Covering the Basics: Four Jewelry Essentials Every Woman Should Have

There are so many choices with jewelry that it can be downright overwhelming. Here we show you four classic options that will solve any styling conundrum.

Even those of us who consider ourselves collectors of anything bejewelled or shiny would have to concede that sometimes you just want to be able to reach for that one reliable piece that you know will see you thorough. The following round-up contains four of the most time-tested, must-have jewelry pieces of all time as well as a few tips on how to style them.

#1 The Best Friend: Diamonds


There’s a reason the song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” has survived to this day. Of all the classic must-have jewelry pieces out there, diamonds are probably the most timeless, and give you the greatest return on your investment. Here are a few items to look consider.

Diamond Studs

Wear them with everything – really! Whether you are dressed up or down, jeans and a tee or a ball gown, a pair of diamond studs will always look elegant and sophisticated. They are also the perfect answer if you want to travel light and only take along one pair of earrings. Choose a classic round or princess cut for the most enduring style.

A Diamond Bracelet

Again, this wear-with-everything piece is a classic, and can be worn with either casual clothing or your most expensive couture. A diamond bracelet is beautiful all on its own as a statement of minimalistic elegant simplicity or stacked alongside a watch and other bracelets to create an eclectic mix. Choose a classic “tennis” style bracelet if you want something lightweight that will never go out of style. If bangles are more your thing, try a channel-set hinged bangle.

#2 Sleek and Easy: An Omega Necklace


There is something about the polished simplicity of an omega necklace that gives it an air of quiet luxury. In silver or gold, in thicknesses ranging from whisper light to statement making, these sleek necklaces always blend right in with whatever you are wearing and add a subtle glow. An omega also looks stunning when peeking-out from the collar of a crisp shirt, and is an excellent way to display your favorite pendants. Try pairing your omega (with or without a pendant) with one of your layered looks: Under a shirt collar and paired with a crisp jacket, skinny jeans, and a pair of boots.

#3 Big and Bold: The Cocktail Ring


Although cocktail rings had a moment in the sun a few years ago, they remain a classic piece that is a surefire bet when you want a quick and easy way to add a bit of punch and whimsy to a look. For a statement accent piece that will go with everything, try an oversized pure metal dome ring in silver or gold. For a more casual, edgy, or artistic look, choose silver, turquoise, or other natural raw material stones. For an evening out, pull out all the stops and really bring the bling with an oversized gemstone or cluster ring (real or not – it doesn’t matter).

Although an oversized cocktail ring can be worn on any finger, wearing it on your index finger is a great way to give your look a modern edge. Just be sure that you leave the rest of your accessories fairly minimal when rocking a statement cocktail ring.

#4 Girls and Their Pearls


There is supposedly an old custom that dictates that the older you get, the larger your pearls should be. While we have no idea why this should be the case, there is one thing that is certainly true: Pearls are about as classic as a piece of jewelry can get. They work well in any size and at any age.

While there is certainly no disputing the fact that a single strand of well-appointed pearls confers timeless elegance on a look, it can also make a look seem a bit more stuffy and conservative than modern. Luckily, these days, there are many ways of styling pearls that can help you keep your modern edge while still rocking these classic gems.

Pearls come in all shapes, sizes, and colors these days. Try something new by selecting a multi-colored strand, a super-long freshwater strand that you can wrap multiple times, or a non-traditional shape like baroque (ringed pearls that would previouslyhave been dismissed as “imperfect”).  Of course, if you still love the idea of a single strand of perfect white pearls at your throat, try mixing it up a bit by pairing them with a contrasting gemstone stud earring or dressing them down with a tee, distressed jeans, killer heels, and a blazer.

Admittedly, when you consider the sheer volume of lovely jewelry out there, there are certainly many more than four must-have jewelry items a woman might want to collect in her lifetime. However, the four showcased here are tried and true favourites that have passed the test of time. The next time you are looking for that easy option that will leave you looking sophisticated yet effortless, look no further than these four options.

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