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Outfit envy is now a thing of the past. We’re following these fabulous fashion bloggers for a glimpse into their lives and their closets.

Have you ever seen an outfit on a celebrity or a person on your Instagram feed and immediately need to know where they got it from? Outfit envy used to be a serious problem for us, but these fabulous fashion bloggers are making our lives 100 times easier.

Not only are these Instagram fashion bloggers giving us a taste of their fabulous vacations and photo shoots, but most importantly, they’re also giving us all the steps to having a wardrobe as perfect as theirs.



Followers: 101k

FlashesofStyles is all things girly and flirty. Her page can be seen as a colorful masterpiece filled with A-line skirts, hair bows, and seashell purses. With an obvious love of vintage items, FlashesofStyle features Polaroid cameras, red polka dotted bathing suits, and fringed backpacks.



Followers: 353k

Young and fabulous, GabiFresh is not only a fashion blogger with impeccable style, but she’s also a swimwear designer. Mastering both youthful and sophisticated looks, her Instagram feed is great for young adults trying to balance looking mature without appearing too old.



Followers: 374k

VivaLuxuryBlog has the complete factor when it comes to her wardrobe. With styles designed for any woman, you’ll find outfits perfect for a casual day out or even a day at work.



Followers: 400k

If you’re into bright and bold looks, StylePantry has all of your fashion needs. An amazing blend between perfectly professional and beautifully casual, her style creations feature bold prints, gorgeous A-line skirts, and every woman’s necessary item, skinny jeans.



Followers: 414k

Nadia Aboulhosn’s Instagram feed can go from wonderfully bright to daringly dark. While her soft and light outfits are few and far between, her bold and dark looks are cutting edge and perfectly catered to her beautiful figure.



Followers: 436k

This French native is taking the London fashion scene by storm, and she’s doing it in pants. If you find that you’d rather trade your dresses in for a comfortable pair of trousers or overalls, Camille Charriere’s closet is filled with both comfortable and stylish looks.



Followers: 611k

Fierce and sexy are two words that can be used to describe Micah Gianneli’s Instagram feed. With her sleek cropped cut and a collection of body hugging clothes and pointy toe heels, Micah has a wardrobe any fashionista would love to own.



Followers: 638k

Heat is not a factor when it comes to Chriselle Lim. Her Instagram feed includes an abundance of maxi length dresses and gowns, and while she might be NYC based, her beautiful wardrobe is traveling the world. Recently traveling to the Cannes Film Festival, Chriselle’s wardrobe is just as beautiful on the red carpet as it is off.



Followers: 892k

A self-proclaimed dress lover, Julia Engel doesn’t disappoint. Although she’ll have the occasional jumpsuit or panted look, her Instagram is filled with beautiful dresses while on her many exotic adventures.



Followers: 962k

If you want to live like you’re stuck in a dream, WendysLookbook is like a dream stuck in Heaven. While her feed is full of pictures of blue skies and sandy feet, we’re drawn to her street styles. With the style of a chameleon, her looks can quickly change from soft and feminine to dark and edgy.



Followers: 1.4m

With a claim that overalls are her second skin, WeWoreWhat doesn’t completely fulfill our craving of 90s overalls, but she makes up for it with her impeccable style. A beach babe to the fullest extent, WeWoreWhat’s feed is flooded with beautifully posed bikini shots and singular shots of token pieces of her outfits.



Followers: 1.6m

TheFashionBybel is all about the grey aesthetic. This fashion blogger features many body-con dresses and hip hugging clothes along with the gray theme of her home. With a pattern working perfectly on her page, her posts vary between showing her wardrobe and her extensive shoe collection.



Followers: 3.5m

Aimee Song is one of the best known fashion bloggers on both Instagram and Youtube. Recently placed on the Forbes “30 Under 30” list, her style is soft and light. On her feed, you’ll find an abundance of floral prints and pastel colors. Not one to be too predictable, you’ll find an edgy dark look occasionally thrown into the mix.



Followers: 3.5m

If you love traveling, SincerelyJules will give you vacation envy. With a style uniquely her own, this self-acclaimed globe trotter takes many of her style pictures on her numerous vacations near blue waters and beautiful villas.



Followers: 4.4m

Amrezy is known all over Instagram, and not only because of her flawless clothes, but also because of her equally flawless makeup. With an abundance of clothes showing off her hourglass figure, on her page you’ll find a body-conscious dresses, over the knee boots, and sky-high pumps.

You might feel like you’re in need of a shopping trip, and we’re right there with you! What are you planning on picking up at the mall after checking out these fashion bloggers on Instagram? Let us know in the comments down below!

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