7 Reasons Bad Sex Is Worse Than No Sex At All

We all love sex—there’s no doubt about that. So, it's natural that people believe bad sex is better than no sex at all. In reality, it’s quite the opposite.

Not all sex can be good sex. It’s inevitable that more than just a few of your bedroom sessions are going to be a serious let downs. Sometimes, it’s no one’s fault, and other times it’s because of a lack of talent, know-how or willingness to participate.

When it comes to having sex, though, we’d all rather to have it no matter how it is, right? Wrong. Bad sex is much worse than no sex at all.

1. It makes you more sexually frustrated

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When you spend 15 minutes to an hour with no climax to finish you off, not only are you let down at the end of it all, you actually want good sex that much more. You’re even more sexually driven and turned on because you just added fuel to the horny fire.

When it comes to preserving your sexual drive for something that’s worth it, the best way to go is to avoid bad sex if possible. If it’s the first time and you’re unaware of how bad it’s going to be, well that’s just bad luck more than anything else.

2. You can get adventurous with pleasuring yourself

Instead of having bad sex with someone, get a little adventurous with yourself. You know best what you like and it’s easy to reach climax when you’re hitting all your spots. The best part about it is that you don’t have to worry about not getting there or staring at the ceiling, wishing it would end.

You will never be disappointed when you pleasure yourself while waiting for the hottest sex of your life to return, so it’s better to just go with yourself instead of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Research different ways to do it, buy yourself a sex toy or even dabble in some porn if you’re a little on the shy side when it comes to getting yourself off. Everyone should know how to please themselves and when you aren’t having sex at all it’s the best way to give yourself that much-needed sexual release.

3. You’ll want to jump into bed with someone else that much more

You may end up sleeping with someone you don’t necessarily want to sleep with so you can rid yourself of the memory of the terrible sex you just had. There’s nothing wrong with consensual and safe casual sex, but it’s not something that all people are okay with. The problem is that even if you’re one of those people who isn’t into casual sex, you may stray from your ideals just to get off, and that’s not a good thing.

4. It’s unnecessary disappointment

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When having bad sex with someone you already know is going to be bad, you’re basically setting yourself up for a let down. There’s enough disappointment in the world without literally having it thrust upon you. Waiting for good sex will be much more satisfying even if you feel as though you can barely wait any longer for that release.

5. It makes things awkward

After all is said and done and you’re both laying there naked on opposite sides of the bed, the awkward silence could be almost too much to bear. The worst part about it is that if you have an otherwise decent relationship—or friendship if it’s a friends with benefits type thing—it’s going to kill it.

It’s hard to go back from bad sex to good sex with someone you’re not already dating, so being able to overcome this issue is going to be too much work and most people don’t want to bother with it. You shouldn’t either.

6. If it’s really bad, you’ll never forget it

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The stench of really bad sex can haunt you for years to come, and who wants that type of memory? Sure, it can be a really good anecdote, but eventually you’ll just want to forget it even happened.

You’ll have to put it into your regret jar and hope that you don’t add to it in the future because, let’s face it, any regret is too much.

7. It’s a waste of energy

Sex can be a good workout, but if it’s not going to have a happy ending, then you’re better off just heading to the gym and doing some cardio. There’s nothing worse than wasting time on something that’s going to just disappoint you in the end. Bad sex is one of those things. Sex is never supposed to be a waste of time or energy if you’re doing it right and it can actually make your life that much better.

If it’s going to be bad, raise those endorphins at the gym, go home, pleasure yourself and sleep in your big comfortable bed happy as a clam.

If the sex is bad, it’s better to just have no sex at all, at least in my opinion. What are your opinions on bad sex versus no sex?

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