What Shoes to Wear to a Beach Wedding

You’re invited to a beach wedding and you’re super excited, but have no idea what shoes to wear? Here’s a list of possible shoe styles to help you decide!

Beach weddings usually are very romantic, but what may trouble the invitees is what kind of footwear they should choose. When it comes to the ladies, it wouldn’t be a very good idea to wear heels – that’s why you should choose flats instead. Here are a few suggestions:


Espadrilles definitely are the most comfortable summer shoes. They are so light that you could walk, or dance in them for hours, and this is exactly what you need – light, cute and comfortable.

three different beach wedding Espadrilles

• White Single Gusset Slip On Espadrilles (debenhams.com)
• White Espadrilles (bensilver.com)
• Stretch Espadrille (zara.com)

Flat Sandals

Wearing flat sandals to a beach wedding is a great idea – if you don’t mind the sand on your feet. Sandals go amazing with both dresses and trousers, so you could pair them with literally anything.

three different beach wedding flat sandals

• Mystique White Beads Thong Sandals (pret-a-beaute.com)
• White Diamante Trim Sandal (wallisfashion.com)
• Vince Camuto Jordies Sandal (nordstrom.com)

Ballerina Flats

Ballet flats are super comfortable, so this is the safest option. Choose a cute pair of ballerina flats, and pair them with a stylish outfit for the perfect combination.

three different beach wedding ballerina flats

• Brooke White Crochet Ballet Shoe (boohoo.com)
• Miu Miu Ballerinas (miumiu.com)
• Matt Bernson Waverly Metallic Ballet Flats (shopbop.com)


Flip-flops are very informal, so they’re not an option if we’re talking about a formal kind of beach wedding. However, if it’s a casual wedding with no particular dress code, feel free to wear flip-flops.

three different beach wedding flip-flops

• T Kees Flip Flops (calypsostbarth.com)
• Endless Summer Flip Flop (whitehouseblackmarket.com)
• GUESS Tutu Flip Flops (endless.com)

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