10 Essential Pieces Every French Girl Has in Her Wardrobe

If French girls are your ultimate style crush, then you need these 10 essential pieces to help you get the wardrobe of your dreams!

We all agree that French girls really know how to dress and French style icons like Carine Roitfeld, Ines de la Fressange, Emmanuelle Alt, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon all confirm this. Oui, oui!

Messy hair, a style that’s the perfect mix of feminine and masculine and that innate sense of French effortlessness are their trademark. French women are never too dressed up or too dressed down. In one word: flawless!

Their outfits always leave us speechless and make us wonder how they do it. The problem is, no matter how effortless their style is, somehow we always found it difficult to imitate.

French Philosophy

Not everything is as simple as it may appear though. Behind that seemingly easy French style is a serious fashion philosophy that’s not about fashion and trends, but arrogance and attitude. French girls rely on their intelligence and charisma more than their appearance.

French girls have a great deal of respect for themselves. They know what they want and what they don’t want to wear as well as what suits their figure and what doesn’t. They listen to themselves when they choose their clothes, rather than magazines and commercials.

They consider style to be a part of their identity. It reflects their lifestyle, habits and character, so once they find it, they stick to it. Fashion and trends have to adopt to them. If the trend doesn’t fit in their style identity, it won’t find its place in their closet. It really is as easy as that!

Signature Pieces

A strong personality requires a strong personal style. Every French girl knows that. Despite the fact that they all have different individual styles, they still have something in common: clothes that can be worn over and over and over again!

French girls’ wardrobes are built on classics. They focus on high-quality pieces that are extremely versatile and can be worn for a long time. But, high-quality pieces isn’t what separates French girls from the rest of the world—the way they style them is.

French girls really now how to surprise us. Just when you think you have already seen everything, they mix clothes in a way you never thought possible. Tuxedo jackets with sneakers, chiffon dresses with biker boots, silk blouses with men’s trousers—once again, they leave us speechless!

1. Jeans

French girls have a thing for jeans. They are the ultimate uniform for anytime and anywhere: practical, comfortable and easy to adopt to any style.

4 girls wearing jeans

2. Shirt

Having a crisp white button-down shirt in your wardrobe is a must. Whether it is silk or cotton, it’s an item you can wear to work as easily as you can a night out.

If you don’t want to buy one, borrow one from your boyfriend. French girls like to pair these oversized shirts with skinny jeans. For an extra dose of effortlessness, don’t forget to roll up the sleeves and left a few buttons undone!

crisp white button-down shirt

3. Leather Jacket

The most versatile of them all, a leather jacket is an item you can wear year-round and dress up or down. It’s goes perfectly with dresses because it subtly makes sweet and girly outfits edgier. Our favorite pairing is a leather jacket with white t-shirt and jeans a la James Dean. This combination will give you an instant bad-girl look.

2 girls wearing Leather Jacket

4. Blazer

A little bit more elegant than a biker jacket, blazers are equally chic. This item can smarten up jeans, and other casual clothes will look polished with it. Choose one with bold shoulders and a perfectly tailored waist!

stylish girl wearing blazer

5. Oversized Sweater

There’s nothing better than a cashmere sweater. They’re luxurious, heavenly soft and go with everything you own. French girls prefer less expected ways of baring skin, so they would probably wear their cashmere sweater with one shoulder done. Dare to add a small injection of sensuality into your laidback outfit.

Girl Wearing Oversized Sweater

6. LBD

Le Petite Robe Noire: it’s almost impossible to imagine French girl’s wardrobe without one. This is not surprising because as long as you have a Little Black Dress in your wardrobe, you will always be ready for all kinds of celebrations. Timeless and fashionable, it can be worn by itself or accessorized!

Stylish Girl Wearing Little Black Dress

7. Flats

Flats are a French girl best friend. They love heels too, but if they had to choose between flats and heels, it would be flats! The are more comfortable and obviously more practical, but still chic and sophisticated!

printed flats

8. Trench coat

One of the main pillars of a French girl’s wardrobe, trench coats never go out of fashion. Choose a classic cut and color and you will wear it forever! It works well with off-duty outfits as well as fancy evening wear.

Trench coat

9. Scarf

French girls take more risks with their accessories than their clothing, especially when it comes to colors and prints. They know the powerful effect of accessories. By adding a silk scarf to a simple jeans and shirt combo, you will transform your whole look.

stylish Scarf

10. Sunglasses

No makeup day, sleepless night, hangover, sunny, rainy or maybe just want to avoid human contact? A pair of an oversized sunglasses is your new best friend.


Having these 10 essentials in your wardrobe, will make your outfit choices easier, and your style will always be on point. Do you have some of these pieces in your wardrobe? How do you style them? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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