20 MFW Inspired Street Style Outfit Ideas: Retro Revival

The season’s biggest trend, the ‘70s, is in full swing! Are you ready for a hippy makeover? Here are 20 fabulous outfit ideas that will turn you into a true hippy queen!

After a long period of ‘50s and ‘60s inspired fashion and, a short comeback of the ‘80s and ‘90s in a few seasons, the ‘70s are finally here!

The ‘70s represented change and breaking the conservative rules of the ‘50s and ‘60s; it was an era of freedom in all spheres of life. In fashion, it meant liberation of all rules and standards and more space to freely express one’s individuality and creativity.

Style and fashion became a unique vision of each person. Clothes and the way they were worn reflected the personality, way of life and beliefs of the individual.

Introducing such mainstream trends as boho-chic, hippie, safari, military, glam rock, punk, sports chic and unisex fashion, this period in fashion can freely be called the most diverse in the history of fashion. Maybe this is the reason why this decade keeps coming back into fashion.

The biggest trend this season was seen both on and off the runway.


It looks like many designers were taking a trip back to the era of free love and positive vibes. Their collections were all inspired with hippy style and Woodstock, but with contemporary take on those 1970s trends. Designers from Gucci and Etro, Chloe and Valentino to Saint Lauren and Dries Van Noten all embraced a bit of swing.

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Not even street style stars were immune to this ‘70s fever. They mixed ‘70s-inspired items with modern pieces, showing us the best that this trend has to offer.

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You’re sure to be wondering how to pull off the grooviest trend this season while avoiding a costume-y look. Maybe you’re not sure this look suits you? But that’s the best part about the ‘70s: it suits everyone. Everyone can be happy with this trend because there are so many ways to work the ‘70s style.

If you’re a “flower power” hippy girl, you’ll definitely be excited about flares and psychedelic prints. If you’re into more of a romantic ladylike look, boho-chic is for you with floaty maxi dresses, crochet and lace—a lot of it! Even rock girls will find something in leather jackets with mini skirts or dresses and all things metallic!

The ‘70s silhouette is especially flattering to petite women. High waists create an illusion of height and make you look taller than you actually are. Get legs for days overnight!

Pants and Skirts

Pair flare jeans or pants, especially if you are in “petite group,” with heels; the hem should hit the very top of your heels or, even better, cover them entirely.

When wearing high-waisted pants or skirts, never cover up; instead, choose to wear a crop top or tuck your shirt or blouse in. You will get a nice waist definition. If you want to accent it even more, add a nice belt.

Denim and Suede

When it comes to fabrics, this duo is a clear winner. By mixing denim and suede, you’ll easily achieve ‘70s-inspired style.

Denim will never go out of fashion and we’ll never get tired of it. Looking at the runways, we’re excited to see that days when jeans were associated with casual and non-work outfits are long gone! Today denim is showed up in many forms, and it’s appropriate from office to night club.

Suede is trickier since it can easily be ruined by water or other liquid, so you need to be a little more careful. This super soft luxurious fabric it’s a must and will add a dose of glam to your everyday look.

We made some super-inspiring combinations to help you inject those ‘70s essentials into your wardrobe!


How can you not love denim? It might be the only fabric that can be both sporty and dressy, go from 9-5 to days off and never go out of style. There’s no age limit for wearing denim, and it suits all shapes and sizes.

Denim is probably the go-to item in your wardrobe when you can’t think of what to wear. Practical and easy to combine. There’s so much you can do with denim, and that’s the best thing about this fabric—it goes with everything.

You can combine denim with almost any fabric, color or print. It works well with basic fabrics like cotton (if you want sporty look) as well as high-end fabrics like silk (if you want elegant look).

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If you’ve been wearing leather these past few seasons, you’ll definitely get along with its softer and more delicate version—suede. Although it can be hard to care for, suede is easy to pull off.

By mixing and matching fabrics with different textures, you’ll get visually interesting combinations. Mix suede with knits, leather, cotton, silk, lace and crochet you’ll get the effect you are looking for in this season’s fashion.

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Denim on Denim

If you are a true denim lover, trying to wear just one denim piece at the time is sometimes struggle. But, why should we limit ourselves? This season, denim-on-denim goes beyond the go-to denim shirt and jeans combo with unexpected pairings. Don’t be afraid to experiment!
Try mixing varying colors and washes. You will get the best results you by mixing two different hues.

For those ladies who have mastered the Canadian tuxedo in past seasons, we have some new challenges! Try to layer your denim-on-denim with a great denim jacket or play with patchwork denim. The more hues, the better!

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Suede on Suede

If you really want to embrace the trend, try doubling the suede. Pair a suede dress with suede bag and shoes, add some metallic accessories for a modern vibe and you’ll get a perfect head-to-toe suede look!

You can also try wearing them separately in the same or different colors. Be brave and experiment! Put camel or nude against brown, grey, navy or try separates in varying hues of the same color!

For those who want to spice it even more, try patchwork suedes!

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Denim & Suede

You just can’t go wrong with these two! Laidback denim and sophisticated suede look great together. Suede lifts the denim while denim makes the suede less formal to create the perfect balance between casual and elegant.

In stores, you can find almost every article of clothing in these two trendy fabrics. You have a lot of choices, so the only difficulty will be to make up your mind and not max out your credit card!

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How did you like these outfit ideas? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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