10 Fashion Ideas That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

When the heat of the summer is high, there are a few fashion tricks that you should know that will help your body stay fresh and dry!

Everyone loves summer! Swimming in the pool, lounging on the beach, getting a fab sun tan, catching up with your reading.

What I believe everyone hates about summer though is the heat, that makes you feel sweaty and sticky and gives you a hard time when deciding what to wear in the morning, when the thought of just wearing some sort of material on your already sweaty skin makes you feel even warmer.

Summer is great also because you are usually allowed to wear really short clothes, and that alone is a great way to keep fresh, but not enough in one of those days in which the heat makes you just want stay in the pool all day long and never get out.

You may not know that it is possible to stay fresh and dry also in the summer and the solution is not to go around naked in the city. It is all about learning which are the pieces of clothing and the materials that will make the air circulate and keep your body cool.

So let’s see some of the fashion secrets that will keep you cool this summer!

1. Wear cotton instead of synthetic fabrics

Cotton will facilitate much more the air circulation and keep your body cool and dry. Go for really loose fitting cotton clothes so you will avoid them clinging too closely to your body and make you feel warmer.

Plus, cotton garments will also give you no allergic reactions if you have a sensitive skin, whereas synthetic items could give rushes, skin allergies and body odor. Linen is also very good if you are in a hot humid environment.

2. Go for the large crop tops that are on trend this summer


Crop tops are a super trend of this summer 2013 and they are also a great device to keep you cool!

They don’t cover up too much and if you go for a large one it will make the air circulate really well and you will feel like you are not wearing anything at all. Plus, it is really versatile and cute, so you cannot say no to a nice crop top this summer, worn over a mini skirt or a pair of shorts.

3. Choose light colors instead of dark ones

It is commonly reknown that light colors, such as white, beige or pastels, keep you much fresher than darker ones, such as black, dark blue and brown.

Why does this happen? Black materials actually absorb the heat, therefore making you feel much warmer, whereas light shades reflect it, keeping it away from you and making your body feel cooler!

So go for pastel dresses and white caftans to ensure that you will feel cool and fresh even if the sun is strong.

4. Maxi dresses are not only versatile, but also fresh!


I cannot finish to stress the importance of a maxi dress for the summer, as it is super versatile, perfect to transition from day to night and it will also keep you fresh in the heat. In fact, if you get it in a loose-fitting cut and light fabric it will make the air circulate really well and it will not stick to your body.

One might think in fact that wearing more covering clothes will keep you warmer, but truth is that sometimes it is actually the best solution in the summer, especially if the climate is quite arid.

Take it from the Bedouins, whom you always see wearing long sleeves and hemlines in the middle of the desert and they don’t seem to be suffering that much the heat in them!

5. A silky tunic dress is always a great idea

A great summer tunic has to be short, large and in a light fabric. Wear it to the pool, wear it on a shopping spree or wear it on the beach and it will become a great ally against the summer heat.

It is also great to wear down with a pair of  flat sandals or flip flops, or up with some wedges and chunky accessories.

6. Less is more when it comes to accessories in the summer heat


Chunky accessories worn during the day can become your biggest regret when you are running your errands in the city jungle. Especially big bracelets will really keep you warm and sometimes can have the effect of swelling the veins of the hands if it is really hot.

Avoid especially at all costs any metallic accessory during the day, as it will heat up and burn your skin in no time.

7. A wide-brimmed hat is a must-have item for every summer closet

During a hot day it is really important to stay in the shade as much as possible, but when you have to get out of the house for one reason or another you should still avoid direct sunlight and what a better way to do it if not with a très chic wide-brimmed hat!?

It will shade your face, prevent a sun stroke and glamorize any outfit you might be wearing, even if it is the simplest one.

8. Shorten the hemlines

Shorts, skirts, mini-dresses and playsuits. What do all of these items have in common? They are all great for showing off your legs in the summer and keep you fresh!

Be careful though to always wear sunscreen if you want to avoid having a massive sun burn on your legs.

9. A bikini is a no-brainer


Some women might feel quite uncomfortable in wearing a bikini on the beach, especially if they are not at all used to showing off a lot of skin, but no one can argue the fact that it keeps you much fresher than a one-piece swimsuit!

Plus, it is also much better for your sun tan, as it will give you less noticeable black and white stripes on your body.

10. Go natural with less makeup in the summer

A lot of face makeup can impede the sweating and therefore make you feel warmer. Go really light with the makeup and especially with the foundation, substituting it with a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer.

Keep also the makeup on the eyes natural during the day, unless you want it melt all over the place, and go for waterproof items. And don’t forget to store all your makeup in a cool and dry place!

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