Trending Spring/Summer Colors and Patterns for 2015: Spruce Up Your Wardrobe

Seasons are changing. Before you do your spring shopping though, take a look at the latest trending spring colors and patterns to add to your spring line!

Ah, spring: The season we have all been waiting for after this miserable winter!

We girls can finally wear those colorful flats we got at half off from Charlotte Russe in the midst of fall.

Plus, we don’t have to wear those obnoxious puffy jackets anymore! Instead we can our fabulous denim jackets and our comfy, loose sweatshirts. We can also start to wear our maxi skirts along with other bottoms that we’ve been dreaming about.

Yes, spring is amazing. However, although most of us already have our spring attire ready and waiting in our closets, it’s best to know which colors scream spring and which patterns are trending.

So, let’s get started!

Spring Colors

When I think spring, I think of corals, pinks, mints, periwinkles, greens and a bunch of other colors. Yet, which shades of these colors are still in fashion for Spring 2015?


When you’re out for a day with the girls, choose from this selection of colors.

They’re soft yet still warm and inviting; best of all, they’re very fun! Dress these colors up with a pair of soft blue denim jeans and some fabulous heels, and you have yourself a 2015 outfit.

For a more business attire/corporate look, you’ll want to tone down these colors.


Although these colors still scream spring, they are far more tame and tasteful for a day at the office.

You have soft blues, purples and pinks that look fantastic with a grey suit jacket, grey dress pants and an awesome pair of pumps!

Then, you have colors for a night out with your friends or your average date night!


What’s great about colors such as these is that they offer a variety of shades to play with.

You have deeper shades that are easy to mix-and-match with any outfit followed by your lighter shades depending on what event is taking place that night.

These simple colors are all the rage for 2015, and they offer plenty of options to choose from when dressing up your spring wardrobe.

Although colors play a huge role this season in particular, let’s not forget that patterns are making a comeback, too! Here’s a look at the latest trending patterns of Spring 2015.

Pattern Number 1:

Spring - Summer Pattern no 1 for 2015

No matter the year, floral will forever be the number one pattern trend for springtime!

Lately, however, although floral shirts are still very in, the new fad is actually floral ‘skater’ dresses (as shown in both pictures above).

What’s great about the floral skater dress is that there is no such thing as too much floral for this style.

Also, the way this dress tapers in and hugs the waist and gradually flows out towards the bottom is guaranteed to have you feeling sexy and confident.

Pattern Number 2:

Spring Summer Pattern no 2 for 2015

You guessed it! Thick stripes are the second trend of this spring’s fashion.

The main reason thick stripes are currently far more in style than thin stripes is simply because of the way the stripes differ on the female body.

Thin stripes tend to leave the female figure looking sub-par with the hair-thin stripes that run down the body.

Personally, I know that I am no size 2! I may look it at times when I suck in my stomach and hold my breath but realistically, I know I will always be a size 4 to a 5.

With that being said, whenever I try on a thin-striped shirt or dress, the way it falls on me sometimes leaves my stomach as well as other assets looking basically anything other than beautiful.

In contrast, thicker stripes tend to show off the six-pack that I don’t have. They compliment every possible feature and, personally, it’s just an all around great look! But remember, the stripes that I am talking about are horizontal stripes, not vertical. Honestly, vertical stripes have been completely out since 2009.

Pattern Number 3:

Spring Summer Pattern no 3 for 2015

Can I just state how incredibly exciting this is for me? Bandana print is making a comeback for the first time I was five, and since the last I saw somebody wearing a do-rag!

Bandana print is honestly all the rage in many stores this season.

This particular print is very versatile. It also comes in many colors to choose from such as your basic deep blue, black, white and red, and—in 2015—mint, pink, green, purple and even yellow (which I wouldn’t suggest unless you have an awesome tan)! This pattern will look great on anyone whether it’s a skirt, shirt or even one of the adorable dresses that I mentioned above. Everyone can rock this print.

So there you have it: Your trending colors and patterns of 2015!

Which colors have you been experimenting with thus far? Do you see any new patterns that you are willing to try that maybe you weren’t sure of before? When it comes to spring, colors and patterns are key!

So what are you waiting for? Head down to the mall and spruce up that wardrobe with this season’s on tread patterns and colors. What will be in your spring wardrobe?

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