Denim Trends: Your Next Jeans Should be Mom Jeans

For the next pair of perfect jeans, ask your mom for advice! After all, mom knows best, right?

The era of skin tight jeans and jeans borrowed from your boyfriend is officially over. Mom’s closet is your next target!

Mom jeans gained popularity in the ‘80s, so if you’re an ‘80s or ‘90s kid, you probably remember them. Primarily, they were designed for moms, as the name implies, to cover flaws and make that “S” figure—flat stomach and big butt. However, they were also comfortable to wear, because they were loose in cut and made of cotton.

Not only moms enjoyed their comfort either. Mom jeans were equally popular with and worn by Hollywood stars and supermodels. In the ‘90s, these jeans were the standard uniform of the “Beverly Hills 90210” cast while supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista wore them in campaigns, commercials and on the streets. They looked so good in them that they left both men and women breathless.


Thanks to Hollywood and celebrities, jeans that were designed for moms and older women rapidly became the must have jeans for teenagers and young people around the world. Every cool kid had a pair of them in their closet. Mom jeans and their high waists disappeared in the 2000s when insanely low rise jeans made an appearance.


Recently high waist jeans have made a comeback, which opened the door for mom jeans to return to the scene. They’ve started popping up everywhere. You can see them on the streets, on TV and in almost every store, from street style brands to high-end designers! But, the final proof of their comeback comes from the fashion crowd and celebrities. We must confess: they nailed it!


Finding the Perfect Pair

If you already own a pair of mom jeans—even if they’re from the ‘90s—or if you can borrow them from your mom, you are lucky! For those of you who aren’t as lucky, don’t despair. Let the hunt for mom jeans begin!

Since you have so many choices, you might find it difficult to choose the right pair of jeans for you. We’re going to make it easier for you with tips and tricks to help you find that perfect pair for you.

The first thing to consider is the fabric and color. Mom jeans are made of 100% cotton with no elastic fibers. This composition ensures that the jeans fit properly and have a certain rigidity, which is necessary for this cut. Even if you are buying a brand new pair of jeans, they have to look like they have already been worn. Therefore, a naturally washed out look is essential to give the impression of having been worn before.

The perfect pair also has to fit correctly. Since the waist is high, pay attention to how the jeans fit in this area. The jeans shouldn’t be tight from the waist down. They should have a slightly relaxed fit, so a little more room is what we are looking for. Since the legs are tapered, they gradually become narrower at the end. When it comes to length, the hem should hit your ankle bone. If not, you can always cuff your jeans—problem solved!

How to Wear Them

If you think styling your mom jeans will be a major issue, you are wrong! Mom jeans are like every other jeans, so style them as you would any other pair of jeans. If you still feel insecure about them, you can start with basics. Pair mom jeans with a t-shirt, leather jacket and flats for an effortlessly cool outfit on an easy-breezy day.

If you want to embrace the trend, accessorize the basic jeans and t-shirt with a bomber jacket and glitter ankle boots. It’s an unexpected combo with a guaranteed wow effect!


Mom jeans are also good for work. Mixing business with casual pieces keeps things classy and office appropriate. Pair the casual mom jeans with a black blazer, button-down shirt and classic pumps to ensure a fashionable but professional look.


To keep things in proportion, follow this simple rule: big on top and skinny on the bottom or skinny on top and big on the bottom. If you want to play with proportion, pair your mom jeans with a voluminous sweater. This way, the knitted top plays off the baggy jeans and the accent from the bottom moves to the upper body.

Wearing baggy clothes has its disadvantages and they usually make us look shorter. In this case, it is better to wear heels, especially if you are petite, to balance out proportions. The best option is ankle boots that peek out from under your cuffed jeans.


Skeptical about mom jeans for a night out? We’ll prove you wrong! It may not seem like the easiest thing to make baggy jeans something you can wear to parties, but remember that it’s all about balance. Mom jeans are not tight, they don’t show too much and they are not elegant, but hey: opposites attract, right! Mix mom jeans with pieces that are the complete opposite of them and you’ll get a perfectly balanced outfit.

Contrast the casualness of the bottom with luxury on top, so pair your jeans with a silky blouse or crop top if you want to show some skin. The best part about mom jeans is that you don’t have to worry about a few extra pounds in the tummy area. Thanks to the high waist, mom jeans will cover up less forgiving areas, so you can wear that crop top freely. To complete this combo, add some killer shoes and a leather jacket!


There are many ways to pair mom jeans to create the perfect outfit. So, put away whatever misconceptions you may have about this style and give mom jeans a chance! What do you think about mom jeans? Would you wear them? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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