How to Increase Progesterone Naturally: 7 Healthy Solutions

There’s no need to take medication! Here’s how to increase progesterone naturally and maintain a healthy hormonal balance by eating the right foods.

Progesterone is a female sex hormone produced by the ovaries and the adrenal glands. It is extremely important for women’s health, and it plays a crucial role in the female reproductive system including the menstrual cycle and fertility, as well as the development of the fetus and the maintenance of pregnancy.

Imbalances of progesterone levels may cause infertility, an increased risk of miscarriage, increased PMS symptoms, depression, thyroid dysfunction, fibrocystic breasts, weight gain and irregular menstrual cycle.

Fortunately, there are many natural ways to increase progesterone levels and maintain a proper hormonal balance in your body.

Read below to learn how to do it.

1. Avoid Foods and Herbs that Increase Estrogen Levels

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The balance of estrogen and progesterone in a woman’s body is of extreme importance for her health. Excess estrogen and low progesterone levels can contribute to many psychological and physical conditions, including infertility.

If you have been diagnosed with estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency, you should avoid all foods that can increase estrogen levels.

2. Increase Your Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C Intake

different type of fruit and vegetables

1. Your body requires adequate amounts of vitamin B6 to maintain optimal levels of progesterone. The lack of this important vitamin may decrease the production of progesterone.

Vitamin B is also necessary for the liver to break down estrogen. If it doesn’t break it down, the levels of estrogen increase, creating hormonal imbalance. This means that levels of estrogen become higher than progesterone levels.

Good amounts of vitamin B6 you will find in walnuts, whole grains, lean red meat, poultry, seafood, bananas, spinach, beans, potatoes, and fortified cereals.

2. Also take  vitamin C! A study has shown that 750mg of Vitamin C taken every day for six months can considerably increase the progesterone production.

3. Consume Foods Containing Zinc

watermelon contains Zinc

Zinc is essential for hormonal health and it is extremely important for the production of adequate levels of progesterone.

Zinc is the mineral that prompts the pituitary gland to release follicle stimulating hormones, which in turn promote ovulation and stimulate the ovaries to produce estrogen and progesterone.

Good sources of zinc are veal liver, lean red meats, shellfish, crabs, dark chocolate, wheat germ, chickpeas, and pumpkin, watermelon and squash seeds.

4. Eat Magnesium Rich Foods

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Magnesium is another key nutrient for increasing progesterone levels, as it plays an important role in maintaining a healthy hormonal balance in the body.

You can either take dietary supplements, or eat more foods that are good sources of magnesium such as black beans, spinach, raw plantain, halibut, whole grain cereals, pumpkin and squash seeds, okra, and nuts.

5. Control Your Stress Levels

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Stress can considerably reduce progesterone levels in the body. During chronic stress, adrenal glands aren’t able to produce enough “fight or flight” hormone called cortisol, which they constantly need. In this case, our body converts progesterone into cortisol.

Inner peace is a state of mind or a choice of life to find peace. We need to understand that there will be always complications and problems to solve.

The attitude we have at the moment will define the solutions  Focus on doing one thing at a time. You will feel calmer if you don’t accumulate work or deadlines, and if you plan the order of the things that need to be done first. Stay organized with lists and a schedule.

Everyday stress can consume us and make us completely lose our mind. Change your bad mood and with these six tips you’ll expel stress from your life.

6. Herbs to Avoid and Herbs to Take

Vitex berries

Avoid all herbs that can increase levels of estrogen – with estrogen dominance, your progesterone levels are lower. These herbs include blue cohosh, black cohosh, dong quai, hops, lavender, licorice, motherwort leaf, rhodiola rose root, red clover blossom, saw palmetto berry, and tea tree oil.

A herb that is good for balancing hormone levels in the body is chasteberry, also known as vitex. It can stimulate the progesterone production and reduce levels of estrogen, as well as amounts of prolactin, which is another hormone that can lead to low progesterone in the body.

7. Use Natural Progesterone Creams

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Natural progesterone creams seem to be very helpful in creating a proper estrogen and progesterone balance, since the natural progesterone has the same molecular structure as the one produced by the human body.

Mexican yam cream

Mexican yam, also known as wild yam, is a root that contains a substance called diosgenin, which can be converted through a simple laboratory process into progesterone. The cream is also enriched with vitamin E, which gives it exceptionally nourishing and regenerative properties. When used correctly, it can considerably help balance hormonal levels in the body.

All summed up, there are many natural methods to increase progesterone levels and maintain a healthy hormonal balance in your body. If you have any other useful suggestions, please share them with us and other readers in the comment section below.

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  • Is it necessary to avoid the herbs only through the first tri of pregnancy or the whole time? I use Lavender oil and Tea tree oil almost daily and had no idea until today it can hender Progesteron production!

  • More information on #1 would be useful. Possibly a list of the foods and herbs that increase estrogen? Otherwise, the article was helpful.

  • there is no such thing as ‘natural progesterone cream’ and that ‘simple laboratory practice’ is a quantum leap from wild yam

  • I’m going to try these things!! Do you have to eat foods with zinc and magnesium or can I just buy the vitamins? My hormones are all outta whack I’m on progesterone but I guess its not working anymore and I cant get into the Dr for 2 weeks….ugh I can’t live like this!!

  • I’m on progesterone for my periods because I haven’t had a menstral cycle since June 2012. im only 23 yrs old and I also have Hypothyroidism, & Ovarian Cysts. this is only my second month of taking the progesterone and it has helped so far. I really don’t want to take pills anymore. Im taking 4 different pills for everything. for being so young I feel like too much is wrong with me. I’d rather go the herbal way and take herbs and vitamins. would it be ok to just take Vit C, B6, Mag., and Zinc? if so how much and for how long? pleeeeaaassssseee! I need your help

    • Wow girl you are not alone. That is exactly how I am but I’m 27. The doctors have me on 6 pills and I just can’t believe that I have to be on so much meds at such a young age. Something else that might help you Kate is eat lots of greens! I don’t want to take all the meds anymore except for the thyroid, so I’m in the same boat and have started to do everything I can to change. Which means diet, vitamins and exercise.

      • eat aloe vera gel.cut aloe vere take only gel clean it throughly and eat daily 1. Ensure that there is no obstruction in the pelvic cavity; this means making sure you are not constipated and have no pain during ovulation or menstruation.
        Use Wellness Aloe Vera Gel / Juice orally Dosage:- 40 ml twice a day Take Wellness Aloe Vera Gel/Juice through out the cycle from day 7 until day 21 to cleanse & nourish the reproductive tissue.
        2. Take Wellness Aloe Vera capsule to boost fertility and normalize menstruation.
        Dose:- one capsule twice a day
        3. Daily self massage with Wellness Aloe Vera Gel over Lower Abdomen to improve blood circulation, relaxes muscles, tones skin and energizes the body.

    • I’m 28 and these problems starting at 19!!! I so hear you!! What helped me:

      1. Going to a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor (mine is in So. California where I live but she is one of the best in the world. . She is in Oxnard, CA Dr. Lee- if you live here let me know!)

      2. Going gluten, dairy, soy, corn, nut free.

      I know have regular periods and my PMDD is almost back to normal. . . I was like you, I had periods maybe twice a year, and they were horrifying when I had them. I lost my life even when I didn’t have periods because the in between time was so awful too. I so feel for you. Hang in there and change your diet as much as possible until you get in to see a Traditional Chinese Medical doctor (pick one who knows and gives you strong herbal medicine, not necessarily accupuncture).

      Oh and change your diet to a Chinese diet! No cold food or drink, everything cooked (you digest and absorb the nutrients better thus way). Mostly white rice, lean chicken and fish, cooked vegetables, and lots of ginger to warm the body and strengthen the immune system (which will slowly strengthen everything else). Good luck!

      • Great info. What is the name of your Traditional Chinese medical Doctor?

  • Very interesting. I have been having hormone issues for about the last 8 months. Working with a naturopath as have adrenal exhaustion and that really plays up with the progesterone levels. Have changed my diet. Now caffeine,dairy and wheat free. High protein diet and using progest-e. Starting to feel a little human again

  • Interesting article. 48 yr.old female, perimenapausal. Have had hives daily for a month and a half. Feel strongly that it is hormone related. Low progesterone probable. Using Sweet Fern “tea” as a relief from hives, works great at relieving the itch and reducing the swelling. Smells like tea and does stain clothing but, it has been a life saver. Also notice modiness. Doing my homework to find the solution. Want to stay away from harmful drugs that most Drs. like to prescribe.

    • Your problem is caused by adrenal fatigue. My story is long, so I won’t bore you with the details. My son and I both suffered from what the medical professionals called (neurotic) angio edema. It took some time, but I did solve the problem. Advice:

      Take lots of natural (fish oil) vitamin A. This will help nourish your adrenals and help you fight the stress which is probably the cause of your problem.

      Eliminate packaged foods with lots of preservatives. The preservatives are trigger foods for the hives.

      Get a book on adrenal fatigue. Read up on it. It’s your problem. You’re the one who has to solve it. The sooner you start the sooner you will heal.

      Hope this helps.

      p.s. I’m Dorothy, Carl’s wife, and I too experienced hives.
      The benefits of his experience helped me to heal without any prescription drugs. Healing does take time, but once you are healed, the hives stop coming back.
      Bottom Line: Take care of your adrenals. They are absolutely critical to your good health.

  • Hi, íve had 2 missed miscarriages in 1 yr. Doc gave me progesterone tablets to help me get to 2nd. It didn’t work. Is Vital okay when pregnant. I took it and read later that some use it for abortion.

  • This article is neither cited or written by a professional. Ladies, these are 2 things to ALWAYS look for when reading about medical advice. Talk to your doctor. Diet alone cannot help raise progesterone levels. There are different types of natural progesterone pills for use in fertility purposes, but must be prescribed, taken at the correct time in your cycle and monitored by a fertility Doctor. Your best bet to to make an appointment with one of them.

    • Concur – you don’t ALWAYS need to see a doctor I fired mine when I was 30 and never looked back- when all natural and organic everything – I’m nearly 50 and hormones in check. This is a GREAT article and holds key information. Death Insurance and prescription drugs lead to a slave life to a huge medical monetary giant that hold “them” in job security. Life is good and one should be happy and feel just as good physically and mentally. Thanks for the nice article and informative “gate way” to truth.

  • Dr. Wandy doesn’t know anything about nutrition, most doctors don’t. All they want to do is prescribe a pill for you- from which they gain and we lose. The side effects are numerous.
    Vitamin B6 works amazingly well- I’ve used it for 2 cycles and have changed my ovulation day from 17 to 13, no medication required.

  • After reading this article I’m definitely getting very disciplined about taking my vitamin B6, Vitamin C, & my Zinc ~ and of course I’d add more fish & shellfish to my diet. Wish me good luck n less misery in my P.C.O.S. & irregular cycles.

    • Yes Rebecca , I do agree with that and appreciate you bringing that up- because doctors have been keeping me on birth control treatment since I’m 12 yrs old n I’m 28 n I’m exactly the same or even worse – who knows . No progress, just been making the doctors pay check bigger. O.o

  • It says to avoid estrogen producing foods but doesn’t tell you what those would be!?!

  • birth control just masks signs/symptoms of reproductive trouble. You might “think” you’re cured of issues, but it just creates a false sense of normal. Once you come off of the pill, your troubles will just be waiting for you. It’s better to get off the pill and actually have your problems diagnosed properly — working with a doctor and natropath combined can work wonders.

    • I was on pill for around 6 years, tried few different types. During that period I gain weight dramatically, would not recommend to anyone to go on pill under any circumstances I am in so big mess right now just because not solving the cause of irregular periods, just masking the problem by fake pills. I am 25 now, would like to have family but cannot right now. I have period ca every 3 months, feeling very sick every time and it is getting worse by every period. Got recommended to use natural progesterone but I am sick of tablets and would prefer change diet and take some vitamins instead. Definitely going to try some of these tips. If anyone can help me :(

  • Estrogen mimicking foods are soya sauce, plastic flimsy bottled water. Try eliminating bottled water, pop/soda and coffee. Drink filtered water and organic homemade smoothies.
    Start eating organic. Red meat and chicken contain a lot of hormones. Eat more greens such as broccoli, spinach, kale, swiss chard…really anything cruciferous.

    Chocolate and milk a big no no. CHOLOCATE is yummy I know…but it increases your estrogen and milk has hormones in it. Try almond milk.

    Load up on nuts. I personally eat pumpkin seeds. Lots of magnesium and zinc. Make sure they are unsalted and not roasted. Also helps for af cramps.

    Also chia seeds mix into yogurt, cereals and smoothies. Lod up on flax seeds as well.

    I am an endo sufferer so eating like this really helps me regulate my endo pains cramps and hormone levels.

    Good luck!

  • You state to avoid estrogen increasing foods/herbs, but what about if your in menopause and are also low on estrogen too? Also there is good estrogen balancing foods such as pomegranates, flax and chia seeds. I have been taking Rhodiola which has helped with my hot flashes, but you say to avoid it! I avoid all processed soy products because there is too much controversy over it.
    I guess the question is, how do you find a good balance? (sigh)

  • I am 35. People think I am in my early 20’s. I always spot for 3 or 4 days the week before my period and then it stops until my true period comes. I asked my OBGYN when I was there for my pap. She said I may need progesterone so I can get pregnant and maintain a pregnancy. She mentioned my luteal phase and corpus luteum. I don’t remember everything she said and have contacted her for clarification. My husband and I would like to try in a few months.

  • I just wanted to comment that I am currently going through peri-menopause. When going through peri-menopause it’s not just the amount of hormones you have but the ratio of progesterone to estrogen that is important. In peri-menopause, both hormone levels drop but progesterone drops much more than estrogen. This leads to estrogen dominance and all the associated symptoms of peri-menopause – hot flashes, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, hypoglycemia, abnormal uterine bleeding, etc. Hormone levels are different at different points in your life. If you are pregnant your hormone levels are 200 times what they are when not pregnant. After menopause, estrogen drops again but then the ratio of progesterone and estrogen are more in line to pre peri-menopause years so the symptoms are reduced or eliminated. It isn’t that certain herbs inhibit progesterone, it’s that they increase estrogen throwing the optimal ratio off. If you are peri-menopause then you definitely want to avoid those.

  • I’ve been trying to get pregnant for the past 6 years. I’m currently 27 yrs. My progesterone levels are too low and I don’t ovulate every month. My fiance and I have gone to the doctor and he’s fine and the only issue I have is the progesterone level been to low so I’m not ovulating. Is there any natural things out there to regulate this?

  • Progesterone level s different on every phase of menstrual cycle,so one should consult gynac regarding dis abnormilities.only diet will not help in Abnormal cases

  • how much zinc, mag and b6? I will try in my food but my anxiety is so bad that I need the supplements right now.
    I cant eat when anxiety and cortisol are high….
    I went to Dr. about anxiety being caused by hormones and she brushed it off and has me on wellbutrin. I feel its rev’ing me up and therefore have to take clonazapam to bring that down. I don’t want the anxiety and don’t want the drugs.. ughhh Ive tried the natural path and we tried everything. I did take an ssri it seemed to help the most but I also didn’t like the weight gain and low libido side effects..
    Do any of you wake up with high anxiety/cortisol? Mine diminishes by evening but I hate feeling like crap every morning. I am a 39 year old female.

    • I had anxiety/PMDD really bad for about 10 days before every period and ever since I have been taking an iron pill (feosol) every day, my mood has stabilized significantly. If your adrenals are messed up like mine are, your body needs iron to help the adrenals produce. Progesterone balances out high levels of DHEA, so try not to stress so you don’t use up your needed progesterone stores to make cortisol. Have your iron and most importantly, your ferritin levels tested and you can get off your anxiety meds which fare probably making things worse. Hope this helps someone!!

  • This article contains good quality information as these are all the nutrients my naturopath has me taking to promote hormonal balance.

    • My doctor had me on prednisone to suppress adrenal glands that were making too much DHEA. He also added saw palmetto to decrease these hormone levels, so yes, I would say not to take the saw palmetto as it does affect adrenal function which controls hormone function as well. After on these meds for 13 years, it turned out to cause more harm than good and I am now trying to rebalance my hormones through good food and no meds.

  • “increase progesterone”

    i am just getting use to what these terms mean, and came across your site while doing some preliminary research about eliminating fibroids in black women. i was told today i have this stuff and i am trying to understand how they even got into my body. i am clean, never drank or smoke a thing, and i am in my 40s, don’t look my age, but was having some pains and thought to check them out. this was a result on external things related to including racism and sexism. so my stress was increased and viola, 2 months later i have some leads to investigate things myself, first before having any one touch me.

    so i was lead to your article to find out more about increasing my progesterone, and i thank you for the tips. the site is clean, and i like your writing style. i also like the internet link youqueen, to think of yourself as a queen, lol, that is cute.

    and taking notes. thank you much for your information.


  • Thanks for the info. Please where can i get this cream in Nigeria and also vitex? Thanks

  • I am going through perimenopause and I tooke a while to figure out. I’m slowly getting my body back in check. Anxiety was a big part of my perimenopause but that all changed when I supplemented properly and completely changed my diet to organic. Also I wanted to suggest Holy Basil for natural anxiety and stress support. Amazing!!!! Research it… has really helped me a ton.

  • Have red Your articles. Very interesting. Please I am in Enugu in Nigeria. Where can I purchase the progesterone cream and vitex and every other thing that can help me increase my progesterone level so I can conceive if possible multiples of boys & girls

  • Hi plz can u tell me how much progesterone and estrogen required for female body. My age is 26 and weight is 50 height is 5.0 and cup size A I want to increase my breast….. I was 43 kg 9 months before, my homeo doctor was treating me for breast enlargement she gave me doses of estrogen n my estrogen level increased due to this I gain weight but didn’t increase size. I think I need progesterone along thing… Plz suggest me helpful tip

  • All I can say is, Thank you! ♥
    It gave me more ideas which I don’t know before.
    I make sure that I take note on my pad every detail that I need. Thanks a lot!
    Now I which one is good and bad.

  • Im 49, been on thyroxine since 13, few months after medication started having seizures in my sleep. I have had a handful since then. Came off seizure medication over 2.5 years ago due to not having any seizures in a very low dose for over 13 years..from february this year ive had 3 seizures. Can it be due to starting menopause?