Amazing Summer DIY Tips You Have To Try

From body scrubs and flower crowns to leggings and margaritas, doing it yourself has never been so fun and easy.

Sure, it’s absolutely easy to go out and buy a Tree Hut body scrub or a flower crown, but so much satisfaction comes when you make it all on your own. The whole “DIY” concept has become so huge that there’s practically one for anything you can think of.

Now that it’s the summertime, we have a set of DIYs that will get you into the summer spirit.

Turning Leggings into a Crop Top


One of our favorite things that we let go of after the winter is over is our leggings. As the seasons change, we move out our leggings to make room for our crop tops. We all probably have a pair of leggings that we don’t want anymore, and they can easily be turned into a crop top.

In order to accomplish this, fold your leggings horizontally so the legs match up. Cut off the crotch area in a semi-circle fashion, and voila, you have a crop top. The waistband of the leggings will still rest on your waist while the leg portion will now become the sleeves. The semi-circle that was cut will become the neckline, but just remember to start off small to avoid creating a neckline that’s too large.

Flower Crown


Like us, you might be particular about your flower crowns. You might want a specific group or color of flowers and it’s easy to accommodate these when you make the flower crown yourself. You can create a flower crown with 4 items: paddle wire, pliers, scissors, and your plastic flowers.

You’d first form the paddle wire into a circle. You’d then cut most of the stem of the flowers, leaving enough to wrap around the paddle wire. Then use the pliers to bend the stems around the pliers and secure them into place.

If you’re not looking to create the complete, round flower crown, an even easier option would be to use a thin plastic headband instead of the paddle brush.

Body Scrub


Exfoliating should be a major part of your summer skin care routine. In addition to making sure your legs are smooth and hair free, you should make sure they’re smooth from fresh, exfoliated skin! Exfoliating conditions the skin, but the best part is that is removes the dead skin.

Making your own scrub is easy if you follow a pattern. For the exfoliant, you’re going to use something that’s grounded or grained, like sugar or salt. For the liquid portion, it is recommended to use olive or coconut oil, but you can also add in a bit of honey. The fun part comes in with the additional ingredients which can include lemon zest or juice, vanilla extract, fruit, or oils.

When creating your body scrub, use 2 parts water to 1 part liquid with a few teaspoons of your add ins.

For example, you could use 1 cup of sugar with ½ cup of oil. You could then add in one tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of Argan oil, which contains a lot of vitamin E and serves as a great moisturizer.

When trying new products on your skin, do a patch test to check for any allergic reactions before applying to the rest of the body.

Strawberry Infused Chocolate


Something about the summertime makes us want to eat piles and piles of fruit, and what better way to do that than with chocolate? We’re always used to having chocolate covered strawberries, but why not have fruit infused chocolate?

For this all you need is an ice cube tray, chocolate chips, and your favorite fruit. First start off by melting chocolate chips on the stove or in the microwave. Fill the ice cube tray ¾ of the way with chocolate. Cut up pieces of your favorite fruit and place them into the chocolate until they’re entirely submerged. Then freeze.

After you remove them from the freezer, let them sit for 5 minutes before attempting to remove them.

If mixing milk chocolate and fruit is too sweet for you, swap out your chocolate chips with semi-sweet or dark chocolate.



Margaritas are a happy hour staple, and even more so, a summer staple. These drinks can instantly transport your mind into a warmer climate, and you can achieve this at any time. While some margaritas require a lot of work, we want our drinks quick and tasteful.

The key to a quick margarita are in just a few ingredients: limeade, frozen fruit, and tequila.

In a blender, mix 6 ounces of tequila, 4 ounces of limeade concentrate, 2 cups of your favorite frozen fruit, and ice. Once you’ve blended, you can add more of the tequila or limeade concentrate to your liking.

If you’re feeling particularly fancy, don’t forget to add a sugar or salt rim to your glass.

Now that it’s the summer, you might have some free time on your hands. If you’re feeling bored, make sure you try out these 5 DIYs, and make sure you do it yourself!

In the comments below, let us know your favorite DIY project!

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