11 Games to Play with Your Boyfriend: Keep Your Relationship Fun

Add some playfulness into your relationship today. Games can bring you closer, help you open up in new ways, and get to know each other better.

If you feel like your relationship has been kind of dull as of late, have no fear, relationship games are here. Here are 11 simple games you can play to get the fire going between you two again. Don’t let that mystique, that enigma of a brand new relationship die. It is new at every moment and it’s your job as the relationship witch to conjure some magic, my lady.

You might realize these games are not your typical relationship games and they are designed that way. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and only go for dress up games. It’s important that your relationship is both mental and physical right? Your role is not just to look pretty. Women are emotional and we can inspire our relationships with those emotions. These games are for new and established relationships. Try not to judge them before you try them out. I specifically came up with new games to get you out of your comfort zone and into a new way of thinking.

Sound relationships are not just based on the physical aspects and the ones that last need to have friendship, depth and vulnerability. These games are more to get your creativity and emotional connection built up than anything else. We’ve all heard of the usual games, why not try something different? Switch it up and show him you care with one of these fun games, even if it makes you feel silly. Often it’s just taking time to make an effort that really can ignite the flame again and get things going on the right track. If the pilot is out, it needs fuel and a spark. So build the fire and light the match.

1. Spirit animal game


This game can be played with two people or with friends. You’ll need a pen and paper for each person. It’s your job to visualize the other person’s aura. An aura is a color that you see when you look at or think of that person. Write down the color of their aura first. This will help you find their spirit animal guide. Don’t tell them or show them until the very end. Then write down what you feel like your own aura color is and draw what you think your own spirit animal is. The last step is to write down the characteristics of the two spirit animals you drew. When you show each other the results, you may learn something new about how the other person sees you. This is a great game to help you focus on each other’s positive traits.

2. Text game

If you’re at work, here’s a creative game to get him excited to see you. Text him that you want to play a game. Tell him he gets rewards if he answers your questions right. Ask him where your first date was, where you were the first time you kissed, what your favorite restaurant is, and what your favorite movie is. Encourage him to get it right by telling him he will like the reward. Then tell him to make up five questions to ask you. You can use any questions that are romantic. This game will help to remind you both of what it feels like to fall in love and how you felt when you fell for each other.

3. Blind date

You can both write down five places without telling each other the locations. You might be writing the same places down, but you don’t know. Then draw one out of a hat and that will be where you go for your ‘blind’ date. Make a reservation and dress up like it really is a blind date. When you dress up it helps bring that extra element of fun to your night. Then when you’re at your blind date, try to find out more about each other that you may not have shared before. Share funny childhood stories, funny phobias, and your most embarrassing moments, keep it light and fun. If he gets lucky, maybe you’ll give him a good night kiss.

4. Double date charades

Find a couple and invite them to play charades. Serve some appetizers and switch up the teams. Don’t just play on your partner’s team because you guys know each other too well. This game is sure to bring some laughs and it’s important to socialize in relationships so you don’t just hang out with each other.

5. This one never gets old


Play some twister. That’s right. It’s fun and gets you out of your serious work mode. We are not meant to be too regimented and need to make sure we laugh and forget about the bills and petty drama. It’s really good for us to be able to laugh and goof around. It releases endorphins the body uses to regulate our happiness levels. Twister is simple and you can play it alone with your partner, with the kids or with your friends. It’s a great way to bring you closer and a good reminder that you need to stretch. Also, since women are naturally more flexible than men, it’s one game we are naturally better at, added bonus.

6. Sentimental game

This game is called 10 things I love about you. It’s a good game to do with a glass of wine, with dinner or dessert. It’s a simple game but there is a rating system. You go back and forth taking turns telling each other what you love about the other person. You will each rate the other person’s things on a scale of 1-10. The person with the highest score at the end of the game wins. You can judge the reason based on uniqueness, genuineness, and sexiness. For instance, I love your eyes is about a 1 on the uniqueness scale and I love the way you breathe deeply and play reggae when you’re mad at me instead of saying something unkind is more like a 7 on the uniqueness scale. This game encourages you to really think about the other person and will bring you closer together.

7. Baby pictures

You both need 10 pictures from your childhood. This is a way to get to know each other better. You will both tell your partner something, just one thing about the picture. The other person needs to be listening. The scoring is done like a memory game. After you both tell each other one thing about each picture mix them up face down on the table. As you choose one at a time, the other person must try to remember the one thing you said about the picture. They get a point if they are pretty close. If they are way off, they get no points and need to listen better!

8. Arts and crafts time

It’s time to make each other an ornament that represents your love and affection for the other person. I understand that most of us are not gifted artists, which is why this can be so fun. You must use your skills to make the ornament as sentimental, beautiful and long-lasting as possible. You can have a third party judge your ornaments based on these criteria. An example would be a wooden ornament with the year you met and your initials carved into a heart. That would be long-lasting, sentimental and if you sand the wood, it might look halfway decent. This doesn’t have to be elaborate, you can use stuff from around the house. This is a great way to stimulate the creative sides of your brains.

9. Movie game


This game might just be a good excuse to watch movies and kiss, but who cares. The rules are simple. It’s kind of like that family guy drinking game but less unproductive. Every time the word ‘love’ is said, you kiss your partner. This means you’re better off choosing a romantic movie or television show, otherwise you can’t kiss. You’ll get to know the movies that you get to kiss the most in. You can switch the rules and kiss every time there is a kiss on screen too. This is a dumb game, yes, but it’s light hearted and fun. These games don’t have to be rocket science. The point is to get you relaxed, comfortable and just having fun.

10. Vacation game

This is a great game for competitive couples. You both can write down where you would like to go on vacation and then choose your favorite board game to play. The agreement is that you will both go to the winner’s vacation idea. Try to keep it within reason financially; obviously you don’t want to choose a place you can’t afford. This makes the game stakes high and motivates you to play your best. It will also be a fun thing to look forward to after the game as you plan a getaway that will bring you closer together.

11. Scavenger hunt

This is a more elaborate game. One person will set up the scavenger hunt. Small gifts will be set up at each location and a hint for the next location. You can place the gifts at significant places from your relationship, like the location of your first date, the location of your first kiss, the place you like to go to watch the stars or other sentimental places. You can usually leave the gift and hint with a person working if it’s at a business. Make it fun and exciting. This is a great thing to do for Valentine’s Day and really shows the other person how much you care about them. It’s fun to choose gifts that you think the other person will really enjoy and some gifts could be things to make new memories with.

Games don’t have to be based around dressing up in kinky costumes. They can get you both to open up and get to know each other. These games might sound exceedingly boring on paper but they might really get you closer and more intimate with your partner emotionally. If nothing else, these games will help you spend more time together and feel goofy around each other. It’s important to let go of the image we are trying to portray to each other and feel like we are in our own skin. We do evolve with each other every day, but we have the ability to direct the relationship in positive or negative directions just like everything else in our lives.

If none of these games appeal to you, maybe they will inspire you in other ways to do something with your partner like take a hike, a yoga class, cook together or do some art. Even if you’re afraid you’ll be bad at it, try something new. Our partners need stimulation just like we do and when we put in the effort to make the relationship better, the fruit grows. You just can’t expect a relationship to get better without doing SOMETHING. The ball is in your court. You don’t have to spend a fortune or force him to do anything; just try to do something light hearted at least a few times each week.

Remember, balance is key. We need to work and we need to play. We need to love and we need to experience the full spectrum of life with and without our partner. We play many roles as women and they should all be enjoyable and fun. Do it with all your heart and forgive yourself when it doesn’t seem perfect. If we spend more time thinking about how we can add positively to our relationship instead of what we don’t like about what the other person is doing, magic happens.

There is an endless amount of fun games to play with your boyfriend. It’s the element of fun we are seeking and when we focus on it, that helps us with worrying about the future or harboring on the past. It often helps us see where we may have been exaggerating and being too serious. So try to add some fun into your relationship on a regular basis, and you will see the positivity grow.

If you have found some inspiration in these words, share this with your friends and leave any other fun ideas below, and be sure to check out the other fun topics I write about for this magazine.

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