How to Put On a Sex Show for Your Guy

Show your guy just how sexy you can be by putting on a sex show for him! Have fun, feel good, and make sexy memories you will both enjoy remembering.

Why Put On A Sex Show For Your Guy?

You might think that strutting around scarcely clad in saucy knickers for your boyfriend is degrading, pointless, or just plain terrifying. You may argue that very few men put on sex shows for their girlfriends, so why should you do it for him? You may even think that you don’t have the body for it, and that you would prefer to do foreplay the normal way – in very dim light with you on your back, underneath the bed sheets!

Putting on a sex show can be a lot of fun though, and believe it or not it can bring you and your partner closer together. Couples bond by experiencing new things together and having fun. If you have the nerve to put on a sex show for your guy, you could be creating memories that you will both treasure for a long time. Who knows how long you will be together, maybe the rest of your lives? Imagine how much you will enjoy looking back over all the crazy things you dared to do together when you were young!

How To Make A Sex Show Seem Less Scary

Most women prefer not to make a sexual spectacle of themselves because they don’t think they will be able to pull it off. My advice is not to take it all too seriously. The idea is to have a laugh, show off, strut around and enjoy yourself. If you focus less on what you think your boyfriend will find sexy, and do it for you instead, then your natural allure is more likely to shine through.

Any guy is going to be turned on even by the mere fact that his girlfriend has thought about putting on a sex show for him. It is the fantasy element that will turn him on – not what colour knickers you’re wearing or whether you can move your body like a lap dancer.

So, don’t focus too much on the details because you will end up putting yourself off even if you were totally up for the idea to begin! Remember that confidence is the sexiest thing about a girl. It is even sexier than a perfect bum, toned thighs, and the most expensive lingerie. So, invest in your self-esteem first.


Tips To Make A Sex Show Seem Less Scary

If you feel like putting on a sex show is out of your league, think again. Here are some tips to make the whole ordeal seem less daunting.

1. Don’t think of it as a lap dance. Imagine that you are in a club, and that you are dancing to get the attention of a guy you fancy! All those moves you do on the dance floor work in the living room too, you know?

2. Don’t think that you have to wear stockings and suspender belts to put on a sex show. It can be different and exciting, but it is not what defines a sex show. Normal clothes will do. And guess what? You don’t even have to take them all off if you don’t want to! Strip down to wherever you feel comfortable and let your man take off the rest!

3. Practice makes perfect. Choose music that makes you want to move your body, choose lighting that makes you feel like your pasty skin or wobbly bits aren’t being spotlighted, and practice in front of a mirror until you feel confident that you look amazing.

4. Have a glass of wine if it helps to calm your nerves.

5. Start off by swaying together in the living room to intimate music before pushing him gently down into a chair so that you can take over and start removing your clothes. It will feel less like a planned performance, and there will be less pressure on you if you’re not used to having an audience watch you take off your clothes.

6. You don’t have to be a good dancer either. A sex show is about you enjoying seeing your man get turned on, so don’t get stressed about learning dance routines or perfecting poses that would make your mother’s mouth drop open in shock! Just take your clothes off. Do it slowly. Maintain eye contact. Show you man that you are sex on legs by revealing your body bit by bit. It’s as simple as that!

What Do Other Girls Say About Putting On A Sex Show?


I spoke to a few ladies, and asked them their thoughts about putting on a sex show for a guy:

Katy: “I have never done that before, but I’d love to! It would have to be with a guy I trust and have been with for a while though.”

Pat: “When I watched professional lap dancers online, as research, it almost put me off. I think it’s important to be true to who you are as a person. Some of us just aren’t lap dancers. But sometimes it’s fun to pretend.”

Christina: “My boyfriend was nagging me for ages to give him a lap dance, and I was always afraid. But I spoke to a girlfriend who told me she did it once and that it wasn’t that scary, so I took all of her advice and did it. It was the most empowering experience I have ever had in my relationship! My boyfriend was all over me for weeks.”

Share your lap dancing and sex show experiences with YouQueen. Leave your stories in the comments section below!

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  • It seems less scary after you’ve done it a few times, so you do have to practice a lot before you feel comfortable.
    Good for us, there is a mirror!
    Watch yourself doing sexy stuff in front of the mirror and picture your mans reaction.
    A woman with confident is way more sexy.
    After a few times, you can just do it randomly without practice!
    (Don’t do it too often though)