7 Ways You Can Really Heat Up Your Sex Life

Is your sex life less than hot? Are you running out of ideas of ways to please your guy? We’ve all been there. Sometimes the sex isn’t what it used to be. When that happens, these 7 tips can really heat up your sex life and take you and your guy back to those fiery first weeks.

It happens to all couples. One day we’re in the throws of passion and the next we’re going to sleep at ten o’clock on a Friday night. Even more frustrating are those times we look at our partner and think “I’d like to have sex, but it’s gotten so boring.”

Sex often becomes routine in a relationship, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Here are 7 great ways (and places) to make sex interesting again.

#1 The Bed

If you’re like most women, you prefer to have sex in the comfort of your bed. Not everyone finds sex in strange places a turn on. That being said, there’s nothing boring about your bed. You can spice up your sex life by wearing a naughty negligée or pulling out the toys.

If you have a vibrator, use it with your partner. Have him use your toy on you as he’s giving you oral sex (yregular orgasms are the best way to keep sex hot!).

#2 The Rest of the House


If you’re bored with your bed, then don’t be a stranger to playing in other places. You can really heat up your sex life by simply changing the room you’re having sex in. Sex on the stairs or in the shower will instantly intensify your desire (because both of these places are sexy and spontaneous).

Also, don’t be afraid to just get him going when you’re cuddling on the couch. Take control of the sex when he least expects it. Most women wait for their partner to be in the mood, but you will heat things up by being the first to initiate it.

#3 Go Shopping Together

Another great way to heat up your sex life is to go shopping together. I don’t mean shopping for clothes or groceries, I mean sex shopping.

Just about every town has a sex shop of some kind. You can find anything from light porn to whips and chains in these stores. Trust me, it’s a lot of fun! If you take your lover with you to a sex shop, not only will you get some creative ideas of things to do to him tonight, but you might just find that there are some things you get turned on by, that even you didn’t know.

#4 Role Playing

Role playing is the easiest way to try something new. Now, I will say that most people aren’t very good at it the first few times they play (dirty talk and theatre don’t always come naturally). That’s okay, you don’t have to be good at it, most of it’s in the outfit.

Men are visual creatures. When it comes to sex, most men are more turned on by visual stimulation than by mental stimulation (the opposite is true for women). Role playing is a little bit of both.

Plus, you can be anything when you role play. Do you want to be the French maid while he pretends to be a billionaire playboy? Well, now’s your chance. If you’re not quite ready to put on the little maid costume and grab a feather duster, start simple. Even some sexy pirate talk can turn your bedroom into a swashbuckling adventure!

#5 Food

Food and sex are the ultimate combination when it comes to putting the spice back into things (no pun intended). You can really heat up your sex life by adding a little bit of flavor to to your evening (pun definitely intended).

Many first time sex foodies opt to use the basics: Whipped cream in a can, a little bit of honey, and chocolate syrup go a long way. If you don’t know what to do, let me make it easy for you. Anywhere you want to lick…that’s where you drizzle the chocolate.

#6 Ice


Ice cubes are fabulous for heating up your sex life. You don’t have to go to the store, you don’t have to worry about staining the sheets, and you don’t have to do anything special.

The trick to using an ice cube is to rub it gently along the most sensitive areas of your lover’s skin. Any erogenous zone can be rubbed with a little ice to make his skin moire sensitive to your touch.

Also, use some shaved ice in your mouth when performing oral sex. This sexy little trick works for both of you, and you will orgasm like never before! By the way, for some really cool oral sex tricks and techniques, you should our other article:


#7 Hot Tea

Another great way to heat up your sex life is to use heat. Make yourself a cup of hot tea or coffee and let it cool to a little hotter than luke warm. You don’t want it to be too hot, but you need to be able to feel the warmth in your mouth.

Once it gets to the right temperature, put a little in your mouth as you perform oral sex. This is absolutely guaranteed to blow his mind! Let him try it on you, as well.

The best way to really heat up your sex life is to enjoy sex. I can’t say it any simpler than that. If you really enjoy having sex with your guy, then you will want to have sex often. Usually when couples get into a routine, or a sort of sexual rut, it’s because the fun is gone. You don’t have to pull out the whips and chains (although you most certainly can if you have them) and you don’t have to be an acrobat to get your sex life back in motion.

Try a little light bondage or some daring foot play under the tablecloth at a nice restaurant. What spicy ways can you think of to get your sex life going strong again?

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