How to Have Sex in Public and Not Get Caught

These are the best sex tips and sex positions to try out when you fancy a bit of fun and a thrill in public, but intend on not getting caught!

The thrill of getting caught while having sex can be exciting, but it can also be distracting because you might be worrying too much about who is going to see you instead of actually enjoying the sexual quickie. So for those of you who fear public humiliation and worse, these are the sex positions to try in public, because these are the sex positions that include a quick cover-up or getaway!

Some of you on the other hand may have no qualms about getting caught, but what you have to think about is the effect you could have on other people if they interrupt you during an explicit act that was designed to remain within the four walls of your bedroom. I’m talking about disapproving elderly folks who come from a different era, couples with children whose innocent eyes don’t deserve to be raped, and er… the police! Yes, please bear in mind that if you are caught having sex in a public place you could very well get arrested, and even charged.

Saying all of that, there is no need to have your fun completely spoilt; as long as you are careful and make use of these guidelines and public sex tips, you should be fine.

First of all the rules…


You may think that having public sex is meant to be spontaneous and risky, but actually, if you are looking not to get caught, it requires careful planning.

  1. Pick your time of day wisely – Depending on where you are, venturing out at night is probably your safest bet, namely because at least all the kiddies will be in bed, and as long as you are not doing it underneath their bedroom windows, their innocence is safe and your conscience is at least partly clear.
  2. Make it quick – The longer you are at it, the more chance you have of getting caught. Agree beforehand that a quickie means a quickie, so that you are both on the same page. Not only will you both not have to worry about time-consuming foreplay; the frantic nature of quickies will intensify the excitement and turn you both on even more. You will be rushing because you both know full well that you’re doing something very naughty!
  3. Keep your clothes on – The more clothes you remove the less chance you will have of convincing anyone who catches you that you are not up to anything dodgy; also, the quicker the getaway, and the less chance of having to face shame or possible consequences.
  4. Foreplay beforehand – If you’re not turned on enough by the mere thrill of what you are doing then you will regret not having prepared yourself with plenty of foreplay before you ventured out into public. Petting, kissing, even oral sex, can all be done at home to put your bodies in the right frame of mind for sex, so that when you are in the public situation, you don’t have to worry about it, you can just get down and dirty.
  5. Don’t think you have to go all the way to climax – Public sexual experiences can actually be a great type of foreplay, so that when you get home in the privacy of your own home, you can then finish off by having full on sex any way you like, with all those naughty images of you both fumbling about in public filling your imagination!

The Best Sex Positions and Sex Tips for outdoor Sex

If you are truly going to be outdoors, then it makes sense for at least one of you to know what sex position you are going to use so that you are prepared, and there is no fumbling about or confusion, and wasting of precious time.

  1. Hidden Public Sex Positions – Look for places that will obscure the public’s direct vision of you if they happen to be passing by; the nature of the place you choose will determine the sex position. For example, if you are in a rural spot and the grass is long, you are less likely to be seen if you are both lying down low in the grass, than if one of you is sitting up. Go for missionary. To a passer by who spots you, you could just be having a cuddle, especially if you both have all of your clothes on. Alternatively you can bring a blanket to wrap yourselves up in, then you might be able to get away with spooning – if they can’t see what you’re doing they have no proof! If you are in the city on the other hand, you might want to look for dark alleys, or doorways that are away from the main road, and keep in the shadows, doing it up against a wall, you with your back against it and your legs slightly apart is a good one for this. If you remain facing him, you could pass it off as kissing and cuddling if someone walks past.
  1. Pretend you’re doing something else – If it is winter then you could benefit by having your man wear a large coat so that he can hide both of you and no unsuspecting passer by gets an eyeful of your private bits! You might even be mistaken for just snogging. Or if you fancy yourself an actor, shed a few tears and put your arms around his neck, and it will look like your boyfriend is comforting you, and keeping you warm. Don’t cry too much though, or someone might think you’re being attacked!
  1. Disguise it – If you are making use of a park bench (Hopefully in a deserted park and very late in the evening) you can sit on his lap and hitch up your skirt while he undoes his flies. It will look like you are just sitting on his lap and having a cuddle from behind to anyone who catches you. Your skirt should cover up any suspiciousness.

The Best Semi-Public Sex Tips and Sex Positions

You don’t have to be fully outdoors to enjoy public sexploits. There is just as much of a thrill to be had from doing it in a deserted public place that isn’t necessarily outdoors

  1. In the car – This is probably one of the most obvious, and one of the safest because if the quiet spot you have decided to park in suddenly becomes populated, you can just drive away and find another. It is best if the woman sits on top of the man if he is in the driver’s seat so that she can quickly hop off if need be, and he can keep an eye out. Cars are better for semi-public oral sex though to be honest.
  1. In a deserted stairwell – Do it doggy style late at night on the stairs in the stairwell of a private block of flats. The risk factor is quite high though, especially if one of you actually lives in the block. On the other hand, you could choose the staircase nearest to your flat and dash inside to finish off if you hear someone coming. Proceed at your own peril…
  1. In a lift – If you choose a time of the day or night when you know that there will be less opportunity of the lift being in use then the lift can be a good place for some naughty sexual fumbling.

Sex in public places is possible and can be fun if you are careful and prepared. Respect other people’s right not to see your bits and pieces, and think sensibly about covering your tracks. Mess around and don’t think you have to go all of the way. Light petting in public can be just as exciting as full on sexual intercourse, and far safer because you don’t have to worry about condoms or getting arrested!

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