How to Be Sexy, Yet Classy

There have been very few women throughout history that have managed to ride the very fine line between sexy and classy. Elizabeth Taylor is one. That woman walks into a room and commands attention. Why? Because she is hot, but not in a slutty or stupid-girl kind of way. She clearly has character and grace, in addition to her sex appeal.

That’s just the kind of persona that Julia Roberts was going for (and succeeded at, in my opinion) in her role in the movie Pretty Woman. When she got dressed up in that elegant, floor length red gown for the Opera, it was clear why Richard Gere couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was beautiful, sensual and elegant. What woman doesn’t dream of that at some point in her life?

Although you may not live a life like Liz Taylor or have someone buy you top designer outfits like Julia Roberts, you can still dress in a manner that will get a man’s blood pumping without suggesting that you’re easy. You just have to know a few pointers.

Don’t bare it all

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Some women go overboard in an attempt to prove their sexiness by wearing outfits that show cleavage, reveal their midriff and are cut clear up to their hips. While it’s great to have full body confidence, that doesn’t mean that you have to show it all for the world to see. Not all at once anyway.

There’s nothing appealing about a woman who leaves nothing to the imagination. Half the fun of being with someone else is exploring their body and learning it firsthand. If you show it all from day one, what incentive is there to look any further? He’ll see what he wanted to see and move on.

The key to being sexy but still retaining your class is to only show one area at a time. If you want to show off your chest then go for it, but leave your legs and tummy covered up. Or, if you are proud of your belly and all the work you’ve put into keeping it slim and trim, then reveal some flesh, but wear something that doesn’t show off your other areas at the same time.

Be mysterious

When other people have to wonder what you’re about because you’re not a tell-all type of woman, that’s when you climb the ladder of sex appeal. You create this aura that draws people in and makes them want to know you more.

As women, this can be a hard one to master. Why? Because we’re talkers. We like to share almost everything about ourselves, from our thoughts to our feelings, and our fears to our victories. We’re willing to tell you pretty much everything you want to know.

However, if you can just keep some of your personal issues under wraps, you’ll find that the mysteriousness will work for you. It makes you hard to figure out which is appealing to many men. They like the challenge of seeing if they can get you to open up.

It’s like a hunting expedition to them. They will use their skills to pursue you and will work relentlessly on learning more about you until they get the information they’re out to get. The longer you hold out, the more intrigued they become, and the sexier you are to them.

Mind your posture

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Being suggestive yet tasteful is more than just about the clothes you wear. It’s about what kind of presence you portray. It’s about how you stand and how you walk and the self-esteem you show.

Julia Roberts is a great example of this. In her role in Pretty Woman she started out as a woman with very poor posture. She was always slouching and constantly being reminded to sit up straight. And, did you notice what a difference it made when she actually corrected it?

She went from looking just okay to being absolutely phenomenal! You could see on her face and in her walk that she knew she was special and the more you watched her, the more you knew it too.

A woman who is self-assured and not willing to be pushed around is the icon of sexiness and character. She’s the woman that men love to love and women love to hate.

Keep your manners

When you think of the women through time that were able to walk the tight rope act between classy and sexy, one thing always shines through and that is their manners. They are the ones that would say please, thank you and excuse me. They didn’t walk all over anyone else to get where they wanted to go. They lived with style and grace.

You can be firm without being aggressive. You can make sure that no one treats you like a door mat without having to pull the bitch card. Sure, there’s a time and a place when it becomes necessary, but most of the time you’ll do just as well keeping your manners in the forefront.

Never forget that other people have feelings too. A little kindness, even when it is not deserved, goes a long way. Be nice to others because that’s who you are, not because they deserve it.

Don’t be impulsive

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Some women will never be able to pull off sexy and classy because they prefer the drama that comes with acting on impulse. When something happens, they just react without much thought. Usually it ends up with them looking pretty foolish and there’s nothing classy about that.

Just because something is happening doesn’t mean that you have to react to it right then. In fact, you shouldn’t. Best case scenario is to give the situation time to resonate before doing something you may later regret.

Does that mean that you won’t ever feel like ripping someone’s head off or crying for hours on end? No. It just means that you’ll choose to react later when you can do it on your own terms and in your own way.

When someone does something that upsets you or ticks you off, stay calm and sit on it for a while. Save yourself the embarrassment of responding in a potentially inappropriate way. After all, a woman with elegance is always a woman.

Being sexy and classy is more about attitude and character than it is about dress. The key is finding your sexiness and using it to work for you, not against you. With these tips, you’ll be able to do just that.

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Christina DeBusk

Changing careers mid-life from law enforcement to writing, Christina spends her days helping others enrich their businesses and personal lives one word at a time.


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  • you should be both. Sexy yet classy. Stop showing America all of your assets. Take note from Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Helen Mirren. Classy yet sexy ladies. GETIT TOGETHER LADIES

  • There’s nothing wrong with showing skin & a true woman with class wouldn’t violate women that do. Do what makes you confident, Queen! Just leave other women out of it.