8 Things Guys Notice When You Get Naked

The notion that men will find flaws with your body when you undress is something that exists only in the mind of a woman. While it is true that there are things that guys notice when you get naked, the truth is that men rarely see flaws in a woman’s body.

As far as men are concerned, the first and probably only thing we notice when you undress is the mystery of a woman’s body. Condescending as this may sound, it is true for almost every man.

Seeing any woman naked for the first time is even more mind blowing. It takes a long time, sometimes, several months of sharing a roof with you, before we can start getting used to seeing your naked body.

Yet, even then, seeing, a different woman naked for the first time will get us floored, yet again. It makes no difference if that woman is your twin sister (heaven forbid), we will be astounded, all the same.

And as stated, earlier, we rarely notice anything on this first encounter. There is no time for that. Our brain goes on lockdown, almost, like by the flip of a switch, and the loins take over. Unfortunately, the loins are not known for good observation skills, let alone, good reasoning.

With our crotch, now in full control, all we want at this point is to have sex with you, there and then. Should we, by any chance, notice anything at all, then it will only be those things that fuel the very fire of our sexual desire –your breasts, the texture of your skin, your hips – damn!

It is only after sex (why else would you undress), very long after sex that our thinking capacity gets restored and we start taking in the intricacies of the divine design that is a woman’s body.

Beauty, they say, lies is in the eyes of the beholder and every man has his own concept of what defines beauty in a woman’s body. It is not a coincidence that you ended up with him, unless, of course, you tricked him.

Otherwise, the reason you ended up with him is because he pre-selected you. He was attracted to you, specifically, because you posses elements that define his idea of beauty in a woman.

And it is those individual elements that we, now, start to appreciate. If you should know (of course, you do), here are some of the features that, almost, always make every man’s list:

1. Your Breasts

We all have suckled on those things during our infancy, men and women alike. Yet, somehow, from adolescence till death, those puppies never stop to mesmerize men. Even men as old as 90 years (with good sight, of course), will drop their jaws at the sight of a pair of pointed breasts.

Just observing a woman’s boobs at close quarters can be quite an experience. And because no two pairs are identical, seeing and feeling any woman’s breasts for the first is a magical moment. The way they stand, at attention, may be, like a pair of soldiers; or sagging gracefully, nipples shyly peering forward from below. Or the way the nipples frown at a rubbing finger; or yet, again, the firm but delicate feel of the breast in the palm of our hand.

Such is the power of breasts that not even King Solomon, the wealthiest and the wisest man who ever lived, could ignore their spell. They are like two fawns, he said, twins of a gazelle that browse among the lilies – the greatest king that ever lived had to take time from ruling his kingdom to find just the right words to describe what grows on your chest.

2. Scent of a Woman

Every woman comes packaged with a distinct, natural scent and it can leave quite an impression on a man. Probably the best way to understand this is to consider the behaviour of a stallion or a bull after it has sensed the scent of a female on heat. There is nothing that cab be done to stop it. No fence is strong enough and no whipping is hard enough to keep it away from the female.

Well, while those animals can smell that scent from miles away, humans can only catch it on close contact. But once a man catches it, the fire that is ignited inside him is no less intense than what those animals feel. The only difference, though, is that human beings are cultured and can only behave in a particular way even when their reasoning capacity has been compromised as is mostly the case during sexual encounters.

So if the sight of a naked woman is mind blowing, the scent of the woman is the silent and invisible biological weapon that is equally devastating. It is unique, unmistakable, captivating and delirious. That one we never miss. And we never forget.

3. Your Booty

Everyone needs something to sit on but as far as men are concerned, women’s buttocks were designed, firstly, for sexual attraction with sitting coming a distant second. When a woman walks past a man and he happens to turn to for a second opinion, he always looks at your booty. While a woman’s buttocks may not be on the same level as beasts in terms of their sexual appeal, women’s buttocks are just as captivating. The bigger, firmer, rounder, curvier your sexy booty, the more he’ll want you.

Again, different men prefer different types of booty. Others prefer large or bootilicious behinds. Others want them slim and tight while others are all after the shape regardless of the size – rounded, flat. The point being made, here, is that there is a man who prefers your type of booty. And he will take his time to appreciate it even more when he sees it up close and naked.

Still, the main thing is that you feel sexy about your booty and that you work on improving it. Your confidence then just makes your booty look even better. It’s how you wear it that counts as well.

4. Your Legs

Legs – and not feet – are amongst the top things men admire in a woman, especially when she is naked. But for some reason, women think that men will notice and find fault with their feet. Unless you have hooves for feet, men rarely take note of your feet because feet have no sexual appeal.

You will be very lucky to get a correct answer from your man if you asked him to tell you the colour of nail polish you have had on your toenails for the past week. Our sexual meter does not read feet.

Legs, yes. A man’s mind will instantly read the shape and length of a woman’s legs from several meters away. There is no explanation as to why the dimensions of women’s legs came to gain sexual currency amongst men but, somehow, they are very highly valued.

Long legs, in particular, happen to have a large following amongst the male human species. Some men prefer shapely legs, regardless of the length. Others love them short and sturdy.

But unlike other body parts, the legs of a woman, especially the thighs, tend to have the most impact on men when they are partially covered – in a mini-skirt or a short nightdress usually work wonders.

Now, when it comes to your legs, what men notice is how smooth your skin is… and whether you have cellulite or not. Most men don’t notice cellulite that much, unless you’ve got a lot of it. And really, it doesn’t make you more attractive. Cellulite is a display that you are not completely healthy and that’s what men look at from an evolutionary perspective. Don’t worry, there are many ways you can get rid of it quickly and naturally.

5. The Shape of Your Body

While individual parts of your body will get our attention on their own accord, the entire shape of your body is something that, rarely, escapes our attention. As you may be aware, your body structure is one of the things that attract men to you at first sight.

The shape of your body captivates us the moment we see you walking or standing: tall and slender, short and stout, whichever way you are built. It is this curiosity that makes us take a closer look at the shape of your body as you lie naked besides us.

Different men are attracted to different shapes of women. Some men prefer curvaceous women, others like them slim, while, yet, others love a little bit more meat on a woman. Rest assured, there is a man whose ideal shape of woman body looks, exactly, like yours.

So, whatever shape you may have, be assured that it will mesmerize some man, as you lie there, naked, resting on your side or walking across the room. And when they see what they love, they just cannot help but adore it.

6. Your Skin

couple near window hugging

The colour and texture of a woman’s body tends to have an emotional appeal for men. Women who cover up a lot tend to have a different skin tone under the hood.

This is, particularly, common for those staying in the tropics where it is hot and sunny. The protection of clothing tends to create a different tone on the part that usually stays covered. While this phenomenon can be very common amongst women of colour, caucasian women, too, tend to have that different texture on the parts that usually stay covered.

Just looking at this can be very captivation for a man. Remember how a leg can be more attractive when partially covered? Well, a partially uncovered thigh showing a different tone from the rest of the leg will actually get men aroused.

But toned or not, a woman’s skin is a beautiful thing to touch. The texture of women’s skin is very difference from men’s, which tends to be rough. A woman’s skin has a tendency to be soft, sometimes, with a touch of velvet, which can be very exciting to a man’s fingers.

7. Your Body Marks

There is nothing sexual about body marks yet they still get our attention. Birthmarks, warts, moles, they all catch our eye. Birthmarks are particular interesting to us and are often the subject of some odd and silly questions. ‘Does it hurt? How and when did it end up there?’ It is a birthmark, silly. It has been there since birth. And, no, birthmarks do not hurt.

And, then, there are tattoos. Much as we would like to hear all the stories behind them, we usually tread carefully, here. Unless, of course, you had ‘John was here’ tattooed below your navel. That one will attract a couple of pointed questions, usually, ending with a request to have it removed or to have our own stamped next to it – only bigger and brighter.

8. Your Genital Area

And why is this down here, you may ask? Was it not supposed to be the first item? The answer to that is an emphatic ‘no’. You see, despite popular beliefs, your genital area has very little sexual appeal to men. At least, compared to other parts of your body like the breasts, for instance. In as far as sex is concerned, a woman’s genitals are designed for the actual act of sex and not for sexual attraction. By the time we get to your genital area, the process of attraction has long been completed.

The irony of it all is that the elements that rank highly in attracting men to women have almost no role to play in the actual sexual act. The breasts may be, but even they are not that indispensable: men do not have sex with breast.

But men do take notice of a woman’s private parts, which is, mostly, after sex. The lay of the mound, your pubic hairstyle – shaved, natural or trimmed – is all a joy to behold and caress. It may be a small area, tucked away between a pair of legs, but such is its power that, for centuries, men have murdered each other and nations have gone to war over it.

All in all, men will admire and not find flaws with your body. A man who says bad things about your body and your looks is just being mean. He would say the same things about Miss Universe. It has nothing to do with your look. If anything, if you feel your body is flawed and you show that you are not confident about your looks, the first thing your man will do is to reassure you and make you feel good and proud about your body.

And that is all because of one reason: you are not flawed. You are unique. And there is a man for you, one who will go nuts because of what you look like – naked.

About the author

Dave Martinez

A father of five children from four different mothers, Dave is 44 years old and married. Of his five children, four are boys aged 15, 15, 12 and 8 while his first born and only daughter is 23 with a child of her own.


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  • Yeah you had me until the last one. My wife’s generals are still and always were one of the main attractions. Near perfect I must say

  • You’re not flawed unless you have cellulite…load of twaddle.
    Cellulite is something a lot of women have and even very healthy women have it. You might want to do some research

  • I agreed to almost everything but many healthy women who work out still have cellulite. It’s a natural occurrence??‍♀️