Top 10 Style Blogs to Follow

Why spend money on magazines when you can get all the style inspiration you need with the click of a button? Here are top 10 style blogs to follow!

Blogs are up-to-date, interactive and cater to all tastes. Our round-up of must-see style blogs will help you stay up to date on the latest style news and trends without spending a penny.

Whether you’re looking for shoes, bags, makeup or jewelry, blogs have all the information you could possibly need to keep you and your wardrobe looking fabulous.

1. Kayture


You know your blog has made it when it receives rave reviews from the Vogue team. According to Teen Vogue, Kayture’s blogger, Kristina Bazan, is “singlehandedly making Geneva, Switzerland, the French-speaking fashion capital of the world with her je ne sais quoi”.

It comes as no surprise that her ensembles have been described as “editorial-quality”. Kayture embodies the polished and sophisticated chic for which the Swiss are notorious. Never one to be photographed without smoky eyes and a brightly coloured pout, Kristina’s hair and make-up tutorials demonstrate how you too can achieve her flawless look.

The stunning blonde is still in her late teens, but has managed to make a career for herself travelling the world and collaborating with well-known names in the fashion industry. Watch this space!

2. The Beauty Department

Perfecting your look has never so easy. The Beauty Department has all you need to know about achieving flawless hair and make-up with its incredible array of tips on how to contour, line, prime and polish.

The Beauty Department was created by three girls: Kristin Ess, Amy Nadine and the darling of reality TV herself, Lauren Conrad. Together they have put together a fun and thorough collection of tutorials that even include step-by-step instructions on how to make your own perfumes and beauty products.

Aside from its easy-to-follow how-to’s, this beauty blog is a delectable and inspiring read. Its posts and photographs are both refreshing and insightful, letting you into the bloggers’ fabulous worlds and giving you ideas ranging from how to wear flowers in your hair to which colour nail polish to match with your shoes.

3. Purse Blog

Purse Blog is the ultimate authority on designer handbags and will have you lusting after arm candy of every size, shape and colour. Indeed, their selection may be expensive, but where is the harm in having a cheeky look?

Aside from being a resource on information spanning how to keep your bag in tip-top condition and which celebrity was spotted carrying which bag, Purse Blog also has useful tips on accessorizing and interesting fashion industry insight.

The blog comes complete with a “Man Bag Monday” section with inspiration on the latest bag trends for your man; and before you ask, yes it does cater to masculine men. Its shoe spin-off, Talk Shoes, is also a great resource for footwear fanatics.

4. The Sartorialist

If you enjoy browsing through magazines to check out the photographs in all their high gloss and glamour, then the Sartorialist is right up your alley. Created by professional fashion photographer Scott Schuman, this blog showcases deliciously vivid artistic fashion photography that will truly inspire your wardrobe.

The Sartorialist was set up with the intent of creating “a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion”, and his selection of photography subjects and comments have certainly not fallen short. The blog captures street style that is clean and chic, always snapped against picturesque backdrop.

Schuman’s photography has been featured in magazines ranging from GQ to Vogue and in ad campaigns for international household names that include DKNY, Nespresso and Absolut. Collections of his work are in museums in London and Tokyo.

5. Extra Petite


Despite being aimed at petite women, anyone looking for professional wardrobe ideas will benefit from this blog. Extra Petite gives more than just outfit inspiration. It demonstrates how to alter clothing to fit you perfectly.

Created by Boston-based blogger, Jean, its style is sophisticated without being too high maintenance. Jean creates professional and streamlined looks by piecing together items that can often be found in high street stores such as H&M.

Clothing items may look great on their hangers, but we all know that they do not necessarily fit us just right. That is why Jean has fantastic ideas on how to tailor your clothes to fit your shape. Being the accomplished young lady that she is, Jean even makes her own pieces from scratch. What’s not lo love about her?

6. Fashion Gone Rogue

Recommended by Marie Claire as a “fashion blog fave”, Fashion Gone Rogue is for die-hard fashionistas. Its up-to-date coverage of fashion’s hottest news features campaigns, magazine editorials, runway shows and designer look books. This blog is a must-read for all aspiring magazine editors.

Fashion Gone Rogue is a conclusive authority on models that matter, featuring the freshest faces on the runway. To top it off, the team produces exclusive shoots for the site, photographing names that include Cindy Crawford herself.

7. FaceHunter

FaceHunter is for lovers of all things street style. Its author, Yvan Rodic, has been credited with contributing to the popularizing of the street style phenomenon itself. Begun in 2006, this blog catapulted Yvon to fame, landing him jobs with GQ and a New York Times blog. FaceHunter and Yvan’s Visual Diary allegedly get 1 million hits each month.

FaceHunter is renowned for capturing bold, quirky outfits put together by real people like you and I. From Rio to Reykjavik, Yvan travels the world photographing fashion-forward ensembles with his trend-spotting eye.

With his work receiving such a welcoming international response, a compilation of Yvan’s photography was published in 2010, followed by a second book, “Year in the Life of Face Hunter”, published very recently.

8. ShoeRazzi

ShoeRazzi was born after its author, Ashley Spiker, found herself unable to acquire a pair of shoes donned by Cameron Diaz. Should a pair of shoes be fortunate enough to grace the feet of a celebrity, ShoeRazzi will be able to tell you who they were made by, what season they came out and how to get your hands on them.

While many shoe blogs go out on a limb and focus on over-the top footwear, ShoeRazzi concentrates on elegant, stylish and, most importantly, wearable shoes. The blog also compiles fun and informative reportages on shoes showcased on the catwalk and red carpet.

9. P.S. – I made this…

Get your creative juices flowing with Erica Domesek’s blog P.S. – I made this. This blog is DIY fashion at its best. Dubbed by Elle magazine as the “Fashion’s Queen of DIY”, Erica will inspire you to overhaul your wardrobe in a way that is innovative, utterly cool and completely unique.

This blogger takes current fashion trends and applies them to shoes, clothing items, jewelry and much more. P.S I- I made this… has tutorials on how to create your own nifty little items, from earphone cases to artwork. As a bonus, it also has clever ideas for making your own yummy treats.

10. Fashion Indie


Fashion Indie is an all-encompassing blog that covers fashion, beauty, entertainment news and a quirky little lifestyle section. It is, however, first and foremost a fashion blog. Rather than focusing on individual style as the majority of style blogs do, Fashion Indie pinpoints the most current of trends and shows you how to wear them.

The talent behind this blog is self-proclaimed “fairy blogmother”, Beca Alexander, but posts in its “outfits” section are written by and feature other individuals, keeping Fashion Indie’s perspective fresh and unique.

The site has recently been re-launched and is somewhat incomplete, but it is definitely one to follow for a distinctive insight into the latest fashion developments.

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