What To Wear To Work In The Summer

The days of drab work clothes are long gone. Kick those plain trousers and boring blouses to the curb, and spice up the office with these 5 summer must-have styles.

Picking out an outfit for the office can always be a confusing thing. We’re all trying to walk the fine line between stylish and appropriate because who wants to look like the classic ‘old librarian?’ We don’t!

Choosing styles in the winter is almost as easy as pie. If you live in the Northeast part of the country, you’re left to battle 20 degree weather on those tedious morning commutes, so those plain trousers and boring blouses become your best friend.

Now that spring has sprung, and we’re charging straight into the summer season, it’s time to spice up that office wardrobe.

Monday – Pencil Skirts


Pencil skirts are a staple to any office wardrobe, but we’re doing them a different way in the summer. Ditch those dull black and navy pencil skirts, and bring some life to your outfit with a colored skirt.

Pastels work extremely well throughout the warm seasons, and they can be paired with a simple blouse and patterned blazer for a fashionable and appropriate look for the workplace.

We all probably have one of those dull black, navy, or gray pencil skirts I previously mentioned, but they could be ‘cool for the summer’ if the designer had been liberal with a pair of scissors.

A quick way to spicing up your pencil skirt is in the form of a small slit. We’re used to seeing them on the backside, along the hem, but having a small slit near the knee and slightly up the thigh will create a tasteful work ensemble.

Tuesday – A-Line Skirts


If you have a flirty and playful approach to your wardrobe, A-line skirts will be your office go-to. Since most of these skirts are meant to begin at the waist and flare out by the hips and into the knees, it will immediately flatter your figure and give you that hourglass shape.

While you might be tempted to copy your skirt style a la Rachel Green from “Friends,” you’ll need a longer skirt to stick to the guidelines. Knee-length and midi length skirts are soft and stylish for the office.

Wednesday – Culottes


If you throw the word ‘culottes’ around, there’s a chance that most people won’t know what it is, so let us explain. Culottes are essentially trouser capris with wider legs. These cropped pants can land anywhere from the bottom of the knee to the middle of the calf and are a summer essential for work.

It’s rare that you’ll find a pair of culottes that don’t lay high on the waist, so this creates the perfect situation for tucking blouses or even thin sweaters into them. If you’re tired of battling with hot ankle-length trousers and tired of having your pants cover your heels, culottes will keep you cool and keep those pumps showing.

Thursday – Shift Dresses


If you’re like us, we’re sure there’s at least one day of the work week where you have absolutely no motivation to get out of bed and get dressed. Most likely the idea of even going to work puts you off and you’re stuck wishing it was already the weekend. For us, this happens on Monday. Regardless, there’s a solution for when we just don’t feel like putting effort into our work outfit, and the answer is shift dresses.

Dresses are always a quick and easy solution because all we have to do is throw them over our heads. Shift dresses are perfect for that lazy day because they are meant to hang off the body. The boxy structure will give you room to breathe, but if you’re feeling even an ounce of motivation, you can spice it up with a skinny belt or a statement necklace.

Friday – Peplum Tops


Cheers to the weekend! Fridays are our favorite day of the work week because they are the last day of the work week. You might have plans to meet up with your girlfriends or even a hot date, and who wants to bring a change of clothes?

Peplum tops are perfect double agents for the daytime office and nighttime bar for multiple reasons. Although the top is fitted to the body, the bottom portion flares out and makes it work appropriate.

This same feature will also give you that snatched waist appearance which is perfect for luring in your handsome date. And if you’ve had one too many appetizers or happy hour drinks, the peplum will help hide that full stomach.

If your office allows jeans for casual Fridays, colored denim will quickly enhance your look during the day and keep you shining long into the night.

Who said dressing for work can’t be fun? If you’re a budding professional or a long-time pro, there’s no reason you can’t wow your co-workers and get compliments at every cubicle. These five summer pieces will have your workplace wardrobe labeled as comfortable, stylish, and office appropriate.

Let us know in the comments below what your go-to work wardrobe is!

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