Man Reveals: How To Make Sex More Enjoyable For Him

Do you want to figure out how to make your man crazy about you in the bedroom? Check out this personal advice about how to make sex more enjoyable for him.

Have you ever met guys who complain about how crazy their girlfriend is all the time? They sound foolish for even being with them still, right? Well, there’s a reason they keep sticking around with their temper-prone partner.

The sex is incredible and they are addicted to it. In fact, it’s so powerful that they’ve probably lost control of themselves and are now battling against someone daily that they are utterly infatuated with and can’t shed themselves of. This is the power of a woman who is really good in bed.

As a girl, being amazing in the sack gives you the x-factor that will leave any lucky fella you date at your mercy. It’s totally true, girls who are incredible in the bedroom get what they want, so if you know you could make some improvements, go for it and witness the results.

There’s really no excuse for lazy, passionless, lackluster sex. Just because you’re the girl and most probably the guy is the one who is making all of the moves doesn’t mean it’s fine to just lay back and let him do his thing. Oh no.

Whatever you do, don’t be that girl. If you are, you better have a super charming personality to make up for underwhelming sexual behavior.

You might be thinking, what exactly is he referring to that is so amazing? I’m already really good in bed. Are you, though? Or do you just think that you are because you’ve never considered the possibility that he could be talking to his friends about how he loves hanging out with you but the sex is mediocre?

How he feels about the sex you have together depends almost solely on his past experiences. If he’s been with a high number of girls, he’ll be harder to impress than a guy who dated the same girl for years and years before he met you. Unless of course, she was the type of mind-blowing sexual partner that he was hopelessly addicted to.

Passion vs Technique

how to make sex more enjoyable for him

When the fire of attraction burns really strong, sex is always good, but if you combine that with well-executed techniques, you’ll be UNSTOPPABLE. If you can blow his mind, I mean really blow him away with the sex, you’ve got him for pretty much as long as you want and he’ll go out of his mind for you.

We don’t need to go into how men have simple desires when it comes to romance that primarily consists of sexual gratification. Yes, some guys do care about personality far more than appearance, but let’s face it, guys are obsessed with sex and that’s never going to change.

Many guys allow themselves to be completely controlled by it. A beautiful girl who checks all of the boxes in the bedroom is nearly impossible to let go of. Once the guy has it in his head that you’re virtually irreplaceable because of the things you do, he’ll be desperate to keep you.

How to make your sex more enjoyable for HIM

Now that you’ve heard about how powerful you can potentially be by driving your man wild under the covers, you probably want to know what it is you have to do to become the queen of the bedroom. Here are some solid pointers.

Establishing the X-factor

Some people are just born with it. Some people are just super sexy without even trying and not just because of their looks, there’s something about them that makes them very desirable. That’s pretty rare, though.

It would be better to focus your efforts on the way you behave in the bedroom, including your attitude, rather than trying to carry that indescribable sexiness with you all day long. Switching up your entire everyday attitude would probably seem weird to your partner anyway, not to mention it would be totally lame to suddenly try and put up a front all day long.

You can switch on sex goddess mode when the bedroom door shuts though and your man will totally be into it. If for some reason he starts asking why you’re behaving differently, you can just let him know that it’s completely for him by saying something about how he deserves it or however you want to reassure him that it’s for his sake. If you don’t have to then don’t mention why you’re spicing it up. Surprises are always nice.

how to make sex more enjoyable for him

Part of what the mysterious x-factor is is hitting his spot perfectly without any hesitation. It’s about setting yourself above the rest by wowing him. No awkward chit-chat during the act, no shyness, no unusual restrictions, nothing but just unadulterated pleasure. This is the ultimate sexual experience for him.

That’s not to say that he just does whatever he wants whether you like it or not, but if that’s what he’s really into then it just might be. It depends on what kind of guy you’re with. If his thing is anal sex for example, then you might just have to work with him on that if you want to really grab hold of his sexual fantasies.

You ought to be able to satisfy him completely without resorting to something you hate doing, but part of the whole thing that is supposed to set you apart is that you love it—all of it. If you really want to know how to make your sex more interesting for him, then that’s it.

If you’re comfortable with marginal improvements through subtle changes and don’t want to go all out, that’s up to you, but going all out is what he really wants.

Do something you’ve never done before

I don’t mean start wearing props, although that’s probably not such a bad idea. I mean switch up your approach. Get some new moves so to speak. If you need to watch some tutorials or read some stuff online to come up with some new ideas, then, by all means, do it.

No one will ever know that you searched: “How to give a better bj” in Google if you clear your browser history. Trust me, I’m a guy, we’re the kings of clearing our browser history.

Be spontaneous

how to make sex more enjoyable for him

Surprising him with a sexual advance will turn him on, a lot. If he shows up and all you’re wearing is lingerie, he’ll be thinking about it while he’s trying to work the next day, thinking about it on the way to work, and most definitely thinking about it on the way home from then on.

I know it might feel weird to be the one to make sexual advances if you’re the type of girl who waits for him to make all of the moves, but that’s the whole point. Do things you normally wouldn’t do and go the extra mile to make him appreciate the sexual side of your relationship more.

Enthusiasm for having sex

If you are way too tired or just far from being in the mood and you know you can’t get into it, you should be careful about how you let him know. You should never act like sex is a bad idea or that you just don’t want to. In his mind, you should really, really love it.

So when it’s the wrong time, say it very gently or promise to do it later or something but don’t ever say it bluntly if you want your man to view you as perfect in terms of sexual compatibility.

Maybe he’ll have his hands all over you like a big ape from this point on once you start really impressing him under the sheets, but hey, that’s part of being what he wants you to be in the bedroom. Now he won’t leave you alone.

The best strategy for pleasing your partner more is to do the things that you know he likes while also mixing it up with totally new approaches. If you run out of ideas, Google will know what to do next.

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David Paulson

I’m a Florida native who can’t help but get myself into romantic trouble everywhere I look. During football season, I allow my weekends to be consumed with sports. During the long months in between, I focus most of my energy on trying to find the perfect match. So I’m here to share some of my knowledge with you, because I know deep down you’re just like me.

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  • So I game with going out my comfort zone. Plus I love threesome’s weighed its two guys and me or two females and a guy. And these are things I like,love,done and open to even in a relationship. But since I’ve been with my guy bout a year we haven’t gotten to share or experience that with each other. Normally I’m all for it but I think the issues was when he came out about him being into T.S’s granted at first I was all for it thought it be fun exciting. So in his birthday last year I attempt to have a TS come over but for some reason when it went down I just couldn’t get into it I tried but really at the end of the day its not my flavor and I’ve shut down. Plus when he has sex he doesn’t like for me to move. Hmnm he defiantly not the average type if guy I’m use to not even with oral its like handle with care package. Hmmmm so how am I to be that prefect one????