8 Best Pairs of Shoes for Spring 2014

A new season means a whole new set of shoes! Here are the best pairs for your 2014 spring wardrobe.

#1 The Sneaker Heel


I hope you weren’t trying to wear flip-flops with that athletic ensemble. And I’m guessing you probably didn’t want to wear sneakers with it either. The athletic trend is very in for this spring, and what better way to finish your athletic outfit other than with these trendy sneaker heels?

If you’re not sure what to wear them with, pair them with a flirty skirt or even lace shorts. Your options are nearly endless. I tend to see girls with these and jeans or tailored pants.

#2 Gladiator Flats With a Twist

Gladiator Flats themselves aren’t a very new trend. They’ve been around for a while and many of us have a pair or two.

Fortunately, this spring, these shoes are making a glorious comeback. This season, you can see them in many more varieties: They’re longer, shinier, and more show-stopping than ever.

#3 Pastel Loafers


I am a loafer girl. I can wear them to class. I can wear them to the mall. I can wear them to the beach.

So when loafers decided to combine with some of my favorite pastel colors this spring, it was like heaven on earth!

Many young women today don’t wear loafers because they feel it ages them, or it might look too business-like when they are trying to be causal. Really though, loafers can be very feminine. Go for a pastel that is cut closer to the toe cleavage.

#4 Flip Flops With A Bow


I went to Macy’s a couple of days ago looking for a new pair of flip-flops and I found the cutest pair! The flip-flops were pink and, to add to it, they had a cute little sparkly bow where the straps meet.

I would recommend a big enough bow to catch the eye, but not too much to make it look like the bow fairy attacked your shoes. Aside from looking tacky, you run the risk of your bow falling off or falling apart if it’s too grandiose. Stick to something simple.

#5 Classic Platforms

I’ve been pining for a pair of classic platforms, but I haven’t gotten a pair yet. I’m afraid that I might become too tall if I walk around in these casually to class. Still, I find these shoes to be chic and leg lengthening, which is always good.

There are many styles and patterns for these shoes, so get the one that you feel goes best with your overall wardrobe. Don’t buy these and wear them once. They should become a part of your image!

#6 Lace Shoes


What better shoe for a classy girl to wear other than lace? I like how dainty and innocent these shoes look. The ones I have pictured here, the heels, would look so cute with a baby doll dress. They’re basically made for each other!

I’ll leave it to your discretion whether to wear lace shoes with lace or frilly socks. It might look nice or it might be overwhelming, but it’s up to you!

This style of shoe goes well with the pastels that are on trend now as well!

#7 Big Buckled Shoes


I love this style of shoe simply for the fact it’s so much easier to put on (lol). In all seriousness though, these shoes are easy to use and easy to wear. Good for taking nice strolls in the park or a run to the grocery store, they are the plethora of casual couture.

These and the platform shoes are definite recommendations for your spring wardrobe!

#8 Plant Shoes

There’s been a big obsession with plants lately (especially a certain kind in the US government) and this is being reflected across all areas of fashion.

The only thing to be wary of with these shoes is the potential message they carry with them. While some are proud to be known as a hardcore smoker, others have never smoked and just like the look of plant shoes.

Of course, that’s still all left to one’s personal interpretation. These shoes are on trend and cute, so if you like them get them! Don’t let others influence you!

I hope you find some of these styles just as cute and appealing as I do. So, grab your keys and head to your nearest store for your trendy spring shoes. Happy spring!

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