Best Red Scarves For Women

With autumn just around the corner, we give you five beautiful red scarves for women for every occasion.

Accessorize with a bold colored scarf this autumn, and make sure you are noticed. Bundle up in one of these trendy, warm scarves in a color that never goes out of style.

Light Silk

light silk red scarf

This is a classic accessory that should be a fashion must have for women of any age. The luxurious feel of silk, the strawberry shade… This will brighten up any outfit, and give you a look of class. It can also be worn with a casual outfit, such as a simple white shirt and jeans, to add a little touch of elegance. Invest in this and you won’t regret since it is an accessory that can be mixed and matched for a number of looks. If you don’t want plain color, try one that has parts in a different texture, such as the shown Salvatore Ferragamo scarf (

Trendy Pattern

Trendy Pattern red scarf

We love the Alexander McQueen patterned skull scarf in red and white, but if you’re not into wearing skulls, choose a pattern that reflects your own style and taste. You can go for simple color combinations, or go for a cute, young look by choosing a pattern of hearts or fruits.

  • Alexander McQueen Skull scarf (
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs floral scarf (
  • Pieces heart scarf (

The Loop

loop red scarf

A winter must have, a loop scarf is like a turtleneck collar without the shirt. We love the Genna Cowl knit infinity scarf (shown above,, which is made from incredibly soft mohair and silk knitted into an interesting gapped pattern. Just throw it on over your head, and you’re good to go. Ideal for brightening up a dark winter coat, it will keep your neck warm, and you can also tuck in your hair if it’s raining to prevent your hairdo from getting ruined.

The Wrap


A wrap is an oversized scarf which can be worn around the neck or draped around the shoulders. You can fold it in two and wear it like a regular scarf, or open it to full length and wrap it around your upper body. It’s versatile and hip, and irreplaceable on windy days. Try the Loro Piana “tissue weight” scarf, which is light yet warm, and has a lovely translucent texture.

Warm Wool


Ah, there is really nothing better than bundling up in a soft, warm scarf in winter. Go for a scarf knitted from thick, cable-like wool, as it will keep you warmer. I also think it looks cuter than a regular scarf, sort of makes you feel like a kid during holiday season again!

By the way, did you know that wearing a red scarf can mean different things in different cultures? Visitors of the Pamplona bull festival have to wear a red scarf out of respect for the martyr San Fermin (and not to attract the bulls). Kids in China wear uniform red scarves around their necks if they are part of the Young Pioneers, it’s sort of a badge of honor for school kids. The Greek do a “scarf blessing” during weddings, where close family members wrap a red scarf around the bride to symbolize fertility.

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