What the Color of Your Closet Says About You

When you look in your closet, what colors do you see? It is wide variety of vibrant colors that sing like a rainbow, or is it more like a palette of blacks, greys and browns that offer a gentle hum more than a booming voice?

It turns out that the colors we choose to wear are more than just the ones that are pleasing to our eyes. They also represent the person we are underneath all the clothes. They give the rest of the world a peek into our soul; into who we are deep down.

Does that make you wonder what your soul is saying to everyone you pass on the street or in the subway?

Well, according to several researchers in the field of ‘wardrobe psychology’, here are a list of the most common colors that people wear and what they say to those around them:



Black commands authority. It says that you’re not afraid to be in charge and take control of the situation, which is probably why it’s the color you often see worn by people in high status places (such as government and top office positions). Of course, it’s also a very timeless and elegant. It’s great for most any occasion from funeral to wedding and goes with most any other color out there. Let’s not forget the fact that it’s a slimming color as well. That alone keeps black the primary color in many women’s wardrobes.


White says simplicity. It shows that you’re a light-hearted person. You’re basic, simple and easy to please; there is nothing complex about you. It also says that you’re a very clean person as well which actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it. How could you ever pull off white if you aren’t clean? Nothing shows a coffee stain or a dab of dropped spaghetti sauce better than this signature color.


Grey brings with it sophistication. It has an air about it that portrays to the world that you’re self-confident and willing to think on your own. You can make your own decisions based on the information you have and you’re not afraid of your own opinion. That makes this the perfect color for business meetings, job interviews and casual affairs where you want to show that you’re comfortable in your own skin.


Brown is a sign of reliability and stability. It says that you’re not overly crazy and like the comforts of life without a lot of change. You prefer things to remain as they are because you’re not really interested in spending a lot of time outside your comfort zone. It’s not a bad thing to be stable; it just means that you like to play it safer than other people.



Blue means you’re relaxed. You’re comfortable, cool and calm. It signals that you’re not easily riled and not likely to be impulsive. If you’re going for a job interview, stick with a darker shade of blue, like a navy type of color. But, if you’re just entertaining guests instead of trying to look good to a future employer, they’ll feel more at ease with a lighter color, like a robin egg shade of blue.


Green lifts people’s moods – both yours and those around you. It’s known to make people feel happier and more positive. Why? Maybe it’s because it’s the color of money or perhaps it’s that it reminds people of grass that is just appearing in the spring after a long hard winter? Who knows? But, when you want to see nothing but smiles from those around you, this should be your color of choice.


Yellow shows that you have a fun side. It says to those around you that you’re maybe a little wild and like to have a good time. Essentially, you’re telling them that you’re going to be a little ray of sunshine in this drab old world. Of course, that makes it an excellent choice when you’re looking to wear something for a party or some social event in which you want to stand out as someone that is willing to take risks.


Red implies that you have a heart and you’re not afraid to use it. It’s the color of romance and love and all the affection that goes along with it. It also happens to be the color that most men find themselves attracted to. So, if you want to get your man’s attention (or any man for that matter), red should be your color of choice. Who knows? You may be in for quite a night (or lifetime) if you make this signature color.



Purple suggests that you’re creative. It tells others that you’re willing to think outside the box, and often do. You’re not afraid to beat your own drum and do things a little differently. And, you have a tendency to see beauty in things that most others often miss. So, whether you’re looking to inspire yourself or someone else, wearing purple will help you do just that.


Orange is a social color. It says that you’re open to conversation and getting to know new people. It tells those around you that you aren’t the kind of person who is going to stay in your shell and not let others in. That makes this color great for parties or other gatherings where you don’t know anyone, but would like to.

So, what do you think? Do the colors in your closet accurately represent you as a person? Are there any colors you’d like to start including so that people see you for who you truly are?

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