Being Single and Living a Happy Life

Many people find it difficult to move on after ending a wonderful relationship, while others are in an unhappy relationship and scared to leave for fear of being alone. Here's how you can be single and still live a happy life.

Your life, in general, should be beautiful and fulfilling regardless of your relationship status. Being single at any age can be difficult and challenging, but the fact is that the world does not end when you become single; you can still be happy.

This is a period to explore, find yourself and love the most important person—i.e. YOU. Read on to learn how you can enjoy this wonderful period of your life.

Practice self-love.

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First and foremost, true happiness comes when you start loving yourself. Don’t compare yourself with anyone; believe in yourself then recognize the fact that we all are human and no one is happy every single moment.

Let go of past mistakes and traumas and think about the wonderful things you can achieve on your own. Forgive yourself, celebrate your winnings and always be proud of yourself.

Acknowledge your feelings.

Don’t let feelings build up. Rather acknowledge those feelings: are you sad, depressed, jealous or excited? It’s okay to cry about it because you will likely feel better afterwards. Develop a self-awareness, explore and think of what you need to do to feel complete. Do not be afraid to take that step and make that decision.

Meet new people and interact.

You do not need to isolate yourself because you are single or have just gone through a break up. You should meet people, make new friends, expand your social life and get in touch with and spend time with old friends.

Friends are like family and, believe me, you will realize how blissful it is spending time with them; they are always there to support you no matter what.

Get busy.

Discover yourself and your creativity. Try out new things that can increase your energy. There are so many interesting things to do apart from your normal daily routine. You can learn to paint, grow a garden or learn new recipes.

Stay positive always.

Determine to change your attitude for the better. Reflect on your strengths and achievements, look into the mirror and always tell yourself how wonderful you are.

Get rid of negative thoughts of not being loved or wanted, and count yourself lucky for being given the opportunity to discover and establish yourself because there are so many people who are miserable in their relationships.

Relax and have fun.

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Give yourself time and do healthy things that make you feel good. Make evening plans with friends. Go on dates, but don’t take them seriously; go clubbing; or pamper yourself by getting a massage or treating yourself to dinner.

This gives you the power to agree that you are a special, strong and independent person who deserves the best.

Be grateful for what you have.

Each night, before you go to bed, reflect on what you are grateful for in your life. You can also start a journal if you like. Start writing down the things you are grateful for and watch how the list grows. This is the most important lesson of all: finding happiness and contentment in what already exists in your life. This is a big start if you have these.

Ignore the media illustrations of happy couples.

Most people are single and miserable because of the idea created in movies that people in a relationship are always happy, which is unrealistic.

Every relationship has its ups-and-downs, so avoid putting yourself through so much pain and enjoy your single life.

Be focused.

There is more to life than comparing your life with others. Don’t wait for anyone to tell you it is time to follow your dreams. Don’t choose to settle for less by being into an unhealthy relationship. Be happy, concentrate on yourself and live your life to the fullest, knowing that your single life will not last forever.

Being single can be a driving force in making you a better person; don’t misuse the opportunity by running into another relationship.

Learn to find contentment in yourself, help others in need then watch how beautiful the life you created for yourself has become.

Don’t despair, you are not alone and remember no one can help you achieve these goals except you. Thank you for stopping by and do share your thoughts with us.

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Ebere Wilson

Ebere is from Nigeria, a cybernaut and a lifestyle correspondent, she loves music, surfing the web and enjoys making new friends.

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