5 Tricks on How to Make Your Honeymoon Romantic

Every newly wedded girl wants a fantastic and romantic honeymoon. It’s not only about going somewhere with your husband, it’s about making it a time to remember. Here are 5 fabulous tricks on how to make your honeymoon romantic.

Remember that you need to put some effort into this. Even if you choose the most romantic place on the planet and just sit there and wait for something to happen, you’ll only have a plain dull honeymoon. Decide to do something extra and something new instead and really make your honeymoon one of a kind.

1. Choose a Good Place

happy young romantic couple in love have fun running and relaxing on beautiful beach

Choosing a good place to go to for your honeymoon is of course one of the most important things. Unfortunately, for most of us this decision greatly depends on our budget. Still, you can choose a good romantic place even if you’re on a low budget. Here’s how.

You don’t need to go to Bora Bora or Hawaii for your honeymoon. Of course that it would be great, but it really requires a bigger budget. You can have a wonderful time anywhere else in the world. Choose a European city, like Prague for example. It is not expensive and it is very romantic. Or simply go to the nearest mountain, village or a lake and rent a cottage. Make sure that you and your new husband are going to be alone there, you are on your honeymoon after all, and enjoy eachother’s company. That’s all you need.

2. Fun During the Day

You can’t expect your honeymoon to be a great one if you don’t plan it well. Wherever you are going, you’ll need to fill each day with fun things to do together.You may not like this, but this means that you can’t go to Paris for your honeymoon and plan a whole day of shopping. I know, it’s every girl’s dream, but you can’t expect your husband to be excited about that. I mean, come on – no guy likes shopping.

Talk to your husband and plan the honeymoon together with him. Choose a place and agree on things you would like to see and do. You’re not going to just stay in the room and make love, although there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re already travelling, use that time to see some new things. That’s a honeymoon to remember.

3. Sexy Lingerie

woman in lingerie in bed

It’s your honeymoon after all, and a big part of it will be revolving around sex. It’s funny, but newly married couples have this feeling like they’ve never had sex before, and usually can’t get enough of each other on their honeymoon. Spice it all up with some sexy lingerie.

Depending on how big your budget is, you can make several outfits. Make sure to have something completely white, to initiate the feeling of a first time. After all, it is the first time you’re making love as a married couple. Also, get a black or a red outfit for a night of steamy passion and, if you’re into it, something completely crazy or funny, like a French maid costume or anything else you and your husband are into.

4. Little Romantic Surprises

How do you feel about setting a little romantic surprise for your husband on your honeymoon? You’ll have to think it all through even before you go and only leave the smallest details for the actual place. Here’s what I’m thinking about.

Arrange a romantic breakfast by the beach for you and your husband only. Talk to the waiters and the personnel of the resort you’re staying in and arrange it all without your husband knowing. Wake up before him and leave him a note on the pillow that you’re waiting for him at the beach. You can even leave paper arrows for him to follow. Wait for him at the table set with good fresh food.

When you come back from the beach in the late afternoon, shower before him and while he’s in the shower set up romantic mood in the room. Order room service, some strawberries and champagne and wait for your husband wearing only an easy-take-off night gown.

5. Try Something New

Young couple enjoying lunch in resort restaurant

One of the greatest tricks to have a romantic honeymoon is to be open to trying something new, and I don’t mean only in bed, although I do advise that as well. I mean try one new thing every day of your honeymoon.Try a type of food you’ve never tried before. Be open – minded even to insects and similar stuff. Who knows, you may even like it. Just make sure you’re eating at good restaurants, nothing can ruin your honeymoon like food poisoning can.

Also, try a new drink. Local alcohol is usually always a good choice, just don’t have too much of it.Try a new ride if there’s an amusement park somewhere near. Try a new sport. Go bungee jumping or skydiving. Fly in a tandem paraglider. Do something you’ve never done before and you’ll remember it as a fantastic thing you’ve done on your honeymoon for the rest of your life.

So, what do you think now? Can you make your honeymoon romantic? Of course you can, with just a little effort! Make it a honeymoon to remember!

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  • Am getting married december an am so happy I want to try all the different romantic stuff not what ur thinking lol

  • Actually next Friday me and my husband will fly to Hawaii for our honeymoon and I have on schedule a bunch of activities to do together and a list of restaurant we would like to go. About the breakfast at the beach is a great idea, thanks for the advice.

  • I am very unlucky girl whose husband dont want to go honeymoon with her.. He did lots of fun in his 1st honeymoon.. I am his 2nd wife who is very unlucky.