Aphrodisiac Desserts Recipes That Will Get You In The Mood

Did you know that you can turn your partner on just by preparing him the right food? Here are some aphrodisiac dessert recipes that will spice up your night.

Any time during the year, especially during winter when people stay in, they tend to have dinner dates. Of course, after a date, one may think the night will end in bed. Here are some dessert recipes you can make for your date that will increase their libido.

These are dessert ideas and recipes that will give you a higher chance of ending up in bed after the date night you have. Of course, you are beautiful and sexy enough that I’m sure any man would want you, but here are some dessert ideas you can make for a dinner date.

These are perfect for Valentine’s Day especially- and are a delicious way to end a meal, regardless of sex.

Aphrodisiac: A quick explanation

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One may ask, how can a simple dessert make someone want to then have sex with you more so than they possibly would have before? The answer to that is, the foods that are going to be included in this article are proven to be natural aphrodisiacs.

An aphrodisiac is something that will increase libido when consumed. Aphrodisiacs can also help out with erectile dysfunction and fertility problems. There are quite a lot of foods that are linked to being aphrodisiacs.

Of course, this article is about desserts, but if you want to start off your date night as well with some savory aphrodisiacs, make your date some oysters, asparagus, and arugula. One extra plus is that these foods are very healthy.

Below you will read a list of dessert ideas and foods that are considered to be natural aphrodisiacs that should help increase the libido of your date.

1. Red wine

Yes, this is not something that you are going to make by yourself, but it is always a good idea to get a bottle of red wine for date night. It is classy, and even besides red wine having natural effects on increasing libido, the fact that both you and your date are going to be a bit tipsy make increase your chances of having sex.

If you are going to have a romantic, candlelit dinner, getting a bottle (or two!) of red wine is a must. If you do not drink alcohol, I have another drink suggestion for you that may increase libido coming up next.

2. Pomegranate spritzer

Pomegranates are absolutely delicious eaten by themselves, that can be something that you and your date can enjoy alone for dessert, but a simple yet delicious drink you can make for you and your date if you are going non-alcoholic is a pomegranate spritzer.

This includes pomegranate juice, a splash of seltzer water, and a squeeze of lemon juice. It is refreshing, healthy, and should aid in helping get you and your date in the mood.

3. Chocolate covered strawberries and cherries

young sexy couple of woman with pretty face and brunette hair with bare shoulders and handsome bearded man with long beard eating red strawberry berry fruit

Chocolate covered strawberries are absolutely delicious. Every single Valentine’s Day, even if I did not have a date, I would eat chocolate covered strawberries. They can also be beautiful, and a perfect dessert to have after a dinner, especially because they are not too heavy in the stomach.

The same goes for cherries, like strawberries, cherries are also natural aphrodisiacs. Chocolate covered cherries are also delicious. I’m starting to realize that maybe people eat chocolate covered fruit on Valentine’s Day to maybe increase their chances of having sex?

The kind of chocolate that will increase yours and your date’s libido the most is dark chocolate- and it is also the healthiest. With cherries, it is delicious, because the flavors pair so well.

So, either make some of your own chocolate covered fruit (literally just melted chocolate and fruit- so easy) or buy some, and hopefully, your date will end in bed.

4. Dark chocolate (healthy!) mousse

This is another dessert idea branching off of the dark chocolate idea that I mentioned previously. It is a much healthier version of dark chocolate mousse that is loaded with cream and lots of sugar, and it also just happens to be free of animal products.

You may cringe when you hear what it is made of and think I am crazy, but I promise, this tastes amazing. It is made with silken tofu.

In a blender add in a package of drained silken tofu (make sure it is very dry, no liquid still within the tofu), a cup of melted (and cooled) dark chocolate, ¾ cups of almond milk, and a tablespoon of vanilla extract. If you need it to be a little bit sweeter, add a tablespoon of maple syrup.

Blend it all together and let it chill and come together in the fridge- and I promise you a delicious dessert that is a natural aphrodisiac and it will also aid in increasing libido. Plus, it is much healthier and lighter than the original version but just as tasty!

5. Olive oil cake

Olive oil is a natural aphrodisiac. Of course, you can use olive oil in the dinner that you will make for you and your date, but how about in the dessert you make?

Olive oil cake is absolutely delicious and decadent and is something a bit different that you and your date may enjoy. There is a recipe that I found that is extremely easy that you can whip up the day of the date.

First, preheat your oven to 350 degrees. For this you will need the zest of one or two citrus fruits- I recommend either lemons or oranges, they pair extremely well with olive oil.

You will also need:

  • 1/3 cup of the juice of the citrus fruit
  • four eggs, 1 cup of granulated white sugar
  • ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 cup of all-purpose flour (you can use gluten-free flour for this as well if you are gluten sensitive)
  • ½ teaspoon of baking powder
  • ¼ teaspoon of salt

Whisk together the eggs and sugar so they get light and fluffy, and then while whisking add in the olive oil and then the citrus fruit juice. Then, add in the rest of the ingredients. Grease some kind of pan (this cake looks especially nice in a bundt pan if you have) and bake for around 45 to 50 minutes.

If you by some chance have fresh figs at your house, chop them up and add them into the batter. Or, just serve them along with the olive oil cake. Fresh figs are also a natural aphrodisiac, and they go incredibly well with olive oil cake. Surprise your date with this simple yet delicious dessert that will get you both in the mood.

6. Mexican hot chocolate

Hot chocolate in a white cup and red chili peppers

Mexican hot chocolate is a great idea to end date night with if you like a bit of spice. You already have one natural aphrodisiac with the chocolate- whether you use dark or milk. Then, you are adding in another aphrodisiac with Chile pepper.

Mexican hot chocolate is a unique idea that will surprise and enlighten your date. You can make this hot or even freeze it. I found a simple recipe for Mexican hot chocolate that anyone can make. It honestly cannot get any easier.

In a large mug, you will want to add in a packet of your favorite instant hot chocolate mix. Then you will want to add a tablespoon of chocolate sauce, ½ a teaspoon of ground cinnamon (also a natural aphrodisiac!), and a pinch or two of Chile powder, depending on how spicy you want your hot chocolate.

Then add in ¼ cup of milk, and then ¾ cup of boiling water. Stir everything together and then top this with whipped cream, marshmallows if you want, and if you want an extra little kick, add a bit more cinnamon, Chile pepper, or cayenne pepper on top.

7. Whipped cream/chocolate sauce/edible body paint

This isn’t exactly a dessert- just an idea involving food that can get you and your date in the mood for sex. Licking whipped cream or chocolate sauce off your partner may sound a little bit weird, but it can actually be really sexy.

You can also try edible body paint. I personally have never used that, but I know other people who have- and they have had a lot of fun with it. Get creative with your date, and have a fun time.

If you want to get lucky after a dinner date, yet also impress your date with some delicious dessert ideas, hopefully, this was the article for you. Ladies, if you have any other recipes involving foods that are natural aphrodisiacs, feel free to leave a comment below!


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