How to Overcome Your Shyness and Give Him a Night He’ll Never Forget

Are you planning some time alone with your man tonight and want to make it unforgettable but you’re normally a little shy in the bedroom? Do you want to know how to create a night that will make him wonder what took you from being a soft, cuddly kitten to an out-of-control tigress who looks at him like he’s a piece of well-seasoned meat?

When it comes to the bedroom, a lot of ladies are quiet and reserved, afraid to do anything new. Even if you’re open to the idea, you may not be willing to take the risk of doing something that either makes you look foolish or turns out not to be quite what your partner had in mind.

But, what if you did have the confidence and courage to be that sex goddess you’ve always dreamt to be? What if you were able to take charge and show your man that you are sexually divine?

Well, prepare yourself, because here is your opportunity to become Queen of the Bedroom, Princess Passion and any other title you think suits you in your new role. Here are the keys to unleashing the woman within that can satisfy her guy on levels most men only dream of:

Prepare yourself

Prepare yourself 2

If you want to be the sex icon of your dreams (and his), you can’t just wing it. You have to take the time to prepare yourself because if you don’t, you may just find yourself chickening out and not having the self-confidence to go outside your comfort zone. How do you get yourself ready?

Do the things that make you feel sexy. Shave your legs, tweeze your eyebrows, give yourself a manicure or get your hair done. By spending some time and making yourself beautiful and seductive, it will be easier to get in the mood mentally because you’ll feel the part.

Prepare him too

Anticipation of sex can be just as exciting as the act itself, so you’ll want to let him know that you have some good things in store for him. Send him racy texts or pics of yourself during the day. Let him know what you intend to do to him when he gets home.

This is particularly helpful for the woman who has a hard time talking about sex. Sometimes it’s easier to say what you want to say when you can write it and push ‘send’ instead of having to say it out loud and try not to sound like a fool.

By keeping him hot and heavy during the day, you’ve already got half the work done before you’ve ever laid your hands on him. His mind will take him exactly where you want him which will make it much easier on you to continue the thoughts and actions when you’re face to face.

Make rules that only he has to follow

Make rules that only he has to follow 2

When you think of a sex goddess, you think of a woman with power and control, right? The great thing about having power and control is you make the rules…all of them. And they don’t apply to you, only to him.

Don’t want him to talk so you can focus solely on touch? Tell him that. Want him to keep his hands to himself so that you can drive him mad when you’re extremely close and there’s nothing he can do? Make a no-touch rule. The more you restrict his natural tendencies, the hotter it will be to him because he will clearly see that you are going to dictate the process.

Focus on him, not you

This is where most self-confidence is lost in the bedroom. If you have any body image issues at all, which most of us do, it’s easy to get distracted and be more inhibited when the only thoughts in your head are “My thighs look huge” or “I hope he isn’t looking at my stomach”.

Instead of focusing on your body, focus on his. Use your fingers to trace every inch of his chest or let your tongue explore the area where his thigh meets his groin. You’ll be so busy learning and feeling his body that you’ll forget to even worry about your own.

Blindfold him

Blindfold him 2

If you’re truly shy and nothing else seems to work to let your inner sex vixen out to play, you may want to blindfold your man. If you don’t feel like he’s watching and studying you, you may be more likely to go into unchartered territory and do things you wouldn’t normally do.

Some great items to use as blindfolds are silk scarves, satin eye covers that are often used for sleeping or any article of clothing that is long enough to be tied securely around his head. Even the process of tying it can be done in a seductive way so that the last image he sees of you is one of dominance and control.

Behave ‘as if’

If you’re ever liked the idea of drama, here is a great time to test your acting skills. Imagine in your mind that you’re this woman who has the ultimate in sexual education and experience and know exactly how to please your man. Pretend that there is nothing you can’t do to give him the most pleasant, powerful sexual experience of his life.

When you put yourself on that level in your mind, you break down the walls of fear and uncertainty and allow yourself to do things outside your norm. You shatter the chains that have held you and are free to be who you’ve wanted to be for oh so long.

Being confident and courageous in the bedroom has nothing to do with how you look and everything to do with how you feel. When you feel good, you will be able to make him feel good. Yes, it really is that simple.

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