How to Seduce Your Boyfriend With an Erotic Lap Dance

Become the woman in his secret fantasies by learning how to give your boyfriend an erotic lap dance - a sexy foreplay idea!

# Do You Want to Make Your Boyfriend Worship You?

Every guy has his secret fantasy woman who inhabits a rather large section of his brain that is dedicated to his sexy imaginings… So why not make sure that woman is you? It’s really easy, all you have to do is get him to see in a different light; a completely different light. A light so different in fact, that he wouldn’t be able to shake his horny visuals even if the previous fantasy woman showed up on his doorstep! How to do it? Learn how to give your guy an erotic Lap Dance…

# Why Do You Need?

  1. A Sexy Outfit – First and foremost you need to plan your attire. You need something that makes you feel amazing! It must be something you feel confident enough to strut around in. Depending on whether you intend to integrate a strip tease into your lap dance you might want to consider how you design your layers so that you can gradually remove each piece of clothing to reveal a little womanly something for your lover to drool over…
  2. The Right Soundtrack – Think about the tone you want to set. How do you want him to see you? As a sensual Belly-dancing Goddess? A hip break-dancing schoolgirl? A terrifyingly seductive bad girl? Make sure your song fits the bill, and make sure you know your song inside out, especially if you plan on choreographing your sexy dance!
  3. A Chair – Decide where you want your man to sit while he watched you. Do you want to be able to dance around him? Do you want him sitting on a low couch looking up at you as you straddle him on it? Do you want him to watch you from the bed because he will be tied to it while you do a dominatrix kind of dance?
  4. A Mental Plan – Being organized and prepared will give you confidence, so make sure you know exactly what you are doing, and design your dance so that it builds his anticipation as he watches.

# What Does a Lap Dance Involve?

You don’t have to be a great dancer to give a highly effective erotic lap dance. All you need is to know your own body, and how to walk around and move it in ways that show it off. Most of the work is done by what you are wearing, so make sure that you give him the eye candy that will be guaranteed to turn him on. Getting the setting just right will do the rest, and then it is all about the slow tease… This means seducing him with the way you move, what you reveal to him and how you do it, and making lots of sexy eye contact!

# What makes a Lap Dance Work?

The key to a successful lap dance if you want to turn your boyfriend on and not just have a giggle, is to be confident. You don’t have to have the most amazing body in the world, but you do have to feel sexy with what you have! Remember that your lover will not be focusing on body flaws when he has a woman seductively undressing for him, so you have nothing to feel insecure about. You have all the power, and once you get your head around just how much power you have in this position, you will really start to enjoy yourself, and probably want to do it again and again!

# Sexy Tips for Erotic Lap Dancing

  1. Whether you have already told him beforehand that you want to give him a lap dance, or whether it is a spontaneous surprise, you will have to tell him the rules. I suggest you set the scene ahead of time and then when he enters the room and looks around you can smile and ask him to take a seat. Once he sits down you can explain to him that you don’t want him to leave the seat, and give him any further instructions, like the fact that he isn’t allowed to touch you, or he’s only allowed to touch or kiss what you offer to him!
  2. Go for sexy layers when you choose your outfit, with a variety of materials. Think about what you want him to see, for example, perhaps when you take your top off you don’t want him to immediately see your underwear, so could you wear a sexy bodice underneath, or a sheer camisole with no bra? Think about what will appeal to his fantasies on an erotic level. If you are wearing a pencil skirt, rather than taking it off completely, could you bend over to reveal stockings? Are you wearing a suspender belt? When you straddle him on the sofa during your Lap Dance would it be sexier if you hitched your skirt up to your thighs to reveal your naughty garter?
  3. Maintain eye contact with a sexy straight face too increase the tension between you both. Make sure your eyes are done up with dark sexy make-up to enhance their seductive potential.
  4. What about your hair? Why not wear it up to begin with so that you can gradually unpin it later as the dance gets into full swing?
  5. Practice you sexy moves so that you feel confident and know what you want him to see. A sexy Lap Dance is less about the dancing and more about showing off your body and seducing him. In fact you don’t necessarily have to dance at all! As long as you are walking around in the space and moving your body slowly and purposefully, he will be turned on! Think about how dirty you want to go… Are you going for a classy dance or a slutty one? The tone will tell you what kind of moves to make. For example, if you are going for class you might want to suggestively bend over to reveal your cleavage, but if you are going for slutty you’ll bend over to touch the floor with your legs spread wide so that he gets a winning view of your ass in a thong!

Share Your Lap Dancing Stories

Pretty much every girl has either given or though about giving her boyfriend a lap dance. Share your experiences, thoughts and fantasies with us and discuss your own lap dancing tips and techniques by leaving your comments below!

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