Which Favorite Retro Style is You?

Are you looking for a new style? Do you absolutely adore the looks of times past? Every woman has a personal passion for passion. Here are some of the most popular retro looks trending now. the real question is, which retro style is for you?

I love watching old films. Katharine Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses of all time. Of course, it’s not just the acting we watch, it’s the costumes. They just don’t dress like that anymore do they? Some of the best looks were before our time.

1) 1920’s



Do visions of flappers dance through your head? Are you longing to wear a wool coat and a cloche hat? If so, then the 1920’s might be your time.

The women of the roaring twenties were pioneers! Gone were the days of covered ankles and long hair. In order to show their independence, women everywhere cut their long tresses into short bobs and shortened their hems. The fashionable jewelry (such as long strings of pearls) gave this look a softer touch.

If you want to get the look, the trick is to keep straight lines. Women in the twenties were trying to give off a boyish, yet feminine, charm and so their dresses were straight (not form fitting). Also, find yourself a few cute cloche hats and some short closed-toe heels. This rebel wear is coming back quick!

2) 1940’s


The 1940’s were a fascinating fashion time. Women were both hard and soft, having to play both roles while the men were at war. When they weren’t showing their strength in wartime utility clothing, they were showing off their feminine curves with tighter dresses and skirts.

Unlike the tomboyish twenties, the women of the forties preferred to keep their locks at least shoulder length so they had some curl to it. After a long day of factory work, letting their hair down and dancing the jitterbug.

If you want to recreate the look of the forties, make sure you keep things simple. There wasn’t a lot of glamorous jewelry being flaunted during the forties (times were tough with the war going on). A dress or skirt that flows just below the knees, yet hugs the waist, is what you’re going for here.

Also, wear a simple, form fitting top to go with the skirt (short sleeved and button up is best). Open-toe heels complete the style. Top it off with a cute pancake hat, and you have your look!

3) 1950’s


All I can think of in the 1950’s is Poodle skirts and Greasers. In fact, John Travolta and Olivia Newton John are bouncing around in my head even as I type this.

Such a great look, wasn’t it?

The 1950’s were a different time altogether. The war was over and we were victorious. Gone were the years women had to work in factories and husbands were lost at war. This era was full of new beginnings, simple beginnings. It was the time of the nuclear family and a lot more innocence.

There are a couple of different looks you can give yourself for the 1950’s. The first, of course, is the modern housewife look. Think “Father Knows Best.” I love this look, it’s very classy and simple. A touch of mascara and lipstick, a flowing shirt dress, and some low heels are all you need. You can complete this look with a derby hat.

The next fifties look is the Poodle skirt. Poodle skirts were aptly named because these bright, flowing skirts had a colored poodle with a long, string leash on them. your shirt could have a poodle as well, if you like, but the skirt is what’s in! Top your look off with a short scarf tied around your neck and a ponytail.

4) 1970’s


Mini skirts, bell-bottoms, and big hair! The seventies were a look all of their own. This is one of the most popular styles to re-create and one of the easiest to find in stores.

The seventies were a long jump from the family oriented women of the fifties. Women of the seventies were wild and free, they explored their sexuality and protested the war. The beginning of the decade is full of hippie style fashion you can easily recreate with beads, fringes and high boots.

The end of the decade was more wide shirt collars and polyester.

The 1970’s were fashionably important because they offered women the chance to be whomever they pleased. You could be casual in bell-bottoms and a crop top or tube top, you could be flirty in a suede mini-skirt and floppy hat, or you could be a modern working woman with sensible slacks and wide collars. You could even be glamour punk.

Women’s hair was usually long and parted in the middle, or a gorgeous stretch afro framing her face.

You could be any woman you wanted to be in the seventies. Your seventies style really depends on you.

5) 1980’s


How can we NOT remember the eighties? Let me tell you, I wore mismatched neon colored socks, a big perm, and too much eye makeup. I looked awesome.

The great thing about the eighties (and perhaps the most horrendous thing) is that we all looked terrible. There is no way anyone can wear neon and look sexy. However, we wore it and flaunted it.

If you’re trying to recreate the eighties, think MTV (the early years), Working Girl, and, of course, Madonna. You want bleach blonde hair with bangs sprayed high, you want bangles, neon, and leotards!

In other words, you want to look colorful, bright, full of bright leather, polka dot shirts, shoulder pads (oh, the shoulder pads!), and leggings. Pair pink neon tights with bright polka dot sweaters, add in ten bangles on each wrist, blue eye-shadow, and then crimp your hair and you’re ready to rock. This was the fun decade!

Every decade has its style. My favorite is the 1940’s, but I’ll put on some Cyndi Lauper garb in no time! We all long to be the belle of the ball. The question is, which ball is the one for you?

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