Best Going Green Business Ideas

Going green means safeguarding our planet’s natural resources and adopting an environmentally friendly way of living. The interest to use recycled and eco-conscious products, as well as to consume organic food and reduce energy and water consumption, is growing more and more all over the world. If you are interested in earning some extra money by helping your environment, here are few best going green business ideas for beginners.

Build and Grow an Organic Garden

Thanks to a growing concern over pesticide residues in food, more and more people are turning to organically grown foods.

One green business idea is to create small seeded trays that you can keep at any place you have at your disposal, even in an apartment. If you don’t have enough sun or a south facing window, just provide good artificial light and your seeds will develop well. Once germinated, you could sell them to your friends or in the local market.

Another good idea is to prepare “aromatic garden-packs”, i.e. small collections of seeded aromatic herbs that many people would be glad to buy and grow on their balconies or plant in their gardens.

On a larger scale, you can focus on building an organic vegetable garden and develop a more serious green business. All you need is a small portion of land and a professional service to build appropriate installations.

To make up for the initial costs, you could prepare smaller organic food packs at the beginning and start distributing them yourself. You may find clients among local people or sell them to your friends and other acquaintances in your social network.

Once your business has grown, you will be able to contact different organic food stores and restaurants and start providing them with your fruits and vegetables, as well as other home made products.

Recycle and Start a Green Crafts Business

Recycling and green crafting are great ways to help protect the environment, as well as awesome business opportunities. They involve recycling old and used materials to create new and useful ones.

Re-using raw materials, such as paper, plastic, metals and glass, in order to manufacture new products, can greatly help decrease energy consumption, reduce pollution and save our natural resources.

There are many green business ideas that concern eco-friendly crafting and many different methods to recycle something old into something new. As it goes for every new business, you should start working on a smaller scale by selling your products to your friends or to local shops, in order to gradually arrive to opening your own store.

Take a look at the tips listed below – they will give you a few ideas on what to do and how to start a green crafts business.

Green crafting

Green crafting involves using raw materials and old objects to design and produce new items. Rather than throwing goods away, you can use them to create lamps, jewelry, tabletops and painting frames, as well as many other useful and artistic objects.

Materials to work with are everywhere around you – they just require a small dose of imagination and a little willingness to start.

Recycled fashion

Recycled fashion means up-cycling old fabrics and used clothes to create new dresses, coats, suits, shoes and other accessories. The possibilities are infinite and ways to develop them are numerous.

Think of it. You could make an incredible living by designing and selling eco-friendly fashion items, while helping our planet stay green.

Recycled furniture

If you are an artist or a craftsman, designing and creating green furniture may provide many business opportunities.

You can either use raw materials to produce eco-friendly tables, chairs and other pieces of interior furniture, or you can recycle old furniture and reconstruct it.

Old sofas and armchairs can make a perfect skeleton to create new couches, while huge disused wood wardrobes can easily be redesigned into smaller dressers or wall shelves.

Start a Green B&B

green bed and breakfast hotel

A green bed & breakfast is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional motels, lodges and hotels. Many travelers are attracted to these new eco-sustainable accommodations and nowadays they hold a great potential for a successful ecotourism business development.
Deciding to run a green B&B does not require any hospitality training course. Once you’ve learned How to Be Eco Friendly at Home, you should simply apply the same eco-friendly alternatives and precautions inside your bed & breakfast.

However, there are certain issues that you have to take into consideration and absolutely keep in mind, when starting a green B&B.

  • Reduce water usage in each guest room by installing low-flow toilets and shower heads and decrease energy consumption in every possible way.
  • Equip your B&B with organic bed linens and towels (made of natural fibers) and use laundry and cleaning techniques that are eco-friendly.
  • Employ non-toxic and biodegradable cleansing and personal care products throughout the hotel.
  • Provide your guests with recycled and re-usable items (such as glasses, tissues, dishes and others) and place recycling baskets and bins in each room, as well as in your B&B kitchen.
  • Buy and serve local organic food and if you have the possibility, consider growing a small organic garden.

Travel agents and online travel resources are paying more and more attention to green B&Bs, lodges and hotels, due to a growing number of travelers searching eco-friendly accommodations. Running a green B&B is therefore a great possibility to start and develop a profitable and environmentally conscious business practice.

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