How To Be The Object Of Your Man’s Desire

He is your boyfriend, he definitely loves you and thinks you are beautiful. But, how to make him constantly turned on by just looking at you? We'll show you!

Women everywhere keep racking their brains, trying to add spice to their relationships. Lately, this has become a whole complicated process that is needlessly time-consuming.

Men aren’t the hard-to-understand creatures we always make them out to be. We need to look in all the right places and even communicate to find out what they really want from us.

When it comes to whipping up a man’s favorite fantasy, you need to read between the lines and figure out what he likes in bed.

Although no two men have the exact same fantasy, these are the top ten fantasies that get a man’s motor running.

1. Letting their partner take charge

Attractive couple of lovers in bed being intimate with each other and kissing

That’s right, ladies. Men love a woman who knows what she wants in the bedroom.

When she does, the man can’t help but enjoy following her direction. Contrary to popular belief, men do love it when we are getting what we want. It turns them from purring kittens into sexual tigers.

Men also love to give us what we want. Now’s not the time to be shy. Let go of your inhibitions and allow yourself to let loose and take charge.

What’s even better is when it’s spontaneous.

2. Role playing

To a lot of men, nothing is hotter than getting into character (and sometimes costume) and playing out an erotic scenario.

Perhaps your man has come up with a scenario where he’s a police officer and you’re the criminal he needs to interrogate? Or maybe he wants to be a doctor and you’re his patient?

Pretending to be someone else adds that extra excitement in the bedroom, as well as the spontaneity, needed to keep the flames of desire stoked.

The both of you could be anyone you wanted, and you can incorporate anything you want into the scenario.

The best part is that there are so many scenarios that you can be a new person every night.

With all the costumes and sex toys out there to go with them, you can come up with new and exciting encounters that will leave you both hot and bothered.

3. Fetishes

This is one of the harder ones to accommodate since you will have to tune into your man’s cues and really find out what he likes.

As mentioned before, no two men have the same sexual desires so it’s important that you look into what your man’s fetishes are.

Also, fetishes can incorporate many things. Some men have a foot fetish. Others love to incorporate food into sex. Other fetishes can be leather, or bondage, or even lingerie.

The most important part of fetishes, though, is to be 110% prepared to accommodate them.

If you don’t want your feet touched, or you don’t want to be tied up, you will need, to be honest, and let him know that it won’t happen.

Otherwise, you will have to walk the walk if you’re going to talk the talk.

4. Submission

Sensual woman in black lingerie and leather whip 3

There are a number of men out there who love it when a woman takes control. It can go to both extremes, from light control to full on Dominatrix. It all depends on what your guy is comfortable with.

If you haven’t done this sort of thing before, you should do a little bit of research first.

There are plenty of online resources where you can learn from and find ideas to incorporate into the bedroom.

At first, start with little things…like putting a blindfold on him or tying him to the bed.

If you feel he wants more, then it’s okay to take it further. Just remember to stay within his limits.

If he is more into pain and humiliation, you must make sure you can handle being in the position of the punisher.

If not, then you and your man need to set some ground rules and maybe come up with a couple of safe words.

5. Domination

There are also men out there who enjoy becoming a full-on Christian Grey. While they may not have a ‘Red Room of Pain’ like Mr. Grey possesses, they still enjoy taking control of their partner in the bedroom.

This can range from small things like blindfolding you to larger things like putting you in a yoke or another device so that you’re submissive and ready for him.

In these scenarios, there are many things you will have to endure, and it sometimes involves humiliation.

It will involve a little pain (from spanking) or even a lot (from whips and canes).

He may use vulgar words towards you and use punishment if you don’t comply with his commands.

If you feel that you cannot handle being dominated by your man, you have every right to let him know you don’t feel comfortable.

This scenario requires a lot of inner strength and an ability to endure punishment.

You don’t need to be Supergirl to handle being dominated, but you do need to be able to take what he gives you.

6. Threesomes

One of the most common fantasies that men have is having a threesome with two ladies.

While it’s not really an ideal situation for us, it can turn out to be a lot of fun, especially if you’re bi-curious.

There’s something about pleasuring two women at the same time that gets a man’s temperature to rise.

It adds to his sexual prowess and makes him feel like a sex god. Believe it or not, men define themselves on their carnal exploits.

Go with him to a swinger’s club or put up a couple’s profile on Adult Friend Finder’s website to find a lady to join you. This is where the both of you can be picky about who you choose.

Above all, both of you are in this together. My recommendation is to choose a stranger for your third. When friends get involved, things get complicated and messy.

Jealousy is a relationship killer and it can run rampant if your man decides to lavish all his attention on your friend during your exploits.

Also, there has been instances where friends have stolen men from friends after a threesome because there have been issues with unresolved, hidden feelings.

With someone you have just met, there’s a less likely chance that things will go sour.

7. Exhibitionism

Couple undress in the city

Many men find it sexy to do naughty things in different places, especially in public.

The great thing about being an exhibitionist is that you can start small by having sex in different rooms of the house if you’re not comfortable doing it in a public place.

However, there’s something to be said about the feeling that you’re going to get caught.

It adds mystery and extra pleasure into the mix and it’s a heady combination that will get the both of you going into a frenzy.

Be circumspect, though. If you’re too blatant in public, you could get arrested for indecent exposure or public lewdness.

If you are going to have sex outside of your house, make sure the area you choose isn’t full of people who could pass by at any moment. I

f you plan on having sex in your vehicle, find a deserted place to park so that you won’t get caught by the police.

If you’re not entirely comfortable having sex outside of the house, try having sex in a different room, like the kitchen. The living room couch is another great surface to have sex on.

The whole point of exhibitionism is to show your partner that you are comfortable showing yourself off to him in a different place.

It also shows him that he can have you anytime, anywhere…and what man can resist that?

8. Voyeurism

Yes, there are men who like to watch. Whether he pops in some porn on the television while you are getting frisky, or he watches you masturbate, your man is a visual creature that loves seeing sexual acts.

Above all, men love to watch us ladies touch ourselves. They like to pretend that it’s their hands roaming our bodies instead of ours.

Men also enjoy watching this because it shows them what we like most and how we like it. Plus, it’s a great precursor to him slowly joining in.

There are also men who like to film naughty movies with us. Why? They like to watch themselves get it on with us.

It makes a man feel like an invincible sex god when he can watch a sexy encounter over and over…it’s, also, a bonus when it’s with the same woman.

However, this is another instance where you need to be prepared to go through with it. If you have any qualms whatsoever, don’t jump to be taped.

9. Oral Sex

Cute sexy lip with lollipop

What man doesn’t love a good blowjob? The combination of our tongue, lips, and hands all over his member is a mind-blowing treat for him or a great starter to a sexual encounter.

You will need to keep three spots in mind if you really want your blow job to be spectacular: the frenulum, the perineum, and the testicles.

The frenulum is that little ridge of flesh underneath the head of your man’s penis. It is tightly packed with nerve endings and is the most sensitive spot in the area.

Keep giving it a lot of attention with your tongue and he will really enjoy the sensation.

The perineum is the patch of skin between the anus and your man’s testicles. As you’re caressing the nether regions with your hands, lightly press on this spot.

It will stimulate his prostate and make the eventual orgasm mind-blowing for him.

In conjunction with that, also caress the seam of his testicles. It’s another area full of nerve endings that will make him succumb to you.

There’s also a bonus. A lot of men like to go deep, so if you have no gag reflex, allow him to deep throat you. It will make him come harder and faster than you thought possible.

Oral sex is a double-edged sword. There are also men who love to go down on us.

Trust me when I say that a man with a good tongue is a man to keep around. This is a great way to have a few orgasms before moving on to full sex.

As great as full penetration is, there’s something magical about how a man’s tongue and fingers can work in sync to make us scream with desire.

Big orgasms come from receiving oral sex, so now’s the time to let his mouth get acquainted with your nether region.

If you’ve never let him go down on you before, then you need to let him do it now. You will thank me in the end.

10. Anal sex

Some men love tight openings to thrust in and out of. One of the tightest orifices on the human body is the anus.

While this isn’t as popular as the rest of the fantasies I’ve listed, it’s not the absolute worst either.

Depending on the size of your man’s penis, he may get more satisfaction from plundering your tight anus.

It can be uncomfortable for us, but there are some women who really get off on having this hole used instead of the other.

Obviously, it’s not for everyone, but if you think you can handle a bit of action at the back door, it’s worth a try.

If you’re not prepared to let him in your back door, then it’s best to avoid this altogether.

Above all, fantasies are about mutual pleasure. If you’re prepared to help your man fulfill one of the ten I’ve mentioned, he will definitely reciprocate. The bonus is if these fantasies get us going as well.

That being said, fulfilling your man’s fantasies will go a long way. It will keep him wanting you more and more.

The added bonus is that it will keep the spark going in the bedroom and you’ll never be bored. You really have nothing to lose!

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