Memorial Day Outfits Hotter Than The BBQ

The unofficial start of summer is right around the corner, and the only things we’re interested in are barbecue, beer and the best Memorial Day outfits.

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer because who has time to wait until June? As the days get longer and the temperatures reach scorching levels, it’s only right that we open up those pools, bust out those bikinis and make sure we start the season off right.

Whether you’re headed to the beach, out to a club or staying home for a family party, these Memorial Day outfits guide will have you feeling hotter than a rack of ribs.



Lying down on the soft sand while you sip a cool beer sounds like the perfect way to start the summer, but why not show off your figure and style while you’re at it?

If you’re headed to the beach this MDW, make sure you have this one essential item: a one-piece swimsuit. While bikinis were once thought to be the only sexy swim gear, one-pieces are steadily growing in their sex appeal.

Cut-out bathing suits are a crowd favorite, and if you’re a people pleaser, a cut-out one-piece swimsuit is just what you need for those appreciative glances.

Hitting the boardwalk for happy hour is one of the best plans for a day at the beach, but be sure to cover up before. While some might appreciate the extra skin, heading indoors is the perfect time to use a sexy cover up. This one-piece cover up duo doubles perfectly as a crop top and skirt outfit for the lax dress codes of the boardwalk.


Like any normal human being, food and sleep might be some of your favorite things in the world, and while we don’t recommend sleeping your Memorial Day weekend away, eating is always a plan!

Everyone starts breaking out their rusty grills to fire up some burgers and ribs, and if you’re making an appearance by the BBQ, here’s how to make sure you’re sizzling more than the hot dogs.


Barbecues are almost always casual, but there’s nothing wrong with making yourself a bit more put together. In a look that could transport you right to the Fourth of July, put a patriotic spin on your outfit. Pair red cotton shorts with a sheer navy blouse and a bralette to wear underneath.

For a touch of casual, finish off your outfit with a pair of white vans or sneakers. If you’re still looking to show off your inner fashionista, accessorize with nude sunglasses and crossbody bag.



Dancing the night away on Memorial Day weekend is easier than you think. The hottest celebrities might be hosting an event at your favorite nightclub, and you’re going to want to dress like you belong right in Hollywood. Nightclubs get very hot very fast, so you’re going to need an outfit that can take the heat.

Ditch the overdone skirt or dress and go with a pair of distressed jeans. While the rips will give you some much-needed air, you won’t have to worry about a short hemline leading to a wardrobe malfunction.

In order to give this outfit some much-needed spice, go dark in a deep-v bodysuit with laced details and strappy black pumps. You can always change the heels for something shorter and thicker, but make sure the look is completed with a sleek red clutch to complete this Miami fever outfit.

Music Festival/Concert

Music Festival

After Coachella, there’s an abundance of outdoor music festivals and concerts, and if the mood strikes to sway to some tunes while the sun sets, make sure it’s with this outfit.

Dancing underneath the afternoon sun to the latest song by The Chainsmokers can be a great time until your sweat consumes your body and your clothes, so lightweight clothes are the way to go.

Lace, crochet, crop tops and high-waist shorts are big during the summer and festival seasons, so what would be better than one of these styles? All of these styles.

For your MDW look, go for a lace crop top and pair it with high-waist shorts and gladiator sandals. If you’re planning on dancing until the moon rises, throw a denim jacket around your waist to bear the night chills.



While Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to kickstart the summer, you might find yourself spending Monday at a parade in honor of our fallen troops. MDW parades are definitely family friendly, so you might want to keep that in mind, but don’t let that stop you from looking good and appropriate.

You can show off your figure and those lean legs in a crop top, cut-off shorts and short gladiator-styled sandals. This will also be the perfect time to throw on a floral duster alongside your purse and sunglasses.

Memorial Day gives us the chance to remember our fallen soldiers, have some much-needed relaxation time and gear up our wardrobe for the summer months.

What are your plans this Memorial Day weekend? Are you planning on recreating any of these Memorial Day outfits? Let us know in the comments below!

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