20 Reasons Why Men Fake Orgasms

Wondering why men fake orgasms? It’s because your vagina is too big. Joking! Well, maybe not. Still, that might not be the only reason. There are many reasons why men might fake an orgasm here and there, and it’s really not a big deal. If you really want to know, there are many possible reasons why men might fake orgasms. Read this article and see our list of twenty possible reasons why the only thing coming was a huge question mark.

1. He doesn’t have any more time for sex, so he said he had an orgasm and he’s done. “How I met your mother” is going to air anytime!

2. Your vagina is too big.

3. He drank too much whiskey and now he can’t come. He doesn’t want to say it because he doesn’t want you to suggest an AA meeting.

Man with alchocol dring

4. He understands it might take him a while and thinks you’re probably exhausted.

5. He wants to get in touch with his female side, so he does what he thinks women do best – fake an orgasm.

6. He really wants a sandwich.

7. He doesn’t want you to think he’s a freak, but he can have sex for 5 hours.

8. His other girlfriend is going to come 20 minutes after you go, but if he has an orgasm, what’s left for her?

9. He heard about tantric sex, so he’s going to postpone the climax of his pleasure. He’ll finish the job himself.

10. He’s really tired and wants to sleep now, so he’ll say he’s done.

11. He really can’t get off without Sasha Gray. He needs her help!

12. Whenever he actually comes, he says something really nasty. He’s afraid of your reaction.

13. He wants to impress you by doing it 3 times in two hours, so you’d see him as somewhat of a stud. He can’t do that if he actually does have an orgasm.

14. He thinks you want to trick him into getting you pregnant.

15. He used cocaine.

16. The sex wasn’t good enough to get him to come, but he didn’t want to hurt your feelings.

Unhappy couple in bed

17. He couldn’t stop thinking about his mother.

18. He saw you already had an orgasm, so he thought he’s done for the day and isn’t actually a big sex fan.

19. You farted.

20. Why care? You did it, anyway!

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