6 Things Every Woman Should Try at Least Once (in Bed)

Some tips for sex should be practiced daily, and this time we give you those that every woman should pay attention to and try at least once. Certainly you will ask - Why? Well, because you never know you might like it!

1. Be Selfish in Bed

Have sex like a man! No, wait, it’s not fair. Have sex like a loser you slept with only once, and who did not care if you had an orgasm or not. For a change, this time your pleasure comes first. Tell your partner what you really want and at least this one time don’t even think if he’s enjoying it or not.

But remember, this selfishness should not become a habit (although it might be a tad bit addictive). Your partner is likely to be shocked or surprised by the change, because as some people would say: ‘A woman who knows what she wants in sex, is not even half as sexy as the one that dares to ask.’

2. Oh Yes!

Who would have guessed that one small tube of lubricant can do so much good to your sex life! There are many factors that can affect a woman’s ‘natural lubrication’: dehydration, pills, stress, pregnancy, antidepressants, and even breastfeeding. But it’s not because you enjoy sex any less. Using a lubricant increases pleasure, try and see for yourself!

3. Think about Doing Something Scandalous

Woman in the bed with high heels

Some women like to wear stockings and garters. Most is wearing sexy lingerie while pulling of a seduction act, but many women complain that sometimes these ‘props’ are uncomfortable. If the sexy and sleek lingerie is not your choice, put on some shoes with high heels and a silk negligee – and go out with your Honey.

4. Watch Porn with Your Partner

Just as sex toys can be great for achieving mutual satisfaction, porn is also something you and your partner can enjoy together. Porn films can spice up your sex life and they are even better if you see them in company. It’s an instant turn on and who knows – maybe you’ll learn something new.

5. Practice Delayed Satisfaction

couple 44

Ah, foreplay. Foreplay can last all day if you want it to. A couple that is in a long and stable relationship can easily forget those initial periods of seduction. Start the morning with warming up game. The sex does not have to happen right away, delay the satisfaction to the evening and then enjoy each other while continuing where you left off.

6. Stop Chasing an Orgasm

If in some cases you don’t achieve an orgasm, don’t perceive it as if it was the end of the world. Sometimes the chase and the stress of achieving an orgasm can exactly be the reason you didn’t have one. Sometimes you should just relax and focus on the sex itself, not the orgasm. Instead of the obsession about the destination, enjoy the ride.

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