Spicing Up Your Marriage: Sexy Games For Couples

Who said marriage had to be boring when the invention of sexy games for couples can keep you quite entertained? Need we say more? Let’s face it, after years of marriage, things can get quite stale in the bedroom department, even if you don’t mean for it to be. You get into a routine, children […]

Who said marriage had to be boring when the invention of sexy games for couples can keep you quite entertained? Need we say more?

Let’s face it, after years of marriage, things can get quite stale in the bedroom department, even if you don’t mean for it to be.

You get into a routine, children start appearing, you’re too tired at night to get your groove on, and you become a boring old couple waiting around for bedtime just so you can have some time to yourself.

Don’t let that be your marriage. There can always be a little bit of time left over in the day for a few sexy games for couples that are enjoyable for both parties.

In fact, sometimes you have to make time for it instead of hoping that it’ll fit into your busy schedule.

In order to spice up your marriage and add a little bit of kink to the mix, why not schedule a much-needed date night once a week and incorporate the below-mentioned sexy games for couples; eventually turning every evening into game night.

Give it a try. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

1) Seductive spin the bottle

Group of friends lying on the floor and playing spin the bottle

You can’t go wrong with a perfect game of spin the bottle unless you can add a little bit of a twist to it.

Seductive spin the bottle is a sexy game for couples involving a regular bottle used for spinning and a few extra rules other than kissing.

Of course, this particular game requires more than two players, so if you’re into involving other couples, give this one a try.

Instead of playing the x-rated version of spin the bottle, add a few extra ‘seductive’ rules to it including oral and wandering fingers to the mix.

2) Sexy strip poker

This particular game is a classic amongst new couples, however, no one gave it an age rule so feel free to play it whenever your little heart desires.

It’s a pretty simple game including regular poker with a stripping twist to it. The more you lose, the more clothing items you have to get rid of, until there’s nothing left!

The great news is, you don’t have to be skilled in poker since the object of the game is to lose your clothing as quickly as possible anyway.

Do you want to do a striptease but worry if you’d look good and know what to do? Here’s how to strip for your man and make him want you even more.

3) Horny truth or dare

Truth or dare, as we once knew it, was quite a boring game played amongst teens and those wanting to practice their flirting skills.

However, this new version includes a little bit of horniness mixed in with it; allowing couples to explore more of each other’s bodies and minds while keeping it quite simple and fun.

Stay away from generic dares and questions and add some spice to it with sexual questions and raunchy dares. When it comes to incorporating sexy games for couples into your relationship, start off simple with a fun game of horny truth or dare.

4) Exploratory Marco Polo

A happy young couple having fun in swimming pool

Regardless of where you are in the world, swimming is something you can incorporate day or night, winter or summer.

However, this version of Marco Polo is something you’ll never forget once implemented into your exercise regime. Ensuring that it’s only the two of you in the swimming pool, ensure one person’s eyes are closed while the other attempts to hide.

Of course, you want to be found so don’t make it too difficult. Once found, the blindfolded person gets to experience a little bit of exploratory “Marco Polohhh” while the other player enjoys having clothing items removed. It shouldn’t take too long as you’ll be in bathing suits hopefully.

5) Toy hide and seek

If you’re in a loving relationship that’s great, but it’s time to spice up your sex life and introduce some fun sex toys into the equation.

Instead of one person hiding and the other person searching, you get to hide sex toys. Once found, that particular sex toy is used for a few minutes until the next one if found.

This game can continue for as long as you want, depending on how many sex toys you’re willing to hide.

When it comes to fully taking advantage of your collection and finding fun sexy games for couples, give this particular activity a try.

6) Sexy body shot

Enjoy drinking games and sexual activities with your partner? Why not give sexy body shot a try!

This particular sexy game for couples involves your favorite liqueur and most importantly, the most wanted parts on your partner’s body.

You can either choose to take a shot from your partner’s belly button, neck, the arch of her back, via a French kiss, or other, more interesting parts. Take turns and explore a little bit before moving on to the next shot.

7) Good ole’ fashion role playing

This particular sexy game for couples happens to be a classic for a reason.

Why let go of something when it works? As one of the most versatile games to play, you can live out your fantasy and be anything your heart desires.

Whether you choose to be a doctor and your partner becomes a nurse, or she dominates and you’re a slave, the character choices depend solely on your mood. Go wild!

Get experimental in the bedroom with these 12 sexy role play ideas and scenarios that every guy fantasizes about, and spice up your sex-life tonight!

8) Hiding the honey

sexy games for couples

Who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of honey? Especially when you get to lick it off certain desired places.

Although there aren’t many places to hide a little bit of honey, you can still enjoy the taste while exploring those areas.

Your partner will love every second and you’ll enjoy the actual taste testing; along with finding new and exciting ways of pleasing whoever’s hiding the honey.

10) Last to orgasm wins

You can do it! Do what you need to do to keep it going until you simply can’t anymore. However, remember, the last to orgasm wins!

This particular game can go on for quite some time, building up and leading to the best orgasm you’ve probably ever had. So if you’re both extremely competitive and enjoy the pleasure of winning, give this one a try.

You won’t regret it! Beware of feeling a little bit fragile the next morning, though. Such rigorous workout activities can take a toll on your body. Always remember to hydrate during and after your daily exercise regime!

11) Pick a page

Don’t be afraid to catch up on your reading by investing in a Kama sutra book designed to keep both partners happy and entertained.

However, you can take this reading activity to a whole different level by letting your partner randomly picking a page and gambling with different sex positions.

As one of those must-try sexy games for couples, it’s a game that everyone has to try at least once in their lifetime.

Not only is it extremely fun and exciting to discover different sex positions, but you’ll learn more about your partner’s preferences than ever before.

12) 5 Senses game

In a sexy situation, take just one away and everything else gets more sensitive and so much more intense.

It’s a bit like turning all the outside lights off so that you can see the stars better. It’s not that we couldn’t see those stars before. Just, that now they look so much brighter. So much more intense and there seems to be so many more of them.

Taking away one of our senses can have the same effect, inevitably making us so much more aware of our surroundings. How things feel, how they smell, and so on.

13) Remote control my panties

Give him absolute full control of where, when, and how you orgasm by purchasing remote control panties and giving him the remote. It can happen literally anywhere!

Whether you’re out with friends for dinner, having lunch with your parents, watching a movie with people sitting next to you, or even in the car driving somewhere.

The object of the game is not to get caught, acting as normal as possible while having an orgasm. Try it, it’s risky but fun!

14) Where would you rather…

This particular sexy game for couples involves more of a mind discovery than anything else until your mind starts taking over.

Take turns in asking each other where would you rather have sex or engage in sexual oral activities.

The answers may surprise you, and before you know it, you’ll end up getting down and dirty exploring those mentioned locations. Give it a try.

What do you possibly have to lose? Except for a few items of useless clothing.

When it comes to finding an array of sexy games for couples to play when no one’s watching, mix it up a little bit and explore different elements or aspects of foreplay that you may never have thought of.

14) Tease each other with your tongue

Your tongue Is your weapon – but only if you use it right!

Your mouth is perhaps one of the most erotic parts of your body.

It is a sexual signifier and when a guy’s attention is brought to a woman’s mouth, the only thing he is thinking about is how much he wants to experience it – all over him!

Learn how to tease with your tongue and spice up your marriage.

Remember, the key to keeping things fresh or spicing up a dull marriage is to try something new and exciting. You may end up enjoying it more than you thought or you both can agree on keeping things simple.

Whatever you decide on, ensure that it’s a mutual decision based on your preferences as a couple. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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