Men with Beards: The Pros and Cons of Dating Them

There’s no question about it, beards are becoming more popular, so let’s look at how it’s changing the culture and decide if men with beards are the way to go.

If you’re thinking about dating men with beards, consider these subconscious effects the scruffy shadow has on most men. Regardless of your former ideas of beards, the men who used to wear them are no longer the men choosing to wear beards today.

It’s important we realize that a beard can bring with it many desirable things, and as far as drawbacks go, they are sparsely present. However, we can’t let our love for beards close our hearts to the amazing men that are not endowed with great facial hair.


Have you heard the term ‘lumbersexual’?

Yes this is a real term in the urban dictionary. It is defined as, “a metro-sexual who has the need to hold on to some outdoor based rugged-ness, thus opting to keep a finely trimmed beard.” Is it possible this trend came from athletes? From 2010-2012, the world series were won by bearded men.

However, we do see a lot of celebrities rocking them regularly. But then again, it may have all started as a hippy trend that cleaned up into a hipster trend and has now infiltrated mainstream society.

So the lumbersexual now walks among us, but how do we, as women, avoid stereotyping one bearded man as a lumbersexual, when he may in fact be something else? Very carefully. Odds are you will find yourself attracted to a bearded man if you’re single because sold 47% more beard trimmers last year. That means that a lot of men are now growing beards. There’s even a dating app just for bearded men out called Bristlr.


They will have more time

If a man shaves regularly, he could spend over 130 days of his life shaving. That’s a lot of time! A bearded man will have some manscaping to do, but it will be minimal, and you will be able to spend more time with him or he will be more productive with other things like reading books and getting ridiculously smart.

If there’s one thing more attractive than a full beard, it’s got to be a big brain.

They may be more mature

Bearded men do tend to be taken more seriously because they look older and they have this sense of authority. The beard gives off the alpha male vibe which says, “I’m the boss.” It’s also a sign, nowadays, of a sense of style, and believe it or not, refinement in a certain sense, when before it was more of a rebellious statement.


Ancients thought the beard was sacred

Ever seen one of the ancient mummy cases from Egypt? The pharaohs have long, well-manicured beards, and this was a sign of their power. In fact, it was believed to show they were tapping into the power of the gods.

Today, the hair is still revered in Kundalini yoga. The men grow long beards and teachers are instructed not to cut their hair. It’s believed that the hair act as antennae that strengthen your aura and intuition.

You’ll get to learn about hipsters

Hey, if you date a bearded man, there’s a good chance he might be a hipster. You’ll be able to learn the lifestyle of hipsters and see what makes them tick. Hipsters are unique in the way they view the world and have a kind of rebellious attitude conducive to the facial hair.

They congregate in areas like Brooklyn and Portland and it’s true, they do tend to be remarkably nice. They are anti-elitist and keep it real with analog music and cool funky fashion choices. Hipsters make great boyfriends so keep an eye out for those single bearded hipsters.


Maybe he’ll be a nice hippy

Alas, not every bearded man is a hipster and many are far from it. Many bearded men are kind hearted hippies. More often than not, these will be some of the most positive people you’ll meet. They are care free and like to be in nature. If that sounds like you, then check out a website called which is a global network of conscious men (many of whom have beards).

These men will also probably be into healthy eating and ecofriendly living. They enjoy music, gardening, and walk to the beat of their own drum.

More independence

We can’t just stereotype all bearded men into the category of hipsters or hippies though. But there is one category that usually accompanies beards, which is a sense of independence. The way men act is all based on how they think and if you want a man who is willing to take a risk, try new things and has a sense of adventure, then you may just want to date men with beards.


The rugged appeal

The movies have helped to create the image of the rugged bearded hero for us, and it may actually put bearded men on a pedestal, so make sure you get a real picture of who they are and don’t just live in a fantasy world. None the less, most women are usually attracted to a burly man with a plaid shirt and a scruffy face.

The messy hair and the look like they just returned from an arduous adventure is so ‘in’ right now, and I’m ok with it because it definitely promotes appreciating nature.

Primal is trending

The paleo diet has really brought a lot of attention to the ways our ancestors lived, which were more exposed to the elements, more natural and less processed. The excessive amount of sitting is becoming a huge problem in our culture, and paleo enthusiasts and primal living experts say we need to get back to our roots.

People realize that the industrial age and the technology age have wreaked havoc on our health in certain ways, and so many men are choosing to build fires, roll over tires, eat like a caveman and grow that sexy beard.


Maybe they’re more creatively inclined

Here’s another potential bonus to dating men with beards. They are more than likely creative or good with their hands. Men with beards are usually inquisitive which can lead to activities like playing music, doing art or building things.

Let’s face it (pun intended) bearded men got skills! Think of the bearded men you know, are they artsy or do they like to tinker? Committing to the beard is a work of art in itself as it does take some trimming and upkeep.

Beards slow skin aging

Another plus to dating a guy with a beard is that his beard will actually block 90-95% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This will help keep his skin from wrinkling and sunspots that come with age and too much sun. He will also not have the skin irritation that so many men get from shaving.


He looks older with a beard

Although his skin will stay beautiful, he will look at least 6 years older with a beard. Hey, your parents might even feel like you’re dating a more mature man! It could be to your advantage to be with a guy who looks older than he is. When you’re traveling, you’ll be safe with your protecting bearded man at your side, and since he looks more intimidating, hopefully no one will mess with you!

People take him more seriously

Back in the day it was considered personally offensive for a man to touch another man’s beard. It would usually start a fight. The beard also creates a pronounced jaw line and makes even the sweetest man look tougher.

Unfortunately, we women are still at odds in certain situations like when we go to get our car fixed and they know we have no idea what we are talking about. If you bring a manly bearded man with you, you may not get ripped off as much because people will at least take him more seriously.


They usually are intellectual

There’s a direct correlation between bearded men and intellectual pursuits, and it just kind of comes with the territory. Of course, you don’t want to just assume they are intelligent because they have a beard, but chances are, they have a library of philosophy books or can have interesting conversations with you that will stimulate your mind.

It makes them feel confident

Yet another cool bonus of dating a man with a beard is that he will feel more confident. When a man grows a beard, it’s like joining the club of manly men. He will feel more capable, more attractive, and it might just improve his swagger.

Confidence looks good on a man as long as he’s not overconfident, and lots of times the beards bring a sense of wisdom as well. Hopefully he will use his newfound confidence the right way.


The great outdoors calls to them

Truly one of the coolest things about dating a man with a beard is that they are more likely to be outdoorsy. Whether it’s camping, hiking, rock climbing or travelling to exotic locations, many times the scruff wants to roam. This can really enhance your relationship because it will keep you healthy and get you out of the house.

That call of the wild might just rub off on you or if you already have it, your bearded man will most likely compliment it! If you’re a city girl and this guy is a rugged outdoors type, you might want to think again before dating him because he will want to get out in nature and jump in cold water and sleep under the stars with the bugs and animals!

The difference from clean cut men

I don’t want to make sweeping generalizations about the difference between bearded and clean cut men, but I think it’s quite necessary for the point of our conversation here. Often clean cut men like a secure job and are very organized. They probably like a clean car, a clean home and clean clothes.

A bearded man isn’t necessarily dirty, but he might not prioritize getting all the dirt off his shoes before coming inside and he may not care if his car has a few weeks of dirt on it. Often the bearded ones tend to like to do rather than prepare and are less concerned about image. Not that either is right or wrong; you can just see what matches your personality.

Often we find ourselves attracted to our opposite, which can help to balance the other person out a little.


They may just be lazy

One possible drawback of dating a guy with a beard (especially if it’s a wild looking one) is that he might be just lazy and doesn’t take care of himself. If this is the case, the beard won’t be the only thing that clues you into his lack of motivation.

You’ll notice he can’t follow through with plans, is late on his bills or doesn’t offer to pay for things. Keep an eye out for the men who know they’re attractive and they are just getting by on their looks.

It might itch your face

Here’s another potential drawback, but it’s only kind of a drawback. A beard might itch your face if he has coarse hair. Usually though, it’s only the prickly growing out stages that will feel like sandpaper, and after that he will probably be rocking a soft mane. I mean, this is not something to pass up on someone for, but could be slightly annoying. It’s definitely a first world problem and not a big deal.


He might have trouble getting a job

Some employers do discriminate against big beards and it could potentially keep a man from getting a job. Sometimes employers think that a beard doesn’t look professional and they are worried that their clients won’t take their company seriously.

While many blue collar jobs don’t require you to shave, a white collar job often will. It’s just something to think about and remember some employers will allow a clean and neat beard.

It might over-masculinize him

We all know that stereotypical guy who refuses to talk about his feelings and shuts down when he is upset. Because the beard brings out the manliness in a man, hopefully it won’t make him hyper masculine in a way that would make communication hard between you two.

If you think of a woman that goes above and beyond to perfect her seductive look, sometimes she is not taken seriously by men because they are blinded by her beauty, right? Well the opposite effect can happen with men when they feel too macho and forget how to be more soft and gentle.

We need a guy who has a healthy balance of both feminine and masculine qualities just as we women need our own healthy balance of them within ourselves.


What if a great guy can’t grow a beard?

Finally, if you have your heart set on men with beards and you meet a really nice guy who can’t grow a beard or doesn’t want to, don’t discount him. There are plenty of rugged men out there deserving of our love who just aren’t able to grow facial hair. It doesn’t make them any less of a man, and of course, they can still be extremely attractive.

At the end of the day, it’s substance that matters, not whether or not a man has a beard, so don’t overthink it.

I hope you found this entertaining and thought provoking and can share it with your friends who might appreciate it. Don’t forget to see what other fun and seriously helpful ideas we are cooking up here for you on YouQueen.

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