7 Steps to Get Over Him Fast

Do excuse my French but a bad break up can be a bitch. Seriously, it can haunt you for a very long time, and who wants that? So, check out our 7 steps on how to get over him fast and you’ll forget all about that guy in no time!

#1 Get It All Out

You are completely entitled to react in accordance to what you are feeling. If you feel like crying, why not, you’ll feel better when you get it all out. If you feel like talking trash about your ex with your friends, because you still have bad feelings towards him, do so.

If you’re one of those people who like to torture themselves by listening to depressing music when they’re already sad, go ahead. Go through your little box of his stuff if you have one and mourn. Or destroy. Whichever you feel like will give you more satisfaction at this point. Indulge in all those guilty pleasures you can think of if they will help.

#2 Now Get Yourself Together

Next comes the phase where you realize that all those things you did during the first step were just a quick fix, and didn’t get you any real relief or satisfaction. But also, you’ll see that being in that place was necessary in order to get to this one. It’s now time to get it together. Letting go of any grudges have been holding against him comes easy when you realize that none of it matters anymore if you’re really serious about moving on and leaving it all in the past.

#3 Don’t Banish Love

Once you get that to move on you need to first let go, you should be well off. But the trap is that many girls decide that the only way to never go through what they are going through at this time is to never give themselves completely away to anyone, to hold back on showing emotion and experiencing love again.

This kind of thinking is definitely not the right way to go about it. The thing is that it’s not love in general that got you at this point; it’s the wrong guy for you, that’s all. And you’ve got to go through the wrong ones to get to the right one!

#4 Work on Yourself

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The best way to feel better is to feel better about yourself. If you’ve been moping about the break up for some time now you’re probably not feeling so hot, physically or mentally. Do something about it! Read a book. Get your nails or hair done. Any activity will make an improvement not only in your appearance but more importantly in the way you feel.

#5 Surround Yourself With Friends

Now that you’re ready to socialize and won’t be found staring at your feet ready to break down  cause you broke up while others are enjoying themselves, gather up the group. You’ll automatically feel better and think about him less if you’re surrounded with friends and positive energy. They are the ones who know you  the best, they can make you smile and forget just about anything that’s troubling you!

#6 Go Out and Have Fun

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Go out for a night in the city. Or go out to the beach. Go shopping. Distract yourself by doing fun things. Soon you’ll realize that you’re not even thinking about the past because you are enjoying the present, and that is a real sign of moving on and getting over him! The golden rule for when it comes to going out is: NEVER drink and dial! You don’t want a drunken mistake to set you back to the first step if things get out of control and you end up phoning him.

#7 Don’t Jump in Another Relationship

No rebounds! It’s really important for your relationships to be healthy, cause, obviously you wouldn’t want to go through another nasty break up just cause you started a new relationship before you are ready. You’ll know when that time is.

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