10 Ways to Update Your Work Wardrobe

Tired of always wearing the same boring outfits to the office? Would you like to make your colleagues jealous of your style? Here are 10 ways you can update your work wardrobe.

When you wake up in the morning to go to work, you probably just head straight to your wardrobe and grab the usual shirt and pair of pants or skirt without overthinking it too much and throw it on.

You probably got used so much to wearing always the same things that you don’t really bother anymore to look at yourself in the mirror and don’t think it is important either. After all, everyone does it, right!?

Well, going to work shouldn’t be like that, with the same old boring outfit and accessories, but you should learn to put some fun into it! If you like dressing up for the evening why not putting some effort also into your daywear.

And don’t tell me you wouldn’t want to start making your colleagues jealous of your looks. Then just follow these 10 fashion tips that will bring new life into your work wardrobe! 

1. Go for color

Colorful blazers (via theluxuryspot.com)
Colorful blazers (via theluxuryspot.com)

Even if your work environment is quite strict, it does not mean you should always wear the same classic colors such as black, grey or navy. Try to go for some splashes of color to spice up your outfit!

Try out a colorful blazer, for example, which can bring a black pants and white shirt combo from boring to glamorous in no time.

Keep the rest of the outfit really neutral in colors and, if your workplace is really formal, go instead for pastel colors on items with really classic cuts and shapes.

2. Add a silky printed blouse

A silky, soft and flowy blouse can be both really girly and grown-up at the same time.

It is  a really feminine staple item that every woman should own in her wardrobe as it can be worn with almost anything, from a pencil skirt or some formal pants for work or a pair of skinny jeans for a casual day out or even for the evening.

Plus, silk is very flattering on any type of body shape so, not only it will make you look super stylish, but it will also enhance your body in all the right ways.

3. Try out a scarf

Have you ever thought about wearing a light silk scarf around your neck like Audrey Hepburn did riding the famous Vespa in Roman Holidays? Do you think it is maybe too retro?

Well, guess what: retro is in fashion right now and so are scarves.

The right scarf can bring light to your face and add an element of interest to your outfit, but make sure to choose it in a color that suits your skin and brings out your eyes.

4. Invest in a great and flattering pencil skirt

A great pencil skirt is a must-have (via hubpages.com)
A great pencil skirt is a must-have (via hubpages.com)

The right pencil skirt will absolutely flatter your figure and give you a really chic vibe. Get it in a classic color, such as black, navy or cream for the warm season, and it will last you a lifetime.

In order to avoid the risk of looking too up-tight, wear it with a cool printed top or a colorful blazer like I have talked about before.

5. Carry a statement bag

 Camrbidge Satchel (via styleonthecouch.com)
The Cambridge Satchel (via styleonthecouch.com)

The bag that is on trend right now is the Cambridge satchel, that is actually absolutely perfect for going to work! Get it in a neon color and it will spice up any boring outfit!

You can also go for other types of bag, the important thing is that they play with prints, colors and textures, but most of all, they have to be eye-catching.

6. Shoes are always the most important part

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” Marilyn said, and we can say that she knew what she was talking about given that she actually managed to conquer everything in life and her name is still present even after she passed away all those decades ago.

The right pair of shoes can bring an outfit from casual to chic and can dictate the mood of the whole look. For work you want to choose a pair that is comfy but also cool and don’t forget to add a stylish twist to them, such as a bow on your plain black stilettos or an animal print on your flats.

7. It is all about the watch

You'll need a good watch (via eonline.com)
You’ll need a good watch (via eonline.com)

Most people, especially men, tend to judge someone not by the shoes, but by the watch they are wearing. Invest in a great timeless watch that will shine on your wrist and capture the attention of everyone.

It can also be a great statement piece of jewelry that will complete an outfit perfectly without being too pretentious.

8. Try out different materials

Don’t always go for the same old boring materials and textures but try out unexpected ones! If your working environment is quite strict, you can just go for a different trimming on the collar, the sleeves or the hemline.

You are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to materials! Try out lace for a feminine look or sheer (worn with a covering base layer) for a sensual touch.

9. Add a waist belt

Add a waist belt (via itsallaboutmebyrzv.blogspot.com)
Add a waist belt (via itsallaboutmebyrzv.blogspot.com)

A waist belt will give you a sexy hourglass shape and make you look thinner without having to undergo a strict diet.

Get it in a bright color or with precious embellishments and it will immediately spice up your outfit and add an element of interest.

10. Accessorize it right

Last but not least, I have always said how accessories can make all the difference in an outfit and how it is so important to choose the right ones for every occasion.

Go for something eye-catching and different to make your outfit shine. Metallics are now also really trendy worn during the day, so wear your silvery and golden jewelry that you would usually wear in the evening also to the office!

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