7 Tips to Set Up the Mood for Sex

Men are pretty much always up for it. If you want to really drive him crazy make an effort! Here is how to set up the mood for sex.

The action itself is crucial of course, but those little things that you do beforehand can surprise your boyfriend and make the whole thing so much more special. Never underestimate your power to seduce and conquer!

1. Two’s Company!

A nice, quiet space that’s just for you two is absolutely necessary. Make sure that you’re all alone; you don’t want anyone to interrupt your magic moment, right? So, if you don’t have your own place get rid of the roommates for a day or something and make sure that no one disturbs you.

Also, turn off your cell phones, the TV and anything else that can ruin the romantic atmosphere. Get some nice sheets, candles, lingerie, whatever you feel will make it more special. All those little details are important to set the mood and make it a memorable night!

2. Turn the Music on!

Music is an absolute must! Sure, you’re probably going to completely tune it out later, when you get really into some, uh, other stuff (hint, hint ;)), but it’s definitely great for setting the mood.

So get a CD with all the songs you think are fitting with the atmosphere you’re trying to make.

Wanna turn up the heat tonight? Then turn up the volume on one of these 20 sexy songs made with love for love. Trust us, they work.

Sex is quite audible, so add sound into your sex life, whether through moaning or music (or best through both). However, sex and music are much more than that. It’s a way of getting into rhythm with your sexual partner, it’s feeling the words of a song through your lovemaking, it’s expressing yourself when you don’t have any other way of expressing yourself.

3. Shut Everything off!

Set Up the Mood for Sex

Don’t think about your terrible boss, you laundry at the dry cleaners, credit card debt or anything else! Those thoughts don’t belong in your bedroom and this is not the time to think of possible solutions to your many problems. Even if you’re really stressed – just try and let it go, at least for the night!

The only thing these kinds of thoughts can do is spoil your special moment! Focus on the connection and the love you share with your partner! Remember, the better the mood the better the sex!

4. Cook for Him!

The way to his heart is through his stomach, trust me! Surprise you man – even with some simple dishes, if cooking isn’t really your thing. It’s not about what you make, at all.

Pastas are always the safe way to go. Preparing a romantic meal for your favorite man isn’t difficult if you use one of these delicious, decadent recipes.

However, if you can’t pull that off either there’s a cure for that too! Put on a sexy outfit and just pretend to get something done in the kitchen. He’ll want you so bad, eating will be the last thing on his mind! He so won’t care you skipped that meal!

5. Take a Shower, Together!

Couple shower

It’s great foreplay! A quick shower, lustful touches and a few kisses are going to make him want you like never before. Next, grab a towel and lead him to the bedroom for the real show.

6. Sensual Massage Time!

This is so old school, but works like a charm! Offer him a massage and he will know exactly what you want. Basically, no matter how bad you are at giving massages you can’t screw it up from that moment on – he’ll get in the mood!

Use massage oils, light up some candles and start rubbing! You get your turn later of course, I mean, if he’s a true gentleman! Until then, play a little with it, make it last longer than it should and then turn up the heat a bit with some kisses and ‘inappropriate’ touching! He’s not going to be able to keep his hands off you!

If you are planning on giving your boyfriend a massage he’ll won’t forget, just follow these simple steps

7. Dirty Talk!

Woman behind a man

You’ve probably done it during sex, but how ‘bout starting a bit sooner this time? Trust me, it can be a huge turn on for both of you! Get comfortable and let your tongue loose! Tell him what you want or what you want to do to him. Make this conversation last as long as possible, although it won’t be easy. But mind you, those who talk the talk better know how to walk the walk!

Don’t be afraid to get out of your way a little bit, even though you don’t necessarily need to! Don’t even wait for a special opportunity to do so! Try out some of these tricks and he will be thrilled. It’s like hitting the refresh button on your sex life – sometimes it’s just what needs to be done!

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