Job Interview Outfit Ideas – The Ultimate Handbook

Preparing for a job interview can be really frustrating, but don’t worry, we are here to help you out with interview outfit ideas and our personal experiences.

You searched for weeks, gathered the courage, sent your CV and now, you got invited to a job interview. Congratulations! You are already in the finish line of getting your next job.

Whether it’s just a part-time student job or your absolute dream career opportunity, making a good first visual impression is one of the most important aspects.

Show Off A Piece of Your Personal Style

Most importantly, don’t forget to have an element that represents your personal style. When I first started going on job interviews at the age of 16, I had absolutely no idea how to dress properly…to any event.

As a fashion girl at heart, I was wearing the craziest midi skirts with heels for school and paired vintage, beaded bralettes with leather baseball jacket, so it was quite the challenge to tone it down and appear on the job interviews as a responsible, normal human being.

And that is perfectly okay, because no one expects to hire a robot. So if you have a signature winged eyeliner, a chic scarf you wear all the time or any other detail that represents your personality well, just rock it. These job interview outfit ideas are here to give you inspiration, not scrape your personal style all together!

Informal Jobs

interview outfit ideas

If the interview is for a casual, part-time student job besides university or high school or a second job to pay your bills, you don’t have to overcomplicate your outfit.

The general rules of wearing blazers and heels don’t apply here, so instead of wearing your formal clothing items, focus on the details and the quality.

Find the balance between too casual and too elegant and choose a blouse with skinny jeans or an A-line skirt and make sure everything is clean and in perfect condition.

This might not be your dream job, but trust me, the employer will notice the quality of your clothing item. That doesn’t mean you have to wear Ralph Lauren jumpers and Lacoste shoes, but take a moment before you step out of the door to ensure your jeans aren’t ripped or faded.

interview outfit ideas

Good Choices:
– blouses, denim shirts, sweaters, turtlenecks
– high waisted jeans, A-line skirts
– chunky heeled boots, ballet pumps

Creative Jobs

interview outfit ideas

If you are going on an interview for a creative job (e.g. writing, working in a gallery as a creative assistant or any type of fashion or beauty related job), you have lots of space to experiment with your outfit, but don’t forget – they tend to pay attention to the details even more.

Try out different materials, mix and match cotton with lace or even with leather (make sure the leather skirt is at least midi length if you decide to go with it), or add a pop of colour or a subtle print to your outfit.

interview outfit ideas

Good Choices:
– printed shirts, jumpers
– leather midi skirts, silk pants
– structured mini tote bags
– blazers and trench coats

Formal Jobs

interview outfit ideas

While getting ready for a formal job interview, our team recommends going for the traditional formalwear, such as shirts, pencil skirts, masculine blazers, neck tie blouses and suit pants.

If you would like something different from the regular pencil skirt-blouse combination, try out a black, midi pencil dress with a structured navy blazer and a pair of heels and a tote bag, but say goodbye to your black jeans and jumpers and ensure your outfit is elegant and professional enough.

Stick with minimalist, clean and monochrome shades and try to avoid bright colors and patterns. For accessories, wear one piece of subtle jewelry or a silk scarf wrapped around your bag.

interview outfit ideas

Good Choices:
– white, gray and baby blue shirts and blouses
– black and navy pencil skirts, pants
– structured blazers
– heels

Whatever your future job is, remember to stay true to yourself and your style. If you try to be someone else, you won’t feel comfortable and it’s going to make your interview that much harder. Add your favorite (appropriate) jewellery, a pop of color, or the detail that rounds up your whole outfit. Don’t be scared to show the real you!

What are your experiences with job interview outfits? Any other tips? Share them in the comments!