10 Reasons Why Shoes Are A Girl’s Best Friend

The Carrie Bradshaw in all of us can confirm that all women love a great pair of shoes. Here is why shoes will always be a girl's best friend.

Whether you’re a heels or flats gal, or pride yourself on your collection of runners, we can all agree that shoes just make life that much better.

1. They make you feel confident when no one else can


When you get dressed in the morning and complete your look with a beautiful pair of shoes, that killer confidence you may have been missing seems to come flooding back in a tidal wave. You’re now ready to strut your gorgeous stuff down any sidewalk because your shoes know just how to make you feel amazing. You are unstoppable in your perfect pair of footwear.

2. They never let you down

Aside from the broken heel or hole in the toe, the perfect pair of shoes will never let you down. They always have your back and the best of intentions. They just want to be full of those beautiful feet of yours, and they’re completely happy.

3. You have so many options that you’re never disappointed

Flats, runners, heels, pumps, wedges, moccasins, boots, booties—the options are endless when it comes to the perfect shoe. No matter what your style or mood, there will always be a brilliant pair of shoes waiting for you to slip on and that will keep you satisfied.

4. They will never leave you


Your shoes will hang out in the closet for days, weeks or even years waiting for you to slip them on again. They will never run off to find a better foot or ghost you when things get too serious. Your shoes will always be there for you right where you left them.

5. Your friends will never make you look as good as a great pair of shoes

Your friends, although all beautiful in their own right, will never make you look as good as a perfect pair of shoes will. That pair of shoes will always raise your beauty because they are fabulously gorgeous and uniquely you.

6. They fit your personality perfectly

You choose your shoes based on your own personal style, so they don’t just express your outer appearance. Clothing is used to express your personality, and the same goes for the shoes you wear every day. They highlight your already amazing personality from the feet up.

7. They protect you


This may be a bit too literal, but your shoes protect your beautiful feet from damage. Whether it’s a pair of strappy sandals protecting your toes from the hot sand at the beach or a set of rain boots keeping you dry on the rainiest of days, your shoes are your protector. They also make you feel stronger because of how confident they make you feel about yourself.

8. You chose them, not the other way around

You chose the shoes that you have in your closet. They hung around in shoe stores just waiting for a good home and a great pair of feet. You love each and every pair for their own strengths—and even their weaknesses; you wouldn’t trade any of them for the world because they are and always will be your first choice footwear.

9. You fight, but you’ll always love them

A good pair of shoes doesn’t come without downsides like an occasional blister or some pain from walking in them for too long, but you’ll always resolve your issues. At the end of the day, you’ll take them off, take care of your feet and put the shoes back in the closet for another day. You still love the shoes that injured you because you have a soft spot for every single pair. Besides, you know they didn’t mean to hurt you.

10. When a pair has run its course, it never begs to stay


When a great pair of shoes has worn out and can no longer be rocked, it won’t plead with you to continue wearing it. The shoes accept their fate with a worn out grin and let you move on to newer and better shoes without so much as a peep.

When no one else is there for you, you’ll still have your shoes. When your friends or family are too busy to help you out with a problem or don’t have your back, you’ll still have that closet full of best friends. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are just the right size for you. What style is your best friend?

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