10 Ways to Pamper Yourself to the Max

Craving a little luxury in your life? Want to feel spoiled, overindulged and treated? Discover our easy yet blissful ways to pamper yourself to the max.

Every now and then, we all want to escape from daily life and kick-start a journey of indulgence. From the tips of our slightly color-damaged hair to our terribly un-pedicured toes, we’re all guilty of forgetting to take care of ourselves sometimes. Not to mention the stress, pressure and anxiety we surround ourselves with on a daily basis.

But the good news is that luxury is not too hard to reach or hard to find. Here are our top ten ways to pamper yourself so you can re-emerge into regular life as a groomed, coiffed and spoiled goddess.

1. The Mecca: A spa day

Woman relaxing in bath with rose petal

Our first treat on the list may be a little out your price range at the moment, which is why we decided to put it up first. This way, if you’re disappointed you can’t indulge in a certifiable spa day yet, you still have nine other ways to feel pampered and adored.

But if you can afford it … well, heck. We’re a little jealous.

Picture a calm, tranquil environment. Soft, harmonious music is playing through discrete speakers. Flickering candles light the space with a romantic glow, emitting such a delightfully fragrant smell that you’re tempted to linger in the foyer, just for another moment.

The waiting room is sumptuous and comfortable. Herbal tea, sweet tasting water and an array of beauty products are at your disposal. And the treatments? Oh boy, the treatments … from decadent facials to relaxing pedicures, your entire body will be pampered to the max.

Yup, it’s the absolute mecca of pamperisation (yep, we made up that word just for this article). So enjoy, savor and use it wisely, my friend.

Solemn nod.

2. Movie marathon

Okay, so this one is an oldie but a goodie.

Grab a Friday night, some of your besties, a bucket load of popcorn, chocolate, ice cream and pizza and then visit your friendly DVD rental store to pick up your favorite TV show. Think Gossip Girl, Entourage, New Girl, Two Broke Girls and anything with the word ‘girl’ in it really.

Do you have it in your excited little hands? Awesome. Now grab every season they have.

Nope, I’m not kidding. If this endeavor is going to be successful, you need to have every single episode of your favorite TV show. Now, I’m not saying that you’ll be able to get through it all in one night. But just the fact you have all the episodes in your living room? Wow.

And while you might be thinking that a movie marathon isn’t the best way to pamper yourself, you’d be wrong. Because while you’re flinging popcorn at your girlfriends, giggling over your favorite lines and just all around chilling out, you’re actively de-stressing.

Your worries, concerns and fears are disappearing into the far recesses of your mind, or through conversation with your besties, being expunged completely.

So yes, you’ll probably need to spend the next week detoxing from the amount of junk food you consume. But, it’ll be worth it – for your sanity.

3. Take a nap

woman having a nap

Did you know that taking an afternoon nap could help you feel energized and revitalized? Unfortunately, in most companies the concept of a mid-afternoon nap has yet to be embraced.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace it. And if you’re looking to pamper yourself to the max, it’ll definitely be something you want to look at doing.

So next time you’re ‘working from home’, chucking a sick day or have some free time on the weekend, curl up in bed or on the couch and snuggle in for a quick nap.

Aim for about 20 minutes, as this is the best length for maximum effectiveness. If you think you’ll oversleep, set an alarm clock and force yourself to get up after 20 minutes. If you stay in bed longer, it’ll have the opposite effect and you’ll feel groggy.

4. Have a DIY beauty day

And for those of us that can’t afford a legit spa day, why not invest in a DIY beauty day instead? Just pick up a new shade of OPI polish, a hair treatment and a new facial product. You can choose one product to absolutely splurge on so it adds an extra level of decadence to the day. Then, scratch everything else out of your diary but beautifying.

You can invite some friends over to enjoy the day too, or rent some DVDs to keep you company. Use things you already have at home, such as nail files, nail clippers, pots (for facial steaming), and moisturizing cream to turn it into a legitimate beauty treatment spree. Try to fit in a facial, manicure, pedicure and hair treatment.

And if you’re not quite sure how to do any component of your beautifying, just Google it. It sounds harsh, but there are some awesome tutorials online about the methods behind these treatments and also on ways to create your own natural products out of things you probably already have in your cupboard.

Use the Internet to your advantage and to pamper yourself to the max. 

5. Give yourself a foot massage

Next, once you’re feeling soft and relaxed, it’s time to focus on the part of you that gets the least amount of attention: your feet.

Reflexology is an ancient alternative therapy believed to help you heal your body and your mind. The underlying methodology is that each area of your foot relates to a specific body part and by massaging your feet, you can positively impact the rest of your body.

Say for instance your digestion has been a sluggish, you just walk your fingers over to the digestion area of your foot (which is the middle of the inner curve of your foot, if you’re interested) and massage gently and slowly. Voila – digestion is boosted. Apparently.

If you don’t have noticeable symptoms that you can relate to body parts, focus on the massage itself. During the massage, you’ll be able to feel any cricks or burs under the skin. These are the areas you should focus on to improve your health.

And at the very least, a good foot massage will leave you with a pampered smile, because it just plain feels awesome.

6. Beauty counter it up

If you’re anything like me, on most days you’ll avoid the beauty counter girls (and boys) like the plague. Sure, they smell nice, are immaculately presented and have perfected that perky but only slightly crazy smile routine, but well, I just don’t have the time.

Okay, truthfully I’m worried they’ll notice my distinctly un-manicured eyebrows, the pimple that popped up overnight or my poor application of blush. Either way, I don’t normally stop and chat.

But, if you’re looking to pamper it up, the beauty counter should be a must-visit on your road to bliss. Not only can they make you look like a million dollars, but they’ll also show you all the latest products and gadgets so that you’ll walk away feeling like a beauty expert. You can try out new shades, colors, textures and styles. All with the knowledge that if you don’t like, you don’t have to buy it.

It’s also a good way to glam up in preparation for a night out. You can be honest with them and tell them you’re getting your makeup done for a night out, but you’ll probably want to buy at least one product so they (and you) feel better about the experience.

Alternatively, some cosmetic companies offer makeup application for a small cost, so you can always book in beforehand and get professionally made up!

7. Sh-sh-shopping, oh yeah!

Young attractive girls with shopping bags  3

Does this one even need an explanation? Because let’s face it – there is nothing, nothing more decadent than dedicating an entire day to a shopping blitz.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, you can bargain hunt, but the only rule is that you don’t buy any ‘everyday items’. That means no grocery shopping, razors or toilet paper.

No. Heck no.

Think LBDs, shoes, glitzy tops, shoes, makeup, shoes, handbags, shoes and some more shoes.

This is your day to throw caution to the wind and try on that dress you’ve been eyeing up for months. Who cares that you don’t have anywhere to wear it?

Billionaires don’t turn down a Ferrari because they have nowhere to drive it. So why should you and your dress be any different? You’ll find somewhere to wear it. Trust me. And if not, you’ll look pretty freaking awesome when you do your daily chores.

8. Eat out

Okay, so you know that restaurant that just opened up in town? The one that’s super exclusive, super tasty and right on the border of being obnoxious? Book yourself a table. If you have loads of friends willing to cough up some cash, book a few tables. Because you, my darling, are trying that restaurant out. For real.

Too often we settle for mediocre food that barely creates a blip on our pamper radar. Home cooked meals are great to help you stick to your healthy eating plan, but every now and then we need to be reminded that food isn’t just about fuel. Food can be delicious, scrumptious and decadent.

Invest in your own decadent food experience and recapture your love of eating again.

Note: Please don’t take a photo of your meal and post it on Facebook. Please. You’ll be making the world a better place if you don’t.

9. Spend a day in your PJ’s

How often do you wake up to the sound of your blaring alarm and wish that you could just stay in bed all day? It could be every Monday morning, or it might be when it’s raining and cold outside. Whenever it is, next time this urge appears, indulge in the idea for a minute. If it’s reasonable for you to take a day off work, or scratch out your commitments for the day, then do it.

Spend an entire day, at home, in your pajamas.

Even the thought of it makes the corners of my lips curve up. It’s the ultimate decadence, the ultimate way to pamper yourself. And best of all, it’s completely free.

10. Eat dessert first

The beautiful smiling young woman with a cake

Your nutritionist is going to hate this idea, but every now and then we need to mix things up. Shake them up a little. Straighten the curve. Bend the straight. Curve the … okay, you get the idea.

But what all this yabbering is leading to is something so humble, so easy, that we can forget that it’s possible. It won’t change the world, save billions of lives or stop global warming, but it will send trembles of pleasure and delight through your entire body. And it’s this simple:

Eat your dessert first.

That’s right, first. Before your dinner. Just like you did (or dreamed of doing) when you were a kid.

You know you want to.

And while you’re eating your dessert, mull over what a freaking incredible person you are. Revel in your attributes, your delightful personality and your rocking body.

Because this is your moment, your time, to pamper yourself to the max.

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