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jennifer lawrence hairstyle
From long wavy hair to a pixie cut, Hollywood actress and laid-back style icon Jennifer Lawrence hairstyles differ for each occasion. She always manages to get it spot on. Here’s how!

When it comes to hairstyles, Jennifer Lawrence, the star of films such as the Hunger Games, seems to have it all figured out. Her styles have ranged from long to pixie short, and the classic in between bob, with colors ranging from dark brown to blonde.

Jennifer Lawrence hairstyle changes as she does. The star first emerged into the public eye with long flowing and curly blonde locks. With its thick texture, she managed to make it look silky and shiny. Here’s just a few ways that you can copy her early long haired look.

1. The braid

Jennifer Lawrence braid hair

Texture dry hair with styling mouse, and sweep into a side ponytail. Loosely plait the hair and secure with a hair tie, leaving out some wispy strands around the face to emulate Jennifer’s care-free and cool style. Jen wore this look with a thin side fringe.

2. The sporty ponytail


Apply volumizing mousse when drying the hair and brush the hair up and back into a high ponytail when it is almost dry. When dry, curl sections of the hair if you do not already have a natural wave to your hair. Section off a piece of hair, about half an inch wide and wrap it around the ponytail hairband and grip in place. It’s simple and effortlessly pretty.

3. Wavy and free

Jennifer Lawrence wavy hair

In her longer haired days, Jennifer’s favorite look was to leave her hair down and wavy. You can experiment with this look, with loose waves to tight and neat curls. Use heated rollers or curling tongs and a lot of hairspray! Spritz some anti-frizz spray over the hair before curling.

While Jennifer wore long hair well, she also got adventurous and chopped it all off, with many fans copying her new look.
The bold ‘statement’ haircut was her trendy blonde pixie crop cut.

Many people spend years trying to grow out their hair, so why did Jennifer choose to chop hers off? As she said herself, her hair had become “fried from being dyed too much.”

So how can we care for our blonde hair? There are a range of shampoos and conditioners designed especially for treating and conditioning blonde hair, while helping tone and keep the color natural rather than brassy, but also nourishing the hair.

Many celebrities dye their hair more than the ordinary person, and they use a lot of heat products. Try not to over-dye your hair, especially bleaching it, and give it ‘rest days’ from heat products such as a hair dryer, curling tongs and straightening irons.

If you do use heat on your hair, always spritz it with a heat protectant spray all over first and use deep conditioning hair masks every 2-4 weeks. Maintaining healthy blonde hair can be tricky. If all else fails, we can always follow Jennifer’s example and head to a salon for the chop!

If you want to cut some of the length off your hair but are apprehensive about taking the plunge and cutting it as short as Jen’s pixie style, there is always a bob, short bob, or shoulder length styles to ease you in gradually.

The benefit of the pixie hair cut is how low maintenance it is. It is a wash and go hairstyle that dries easily and requires little to no styling, aside from minimal styling products such as mousse or hair spray.

Here are some tips if you are thinking of a very short do

  1. Do your research. Seek out a hair professional who has a strong portfolio of short hair cuts that you admire. Look through magazines and online sources and get your inspiration from celebrities and models who have the look you are after (and the looks you don’t like). Jennifer Lawrence is a great source of hair inspiration.
  2. Have a moment to think about your personality and whether a very short hairstyle would suit you. The look is bold and dramatic. You will have no hair to hide behind, so it is not for the faint-hearted.
  3. Think about the shape of your face and whether you can pull off a pixie cut. The cut suits oval, square and heart-shaped faces. It is less effective for round-faces. If you have a wide forehead, it might be best to add a side fringe and if you have harsh facial features, some layers can soften the effects. If you have no ideas check out our infographic.
  4. Very short hair may require extra maintenance. This means a few more trips to the salon than usual; just to cut a tiny amount off the neck and tidy up the look, but it is worth it. The in between stage can be a difficult one.However, chopping your locks off, as Jennifer Lawrence did, is the best way to save frazzled hair and start fresh. This time, be sure to look after your hair, with regular conditioning, haircuts, less color and less heat.

For those who are patient and willing to grow out a pixie cut, Jennifer Lawrence is also a pro at that! For her role as Katniss in the Hunger Games, she was not keen on experimenting with the color of her hair, so wigs were used to get the right shade of mahogany. That was a smart move for the actress, who had previously admitted to ‘frying’ her hair with too much dye.

Her hair is incredibly versatile and while many people hate the stage between having a very short cropped hair style and growing it longer, Jennifer mastered the textured bob. The celebrity hair stylist Jenny Cho (Suave Professionals) was behind this smooth transition and has publicly spoken about the star and shared advice on how to grow out the look.

She points out to how crucial the transitional cut is. Ensure that the hairdresser snips off the very ends of the hair and no more. They need to taper the nape of the neck area, rather than cut off any real length and lighten the look with layers. Anything more dramatic than this will set you back a couple of months and mean you will be starting all over again.

She also says that the haircut is low maintenance and only requires a touch of smoothing cream to the ends, after a trim, to keep it looking great.

When it grows out, it becomes more difficult to style. You know that feeling when it is too short to pull back into a ponytail but it can almost reach? The answer is plenty of grips and hair spray. You can really experiment and have fun with your hair at this length.

Some of the ways Jennifer Lawrence styled her hair during the grow-out phase

  1. Surfer Chic
    Part the hair in the center and add loose waves. To add to the easy-going look, Jennifer sported blonde highlights but darker roots.
  2. Up do
    It seems impossible to get short hair up and make it stay put, doesn’t it? But Jennifer managed to coax her hair into a bouffant, giving the illusion of long hair and keeping it off her face. The key was volume. This was achieved by back combing, plenty of grips, tucking the hair under and setting in place with lots of hair spray
  3. Simple and straight
    This hair looks great sleek and straight, with a sparkly clip to add to the look. If you want to add length, stick in some hair extensions, just as Jennifer admitted to doing sometimes.

And there we have it – long, mid or short hair, our star Jennifer Lawrence has done it all, and managed to look stylish and trendy every step of the way. There’s no reason why you can’t do it too. If she has taught us anything, it’s not to be afraid of experimenting with your hair and look. Be bold and brave.

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