How To Have Amazing Valentine’s Day As A Single Woman

How to have a great Valentine's Day as a single woman? Although it might sound scary, we will help you. You can have fun being single on Valentine’s Day!

How to have a great Valentine’s Day as a single is a question many women ask themselves. After all, if you’ve been dating without having a serious relationship for years, it can start to feel a bit tedious. And that will one day rub it in your face. Not to mention if you just broke up with someone and then, suddenly, everywhere you turn there are people running around with roses and teddy bears! Horrors! So let’s focus on creating a great day no matter what.

Do a surprise girls night

girls night

Why do you need a man, when you could just go out and have a date with one of your girlfriends?

The idea with Valentine’s is that you and your man surprise each other with something really memorable and have the time of your lives. So do that with a friend instead. If you have a friend who knows you really well, she’s sure to figure out something you’d love to do and vice versa. Either plan your date together, surprise each other with one thing each on the night or do it on two separate dates. You could even swap gifts.

The issue in many relationships is that couples don’t properly communicate what their wants and needs are and, as a result, end up feeling miserable. Now, with your friend, you have the chance to give each other great experiences, making lists of things you both love beforehand so that you can come up with something ingenious. No romance, but then all of life isn’t about romance.

Hit the road

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, so why not have a romantic experience in a place you find to be the most romantic place ever? Like, say, Paris? Who knows, you could even find yourself a man there!

Or maybe you always dreamed of seeing the sunset over the red rocks in Arizona? Or spend a day and night in New York?

Set out for an adventure. Do something out of the ordinary. Travel some place new that you think is romantic. Open the door to romance in general!

Go on a weekend getaway

How to have a great Valentine’s Day as a singleton might be the question, but the truth is many couples don’t celebrate until the weekend. You could follow suit. Go on a road trip somewhere, hit the spa with the girls, or participate in a yoga/arts/dance workshop for a weekend.

You don’t need a man to treat you to weekend getaways – you could arrange them yourself. Or, if you like a surprise, have a friend organize it one week/month and you do it the next. Just be sure not to sit and wait around for a man for the sake of weekend getaways!

Fifty Shades


If you want to avoid snug couples, the cinema is probably not the place to go on Valentine’s, but let’s face it: there will be lots of women going with their friends to see Fifty Shades Darker on Valentine’s. If nothing else because when they get a boyfriend he will not want to see them drool over Mr Gray.

If you want to make it more exciting, gather some erotic books and sex tips and go through them with the girlies afterward/beforehand. Then you’re prepared for when next you meet a man like Mr Grey. In fact, you might end up seducing him instead of the other way around.

Go on a chocolate binge

I don’t understand what people have against emotional eating – it can be incredibly beneficial at times. First, have a salad. It will make you feel good.

Then get your girlfriends together and bake a ginormous chocolate cake, which you consume whilst watching the Bridget Jones Diary movies (I find Bridget movies as effective as chocolate cake when it comes to improving my mood), or writing down your goals for parts of your life that do not involve men. Girlpower.

If a man does not buy you chocolate – buy it yourself. An excellent motto.

Get an adrenaline rush

If you want to feel good, adrenaline is as useful as chocolate. The two combined swallowed down with a cup of coffee (instant mood enhancer) will probably bring you to Nirvana. Om.

Ziplining, paragliding, even paintballing could work. Get that adrenaline flowing. It will make you forget all about men. Especially if you find yourself high up in the sky when petrified of heights.

Just be sure not to do something stupid. After all, broken legs and Valentine’s don’t go together. Unless you meet a sexy doctor at the hospital that is.

Feeling frisky?

sexy woman in red

How to have a great Valentine’s Day as a singleton without any sweet lovin’…ah, well, can’t really solve that problem, but you could attend a burlesque, pole dancing or striptease class. You could even go to Vegas and attend them. That would possibly solve that problem too because there are plenty of hot dudes in Vegas.

Not that I recommend one night stands. Just saying. But I got sidetracked – classes that are frisky, that was the topic! There are lots of people teaching tantra, orgasmic meditation (OM) and so forth. There’s absolutely no excuse not to be involved in frisky activities on Valentine’s even as a singleton. If nothing else it would be good practice for your bachelorette party. Just don’t start thinking about the missing husband.

Do yoga

Go to yoga. Tone your body.

Meditate. Tone your mind.

Have a salad. Invigorate yourself.

Light a candle. Enter bliss.

See, you can feel good without a man.

Attend a singles event

Who says you can’t meet the love of your life on Valentine’s Day? Not me.

Just be sure to find a singles event that sounds like good fun, so in case you don’t meet your match you’ll still have had tons of fun.

Just do it

woman bungee jumping

Use Valentine’s as an excuse to do something you always wanted to do but never dared. Or start that course you always dreamed of but never got round to. Do one thing that you know will change your life for the better.

Pamper yourself

Whatever you do, love yourself. Do something that makes you feel good, whether it be relaxing with a glass of wine and a romance novel in the hot tub, attending a new class at the gym, or having a night out with the girls.

Make sure you take care of your mind, body, and soul. You’re loved and lovable even without a boyfriend. Be sure to treat yourself as nice as you want a man to. You deserve it.

That’s it! I hope you found some ideas for how to have a great Valentine’s Day as a singleton!

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