who the person you are falling in love with is, in all entirety.

There should be no lies, secrets, or even words left unsaid. They are your best friend, and also boyfriend/girlfriend. Meaning you need to make sure you are an open book together.

Stage 9: Make It Or Break It

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You can either be having a huge argument or just be going through the obstacles of life. Meaning, there will be hard times where you are both down, stressed, sad, mad, or even on a break.

The important part to this is that the two of you are able to work through these issues together.

You need to realize what you have is worth fighting for. You then need to stay together, fix the issue, and make sure you are both back to normal and are happy.

If you can’t get through this, then that is a bad sign and progressing throughout these stages is something that won’t be happening. If you love someone, then you need to make sure you can work through things and not lose sight of what you two share.

Stage 10: Those 3 Magic Words

That’s right, although it sounds easy via pen and paper. It isn’t. Congratulations, you and your partner have said these words, or are ready to. Considering your amazing chemistry, connection, bond, and strength as a couple, this seems right.

However, even if you have gone through these stages, make sure that connection and the feelings are there. If it isn’t, then things may have changed and you shouldn’t settle.

After saying “I love you”, there are no guarantees that you will not fight again, have any bumps in the road, or even change. However, what is guaranteed is that you will always have each other and your love.

Don’t take this for granted, and always continue to put work into the relationship in order for it to succeed, grow, remain healthy and strong, and to be everlasting.

An important thing to note is that your version of the stages of falling in love may be in a different order or include other stages. That is completely normal as everyone is different and unique and the same goes for relationships.

After all, that’s the beauty of them. If you can think of any other important parts of the stages of falling in love, feel free to share!

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