Best Woman on Top Sex Positions for Full Pleasure

Discover the most comfortable woman on top sex positions that will ensure maximum pleasure for you and your partner.

The best thing about jumping on top during sex is that you are the one in control of your own orgasm. The woman on top sex position requires stamina and a hell of a lot of thigh strength… doesn’t it? Not necessarily. Here are a few sex tips and positions that will help you and your partner get more out of you being on top, without you having to die halfway through!

#1 The Standard Woman on Top Sex Position

Everyone knows how it goes… Your man lies down on the bed and you kneel over him so that he enters and you are sitting on top. He gets a great view of your torso and breasts. Here’s the mistake that most couples make with this position. The man assumes the woman will simply bounce up and down on top of him until one of you climaxes. That’s because this is what gives him the most stimulation. Any woman who has tried to do this for any length of time will know that no matter how long you bounce, it’s not going to get you any nearer to your own climax; in fact, all its going to do is kill your thighs. So the key is to figure out how to ride a man without getting tired.

The key to a satisfying and prolonged woman on top sexual experience is to pace yourself and focus on doing what feels good for you, rather than try to guess how best to get your partner off. Don’t worry about him… Trust me, he’s happy. He is lying back on the bed with a hot naked girl on top of him. He hardly has to do a thing! So take the opportunity to concentrate on building up your own pleasure. The whole point of being on top is to be in control, so take control.

Reach Your Climax

All women know that if you want to climax, it usually takes some form of friction on your clit or the front wall of your vagina where your G-Spot is. Bouncing up and down may feel good, but it is not going to get you anywhere on its own. Don’t let your boyfriend stop you from doing what feels natural while you are on top. That is to grind your hips into him so that you are getting more stimulation for the areas that will help you reach your climax. Ask him to lie absolutely still if he isn’t behaving himself.

#3 The Rotating Grind

Best Woman on Top Sex Positions: Comfort & Pleasure First!

A good way to explore different sensations is to simply alter the direction of your grind. Your hips have the capacity to rotate in all directions, so why limit them to only grinding down on your man? Try making circular movements with your hips so that his penis stimulates the whole circumference of your vagina entrance. Now change direction and go the other way. Try moving your hips like a Ferris wheel, first forwards and then backward. He will feel both sides of his penis being stimulated inside of you and you will be able to feel his penis slide along the walls of your vagina more prominently which will stimulate your G-Spot.

The great thing about using your hips for movement instead of bouncing up and down is that there is less pressure on your legs, so it takes less effort and you can focus more on your mounting pleasure than the fact that you are sweating buckets and your legs feel as if they are about to drop off!

#4 Reverse & Sidesaddle Cowgirl

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If you face away from your partner while you are on top, you will give him a great view of your sexy back and butt. This woman on top sex position will allow you to lean forward slightly so that you are supporting yourself with your hands on the bed or on his legs. If you lean back, however, and arch your spine slightly, you will get better G Spot stimulation. You can reach down between your legs to give yourself some simultaneous clitoral stimulation too. This will put you in control and help you reach your climax. Alternative you can face sideways so that you are straddling his leg. His leg will provide you with support and something to rub up against!

#5 The Frog

It might not sound very appealing, but some women prefer to crouch in a frog-like position when they are on top instead of kneeling on the bed. You can bring your legs closer together. If you hold your partner’s hands or if he supports you by placing his hands under your ass, then the bouncing movement can be easier in this position. It can provide some pleasing alternative pleasure.

Allow your boyfriend to do the work here. If he wants to hold you still while he thrusts like a maniac, let him. It will feel good for a while and stimulate the nerves in your vagina so that they are even more sensitive for when you come back down to your slow grind.

#6 The Intimate Woman on Top Sex Position

Best Woman on Top Sex Positions: Comfort & Pleasure First!

Are you are intimidated by being so exposed when you are sitting on top of your man? Not all women feel comfortable being on display. Or, if you feel that it isn’t romantic enough for you, then lie down on top of him instead. This will bring you much closer. You can enjoy kissing each other. This is the main turn-on point for most women. You will also feel more turned on because of the closer proximity of your bodies. You’ll be able to inhale each other’s pheromones.

Allow your nipples to gently graze his chest. Put your hands through his hair to make the most of the intimacy of this sex position. He can also run his hands along your body to bring all the nerve endings along your back, sides and buttocks to life. You can keep your knees bent so that you have more freedom to move away from him and sit up if you want to. You can also stretch your legs out and close them for a more snug fit. This is a slow and sensual sex position, and the slow friction on your clitoris and pubic area will build you up towards a powerful orgasm.

TIP: If you are open-minded enough, have your boyfriend graze your anus with his moist fingers for an exciting sensation that will intensify your pleasure. Or even get him to slip his lubricated finger inside while you are grinding against him with your clit, for an orgasm you will never forget.

Which one of these woman on top sex positions do you refer?

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