#1 Fall 2013 Must Have: Coats & How to Wear Them

Coats - everyone needs one in the fall cold, but who said they had to be black and boring? Here are the latest trends of 2013 in coat fashion.

When September rolls around, fall chilliness slowly creeps up and makes us shiver in the evenings, making us want to cover ourselves with a warm protecting coat.

These items of clothing always seemed to get less attention on the runway than, let’s say bags or shoes.

This fall, however, fashion designers have put special emphasis on the coats, making them one of the it-items you simply must have in your closet. If you want to look stylish this fall, read more on trends for fall 2013 and discover the 10 must-have items for this season here.

Trends go from simple to wacky and you are bound to find something to match your taste and personality.

1. The “Boyfriend Coat” look


The Boyfriend Coat is woolly, heavy and oversized. The cut is very edgy with straight lines, all with the purpose of creating a masculine impression.

Just like for the boyfriend-cut jeans, this fall some designers, such as Stella McCartney are proposing a shift from the tight-waisted feminine cuts.

As for the colors, it’s all about neutrals and darker shades: navy blue, different shades of grey (no pun intended), brown, beige, and of course – the classic black.

However, we suggest making a brave choice and going for a different shade than black, because this season, other colors of the spectrum also got the chance to shine and some of the styles are just lovely. And you probably already own a black coat, right?

Still not sure how to wear it? Read more on how to wear the androgynous look here.

2. The Edgy Furry Coat Look


We know you’re not a fan of real fur, but some lush faux fur is a definite must this fall. This is a look that is slightly more eye-catching than the previous one, so be sure you can handle it, girl!

This look is inspired by the Mohawk and, probably, the girls who actually wear them. You need to have an edge, an attitude wearing this style. It says fierceness and confidence, outspokenness and a lack of shame.

It also means that you do not care about the polished look: the coat is ultra colored, shabby and all over the place! The more colorful – the better. It should be fur ahoy with this one: just fur poppin’ all over the place.

If you are not into the colorful fur look, you can still wear it in a natural white, beige, brown or black – it’s up to you!

3. The New Retro Look


They all say that what goes around comes back around, well so does this lovely cut! It is a very 50s flare, with a tight waist and a wide skirt-like lower half. Also, the fabric and the design is very retro.

So, the colors are yellow, turquoise, red, deep violet but also brown and black. The patterns are mostly polka dots and a sort of pleaded design.

What characterizes this cut is that it accentuates the inverted triangle of the upper half of the body: broad shoulders and a tiny waist. It is the essential feminine form-flattering design. In it, you will feel like one of the 50s movie stars – glamorous and classy.

This style is one that has already been featured on the runways during the past years, but never with such a modern take on it.

This year the designers kept the materials and patterns, but refreshed the cuts. So basically what you get is a real new-old look that can stay in style for years to come.

4. The Bubble Gum Look


Believe it or not, pastels are IN this fall! Oh yes, all of you secretly wanting one of those coats can this year be real fashionistas. And when, if not now, would you actually be complimented on your taste while wearing a pale pink coat?

Let’s face it, not many of us can handle light-colored coats without getting them dirty the instant we put them on, with the rain and all… But this season we will have to work for the look a bit harder, cause the pastels are a must.

Truth be told, I was least convinced by this particular look, but upon closer inspection, I realized that this is actually an amazing opportunity to break the grey-black-brown monotony and bring some of the summer with us into the rainy fall and winter.

The colors go from mint green, pale pink, apricot, pale blue and light yellow. Almost makes you think of your favorite candy store you had growing up.

And that is exactly what this look should say about you: a carefree spirit and a desire never to grow up. If you are that girl, hit the shop, you already know what you need!

Cover photo: wardrobelooks.com

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