Things Men Should Know Before Dating An Alpha Woman

Dating an alpha woman means having to deal with a woman knowing what she wants, how she wants it and when she wants it. It’s something some men have a tough time dealing with.

There’s a big difference between being a diva and being an alpha. It can be easy to confuse a woman who is a diva with one who has an alpha personality if you aren’t clear about what it means to be an alpha.

An alpha woman doesn’t give you attitude; she just doesn’t have time to deal with your BS.

These are some things you should know before dating an alpha woman.

1. We speak our minds

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Being an alpha means that you couldn’t care less if someone doesn’t like what you have to say. We are often the “blunt friend” in a group, and we’re happy about that.

If we’re upset with you, you’ll know—never doubt that. If you said something wrong, you’ll hear about it, and we don’t care how you react to it. At least you never have to worry about us beating around the bush.

2. We’ll challenge you

This doesn’t just mean that we’re competitive. We are. If you think you can beat us, then you’re honestly mistaken. It also means that we will challenge your opinions about any topic.

If we don’t agree with it, we won’t shy away from telling you why.

This can make some men crawl with masculinity issues and tell us that we’re crazy. We know what we are. We don’t mind. You’re still going to be challenged, so if you have strong opinions, then you had better have something to back it up with.

3. We aren’t the damsel in distress

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We don’t need (or want) a man to save us. We know how to save ourselves and get out of unwanted situations. We don’t need you to come to our defense. Don’t worry: we challenge everyone the way we challenge you, so you should know nothing scares us.

This doesn’t go to say that we don’t ask for help once in a while or appreciate having a man do things that we genuinely aren’t capable of handling. It just means that we won’t back down from doing something if a man isn’t there to help.

We also won’t sit there and complain about having to do it—no one has time for that.

4. We have smart mouths

90% of the things that come out of my mouth are sarcastic. Don’t be phased by it, it’s just how we joke around and show people that we’re comfortable around them.

Incorporated in those sarcastic comments are plenty of dirty jokes. We know that we aren’t going to be seen as lady-like, and we really don’t mind. We know who we are.

If we want to talk about sex, then we’re going to, and we’re not going to feel promiscuous because of it.

5. We know what we want

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This alone is enough to scare unworthy men away, and we love that. Some men are truly phased by the fact that we are not afraid to let people know what we want and need at any given time.

When we go out to dinner, not only do we know what type of food we want, we also know where we want to go and at what time. It saves us from spending time that we could spend eating trying to figure out where we want to eat.

6. We know what we don’t want

Since we are alphas, we don’t have time for any bad relationships. Usually, we are alphas because we have grown stronger after everything we have been through in life. We’ve been in enough pain before to know that we cannot be treated that way anymore.

We’ve been in enough relationships to know how we don’t want to be treated. We’ve dealt with being treated badly too many times, so we’re done with it. We’re as blunt as we are because that’s the only way to avoid being walked over and hurt.

Being an alpha is partially a defense mechanism, but it’s also an effect of becoming much stronger because of the things we’ve been through.

Date whomever you want to. It’s your preference if you want to date someone who’s submissive or an alpha. There is nothing wrong with either. As alphas, we know that we can be a lot to deal with because people are just not used to how open we are and how able we are to express ourselves.

These are just some things you should expect if you’re into an alpha woman. If you have anything to add to this article, or would like to share some points about being an alpha, then feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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