Different Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Marriage

There comes a time in most marriages when you feel the need to add a little bit of ‘spice’ after spending numerous wonderful years together. Here are some tips! Discover the best sex positions to spice up your marriage.

It’s absolutely normal, so don’t panic. The good news is you can absolutely bring the life back into your relationship by exploring different sex positions to spice up your marriage.

All you need is two willing individuals who want to have fun and enjoy exploring each other as if it’s the first time. Yes, things may have changed.

Your body may not look the same, things have probably shifted in opposite directions, and you most likely acquired a few extra wrinkles and sun spots with the years.

However, your needs are still there. So don’t dismiss a decline of sexual intimacy as a normal part of any marriage. It doesn’t have to be.

You can spice up your marriage with different sex positions designed to keep both parties entertained and interested after years of being with one person. Try them. They’re fun!

1) The love seat

sexy woman in seductive black lingerie lying on a couch

The name typically refers to you and your partner making use of your very comfy couch. More specifically, the armrest. By leaning over the armrest, making yourself comfortable, your partner can then easily penetrate you from behind, or from the front – depending on how flexible you are.

The soft cushioning will protect whatever needs protection while you get busy spicing up your marriage.

2) The washer

No one said your washing machine should only be used for clothes washing purposes, right? So make use of this device by having your partner sit on the washing machine while you sit on top of him with the spin cycle on.

You’ll experience a whole other meaning to ‘doing the laundry’. Washing clothes has never been this fun and inviting.

3) The stair master

I would suggest only trying this particular sex position to spice up your marriage if you have some cushioning on the stairs. Preferably a carpet. Although, you could get rug burns.

Either way, with your partner sitting on one of the steps and you sitting on his lap facing away from him, you can easily hold onto the railing and maneuver your way around, or up and down. Point is, just have fun!

4) The pretzel

The name suggests it all! Have your partner straddle your left leg between his legs while you’re lying on your left side. Your right leg will be bent at his waist, giving your partner easy access to all of your pleasure spots.

You can be in full control of how slow or fast you want him to go, as far as trying different sex positions to spice up your marriage, this is a winner.

5) The chef master

Every marriage has its ups and downs, happy and sad moment, moments of boredom. Discover the best sex positions to spice up your marriage.

Who doesn’t enjoy the old sturdy kitchen counter to do everyday things like chopping vegetables, preparing meals, and spicing up your marriage? It’s at a perfect height for your partner to easily slip in and enjoy all you have going on in the kitchen.

So get up onto that kitchen counter, wrap your legs around his waist, make sure you have something warm placed under your bum and have fun. Show him who’s master of the kitchen, or mistress in this case.

6)The Dirty Masseur

Get yourself a foldout massage table or use the dining room table for this fantasy-fuelled Dirty Masseur Sex Position.

Injecting Fantasy to Heat up a Sex Position In your head you can imagine that he is a professional masseur, so that when his hand ventures beneath the towel it feels even more exciting because of the forbidden aspect of being touched by a stranger in a professional setting!

If you are positioned at the right height, this is great for performing oral sex on your ‘Masseur’ after he has begun to touch you underneath the towels.

A good blowjob is kind of like art. You have to love it to do it right. Learn how to give a blowjob that will blow his mind.

7) The Hoover Maneuver

This one may be a little bit more advanced, so be sure to have strong upper body muscles, especially in your arms as you’ll be close to doing a handstand while your partner holds onto your legs.

Somewhat representing a hoover, this sex position is perfect for fit couples who enjoy a little bit of a challenge. This way, you can fully demonstrate your home making skills by showing your partner what he’s been missing out on.

Who knows, he may skip lunch and come home early to experience your ‘cleaning’ methods. Enjoy!

8) The thigh master

As if sex isn’t a great enough workout on its own, try the thigh master. With your partner on his back, making sure that one leg is flat with the other one bent, straddle his raised leg with your thigh while holding onto his knee for support.

Lower yourself onto the exact spot with your back facing him. He’ll enjoy a great view and you’ll have the time of your life!

9) The gift wrapper

Facing each other while laying on your sides, wrap your legs around his waist – similar to that of the missionary position. Leaving you in full control of how deep you want him to penetrate, you’re giving him a gift-wrapped present right before the holiday season.

Who doesn’t like opening presents ahead of time anyway, right? Besides, you don’t always have to be raunchy in order to spice up your marriage. Sometimes going with what’s familiar is a great choice to start off with.

10) The bouncing ball

Pretty young woman in pink lingerie laying on fit ball

This is a particularly excellent position for those with good balancing skills and who own an exercise ball. Not only is it super strong, it’s also really bouncy – giving you that added bounce to the experience.

With your partner sitting on the exercise ball, make yourself comfortable on his lap and enjoy a whole new workout on its own. When looking for different sex positions to spice up your marriage, this one is a definite must-try!

11) The X marks the spot

There’s always amazing treasure where you find the X. In this particular case, prolonged, slow sex to build immense arousal. Laying on the bed, facing each other, let him lift your right leg over his left leg and vice versa to create more of a scissor-like feel.

With easy access, allow slow gyrations to replace thrusting and enjoy the moment. Remember, practice makes perfect!

12) The spoon

Still, a favorite amongst many married couples as it serves both parties greatly. As the name suggests, spooning means facing away from your partner while your partner presses his body against yours.

I’m sure the term spooning doesn’t have to be explained in more detail. With his hand on your hip, he can control the angle in which to penetrate while you direct him.

To make things more intimate, have him place his other hand on your chest. Enjoy a slow, sweet thrusting from behind. It feels better than it sounds.

Trying different sex positions to spice up your marriage is not only insanely fun, you also have the opportunity to discover your partner’s body all over again – possibly seeing angles you may not have seen in a while.

Bonus tip for spicing it up

Spicing up doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in trouble. Bland also isn’t a bad thing. Think of it as vanilla ice-cream. It’s delicious, refreshing at times, sweet enough to have every day, goes with every other flavor or color, and will probably stand the test of time.

However, when you add a hint of chocolate sauce with it, you experience a whole other level of deliciousness. They complement each other very well. It’s a lot more delicious than vanilla ice-cream on its own.

That’s exactly what you may be experiencing. Just a slight hint of vanilla ice-cream in your marriage. Some enjoy vanilla ice-cream, some want a hint of chocolate sauce with it to end the day off.

Whatever your preference, you’re obviously here to find your daily dose of chocolate sauce to add to the ice-cream otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at different sex positions to spice up your marriage.

So go on, add that spice and see your marriage come to life once again. Remember to have fun while trying out the different sex positions to spice up your marriage. You’ll have the time of your life, trust me!

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