69 Oral Sex Position

Learn how to master the 69 oral sex position for erotic mutual pleasure and foreplay.

Is the 69 Oral Sex Position everything it Promises to be?

Mutual masturbation and mutual oral sex both have their plus points and negatives. In theory it is the perfect way for both partners to receive sexual stimulation during foreplay, but the reality of the matter is that trying to focus on receiving this kind of localized pleasure whilst also trying to concentrate on giving it can be distracting to say the least!

The trick is not to think about the destination (orgasm). When you assume the 69 oral sex position to give and receive genital stimulation mutually, take your time and play around. It is important to make the experience one in which you include each other in what you are doing by catching each other’s eye, observing each other’s reactions, asking what feels good, and taking breaks to focus on one person’s pleasure for a while and vice versa. Good mutual oral sex is about good communication and good sharing.

How to do it

The most comfortable way to enjoy the 69 oral sex position is to lie side by side, facing each other at opposite ends so that you both have access and a clear view of each other’s genital areas. Don’t make it all about reaching orgasm though. Think of this as foreplay and exploration that may or may not lead to an orgasm, it may lead to another sex position and penetration instead, who knows?

Think outside of the box too. You don’t only have you mouth and tongue; you also have your hands and fingers. There isn’t just his penis to play with either; what about his balls, his bum, his thighs, his perineum and his anus? Take your time and enjoy yourself.

Don’t forget to let him know when he is doing something you really like too by stopping to enjoy it, making sounds to express your pleasure, or asking him to suck a little harder or put his fingers in a little deeper.

Talking about what feels good can be a turn on for both of you, especially if you focus on encouragement rather than criticism.

Alternative 69 Sex Positions

Try some of these alternative ways to enjoy the 69 Sex Position.

  1. Instead of lying side by side, let him lie on his back while you crouch over him, with your bodies aligned so that you control the pressure of his tongue as you lower your clit down towards his face. This is a great angle for you to give him a blowjob to.
  1. Do the 69 on a fluffy rug in front of a rustic fireplace for some added romance.
  1. Position mirrors around you so that you can both enjoy alternative views of each other from different angles to turn you both on even more.

Describe Your 69 Sex Position Experiences…

Since you’re thinking of oral sex positions, you might as well perfect your techniques!

Share your oral sex tips and tricks by leaving your comments below. What do you like to do to your boyfriend while in the 69 sex position?

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